Reveal del time

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" Hello beauty " Derek called out with smiles beaming from his face, Pearl could be seen emerging out of the river n***d, Her wet body made it all worse... After hearing Derek's voice, Pearl made to grab her clothes but her clothes varnished immediately Pearl frowned at the sight of Derek, Derek dressed in a casual attire with Pearl's clothes in his hand, Ziprah and Eprah could be seen levitating in air, Derek made sure there mouths were been shut In other not to distract them. " What are you doing here? Do you want to show me some mercy? " Pearl asked with gritted teeths, Derek giggled as he slowly throwed the clothes back to pearl, Pearl quickly dressed up in other to cover her private part, Derek was only smiling and doing nothing as he watched pearl dress herself up. " Did you see my armies? I am here to see you and you alone " Derek answered, He snapped his fingers and a powerful force pushed Pearl to she got to where derek is standing, In Pearl's eyes.. She sees only hatred and bitterness. " Seeing such a bitter face like yours always makes me kinda sad, You hate me because of all the kindness I am giving the world " Derek said in a sad tone, They started strolling around the woods. " Of course I hate you, You nearly killed my father you son of a b***h " Pearl roared, Derek bent his head low, Not trying to digest the yelling of pearl, He can kill pearl on that spot without even. Moving. " Your father is a warlord, I didn't give a specific name to my assassins, They are to kill all fifteen warlords of the Severian, Unfortunately your father is a warlord but I decide to spare his life, He is my General now " Derek answered. " Why are you doing all this? The killing and your terror, Why are you doing it? " Pearl asked, Derek went closed to her, Immediately he touched her skin with his hands, Pearl brought out her sharp dagger. Without wasting time, She thrusted the dagger into Derek causing Derek to scream out in pains, Pearl dashed out of in hurry, Leaving her dagger in the stomach of Derek... She smiled after hearing the faint screams of Derek. She is already at the exit of the woods when a might force repelled her back, Derek giggled from the top of a tree, Pearl eyes popped out after seeing Derek giggling with her dagger in his hand, Derek pounced on the fruit he held. " What makes you think a mere dagger can kill me? I guess your father didn't tell you what I really am " Derek stated, He jumped down from the tree top, He gently tossed the dagger back to pearl no single blood stain. " How did, How did.. " " How did I survive unhurt right? I guess I am the unknown here, I am the omnipotent, omniscient and omnispresent of this empire, My seal makes me the all and the extraordinary, I can never perish in this realm " " And as for your question Darling, I am not the evil one here, I am doing the right thing that should have been done since, Merging the all nations into one and one only, That's when this universe will be balanced " " This unbalanced universe brings forth wars, strives and wickedness " Derek stated and Pearl scoffed. " You are the only one here that is bringing forth wars, strive and wickedness, You s*******r innocent souls in the name of mercy, This isn't mercy but wickedness... I mean brutal wickedness " Pearl roared. " Be calm sugar pie, What I am doing is for the greater good, The mercy I am showering upon them all is what nature is bound to happen, The earlier you mortals realize this, The better for you all " Derek said, still smiling. " You call us mortals, If we are mortals... Then what are you? Immortal " Pearl said mockingly, Derek created a blue portal behind him, He snapped his fingers and a mystical force blasted him into the blue portal. " Adios my mate " Those were the last words of Derek before the portal sucked him. Scorpion clan The door to the throne room opened up, Kyle walked into the throne room with five of his dark knights behind him, The rest were granted permission to meet their families once again before they will leave. " Father! " Kyle called out, Lord Brandon turned to face Kyle approaching him, Lord Brandon's face brightened up immediately he saw his son, His joy and happiness knew no bounds, To see his son back is the best. " Derek my son.. How you doing? " Lord Brandon asked with smiles on his face. " I am feeling great your lordship, How has the clan been moving since my dismissal? " Kyle asked with smiles on his face, He stepped his foot on the alter but a powerful force blasted him away. He must bow before the Lord before the spirits of throne will grant him passage, He went away from the clan for just three months and now, He has forgotten alot of things about his clan, He bent low and bowed before his father. " I know why you are here son, You came here to seek answers, Answers of the old... You want to know how you can defeat your cousin right? " Lord Brandon asked sternly, Kyle mounted on the alter unhurt. " Yes father, There is this rumor that has gotten into the heart of many mortals, Is it true that Your nephew's weakness is the full moon? " Kyle asked with a confused look on his face, Lord Brandon bursted into an overwhelming laughter. " That's not for me to answer Kyle, You are you.. You are the one to believe if it's the truth or not, Whether it's true or false, Don't go near your cousin or attack him, A fox cant go into battle against a Tiger " " The fox will surely die " Lord Brandon warned sternly, Her remembered the warnings of the cloaked figure who appeared to warn him, The warning of Zenteng's priest should never been taken for granted. " Father, I don't understand what you are saying, Who is the fox and who's the tiger? " Kyle asked in confusion, Lord Brandon cleared his throat, His eyes glowed blue and a mirror appeared on the air. " Son have you heard of a name, Zenteng? " Lord Brandon asked sternly. " Yes father, Warlord Lionel told me the name but refused to tell me about it, He said he better not talk about it " Kyle answered and Lord Brandon smirked, He knew who Lionel was, The Lionel who stabbed him in the back and told his brother about him. " Lionel, It's been long since I've seen him, The right hand man of Pedro who went ahead to blackmail me to my brother, I wish I could kill him with my bare hands " Lord Brandon cursed in anger, He still had that grudge. " You too old to be a hater father, What's about with the Zenteng clan father? " Kyle asked sternly, He doesn't want anything that will ruin his connection to the Dominique family, He wants to marry Pearl. " You are of age to know about our original son, The fall of the Zenteng clan has been at a huge disadvantage to us all, I, Pedro and the remaining three Masters of the clan, Tyrus attacked us because someone sold us off " " We dominated worlds upon worlds, Seizing their great powers after a tough tournament of powers, We wrecked our oppossers, We were known as the second Tyrians, Many worshipped us as gods and the Tyrians were enraged " " One of us sold us out and that led to our downfall, After defeating and weakening down the betrayal, We trapped him for years upon years, Hiding in the Shadows until that moment when we came out to the open " " Flaunting our immortality to the mortals, They grew jealous and attacked us with magics upon magics, We went into hiding, After five thousand years of hiding, We finally came out to the open, I captured the Scorpion clan to myself " " Get to the point father, Your story tales is boring " Kyle demanded. " I believe he is back, Our arch enemy who sabotage and sold us off to the Tyrians, The whole prophecy alteration, The whole destruction that is ongoing... He is setting himself " Lord Brandon stated. " Who is setting himself free? Who is this being? " Kyle asked. " He is the dark lord, The silver Lord! "
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