He is Doom

1481 Words
. . . " Bring them here " Derek ordered while relaxing on his throne, The throne room is filled with both commanders and High ranking officials Derek appointed, The door opened up...Five women were been dragged into the throne room with silver chains. The five women were forced to kneel before Derek, Nicklaus and General Orlando were present in the throne room while the three ultimate commanders were out there with Derek's armies, Conquering clans as Derek had commanded. Derek gave the commanders a portion of the powers he took from many beings he captured, He made them half immortats, Meaning they can never die so easily, Only a special blade can kill them and Derek has that blade. " Hello witches of Zephaniah " Derek uttered, The witches looked up with venom in their voice, Derek knew why they are angry, He poisoned their coven and extracted their magics to himself, He ordered them to be brought before him. " You scoundrel, How dare you poison our coven, How dare you? " The leader roared, She made to stand up but a soldier penetrated her leg with his spear, The witche groaned in pains and she fell on her knees. " You see, It isn't my fault to have your coven executed and their powers transferred to me, I gave you all a lifetime opportunity to stay by my side but you turned it down, I only ask you to join me once, The next is death! " Derek said and the witches groaned. " Then why are we here? Kill us and send us to our coven " The leader demanded, Derek signalled his soldiers to bring in something, The went out and came back with two crying children in chains. A boy and a girl. " This are your children right? This is only but a warning " Derek stated, A mighty masked man who is also known as the Executioner walked in with a mighty axe in his hand, Derek pointed his fingers at the boy and a soldier dragged the boy to the Executioner. The Executioner raised his axe up and brought it down with a brutal force, The leader of the witches screamed out in pains and tears flowed down freely, She watched the boy's head rolled down and his body fell. The Executioner wiped off the child's blood on his face, The soldiers were about dragging the girl who is in tears but Derek stopped them on their tracks, They dropped her down but we're still in control. " What I did to you only but a warning, The next would be your daughter if you aren't careful, In this game of chess, I don't take chances... You bow and Subject yourself to me, You live but if you try otherwise " " You die! " Derek warned, The soldiers dragged the little girl out like she was some piece of s**t, They didn't even see her as a child, The Executioner still waited with his b****y axe to see if he will be called upon to execute one of the witches. " Why are you keeping us alive? " One of the witches asked in tears, If they had known, The would have departed into another realm in other to hide, But Derek took them unawares, He poisoned their coven and captured the five leaders. " Good question, Why you five are alive is because you have the key and knowledge to help me find the box of the sanctuary, You wouldn't have been alive by now if you five aren't useful, Your coven once protected the sanctuary " " I need to know where it is now, Tell me or else...All your children will pay with their lives, I have them with me in my dungeon, I hate killing children but if it is the right thing to do, I will so pieces them and tear of their skins " Derek stated. " You are such a monster, I wonder why there is no prophecy of your doom....The Creator is been unfair to us " The leader said in pains, The soldier thrusted out his spear from her leg and she screamed out in pains. " There is no prophecy of me because I am doom, A being brought into this World to show the real Mercy, Mercy isn't about forgiveness and All of those stupid things you do, Mercy is the brutality of Righteousness " Derek said with dark smiles plastered on his face " You will die Derek, I promise you a worse death ever " The leader cursed in anger, They started levitating and their chains glowed which weakened the witches, The witches fell down immediately Derek forced them into slumber. " They are coming with me " Derek said with authority, He teleporter himself and the witches away from the throne room, He appeared in a small cave like dungeon and the candles all went on immediately he appeared. Derek advanced into the cave with the witches floating behind him, Derek smirked after sighting the three beings in chains, immediately they saw the floating women that were sleeping, They knew what Derek had done. " Hello bitches...I brought you some friends " Derek stated, He directed the witches to the wall and they crashed heavily, The chains bounded to the heavily concreted wall of magics, The witches were now trapped. " When are they going to wake up from the slumber you put them into? " One of the three figures asked immediately Derek was about varnishing, They have grew find of dwelling in the chains for their children in Derek's hands. But if they can escape from this cage with their children away from Derek, They will make sure they ripped Derek apart, Limb by Limb until he kicks the bucket in a brutal way, They have developed that deep Hatred for Derek. " No worries, They will be up in no time...Less than twenty four hours " Derek answered and he varnished immediately, The witches groaned while still in slumber, The three figures bit their fingers in bitterness. Had it been they know that Derek would be attacking their keep, They would have escaped with their children before this tragedy happened, They must have their revenge on Derek who is the Master planner. Gorgotta Kyle walked into the palace with his thirty dark knights by his side, They were his brothers, His friends and his body guards, He spent seven months training them to be as special and as powerful as he is. They possess this mystical skills, The Vipers Technique! They have dark powers to use in defending themselves and they are perfect while swinging their swords for battle, They know how to fight and how to kill...They are the baddess and the more destructive Knights. " Welcome back Kyle, Have you heard from your father? " Finn asked immediately Kyle entered the hall of the emperors, They were patiently waiting for Kyle's return for the past four days because he said he wants to meet his father. " Yes, I have discussed everything with my Father but he is not in support of it, Family don't interfere in whatever they are doing, If Derek wants to rule over all...I must help him but that will never happen " " Derek must pay for the sins he has committed, He slayed thousands and he will not go Scott free, How many free nation's have you reached out to? We need to proceed with our plans on attacking him in the full moon " Kyle said and Finn nodded. " I have one eyes because of that scumbag, He slaughtered my family and killed all the kings and Lords of the severian empire... Warlord Lionel is a fool to stand by Derek, They will all go down the same day...I promise them this " Finn cursed. " I am afraid to say this but this war won't be so easy as you think, Derek is as powerful as his father and I am also powerful, He has been killing mighty beings and Transferring their powers to himself " " What are you trying to say Kyle? " Emperor Carlos asked. " What I am trying to say is that in that empire, He is everything, The Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, He can see your future while you are in his empire, The Empire is bounded to him which grants him so much of a power to control many lives " " So if he is all powerful in his Empires he controlled, That means..." " In the full moon, We must bring the fight to him..Outside his Empires, Then I will defeat him with my knights, But if not...We will be doomed to die by his blade, The Dark blade of light! " Kyle said.
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