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" They are coming, The Severian are coming " " Run! " Three men could be seen running from the gates, Confused villagers stood still after hearing those words, They were all standing and doing their things like nothing is going to happen, No one panicked. " Mummy look " A little girl voiced out, They looked up in the sky to see arrows descending down like rain, That's when the panicked started... Everyone bolted out of the market places in fear, People falling down. People ran helter scatter while trying to escape from the massive arrows attack, many villagers fell down lifeless as the arrows came down with their full force, Screaming and wailing of people who just lost their families at the attacks. Soldiers trooped to the gates after they were been called out, Confusion everywhere, The gates are been breeched, Intruders climbed the ladders outside the city wall, Killing the soldiers of the city mercilessly. After minutes of defending the gates, A mighty force blasted the gates away, Soldiers of the city fell down weakly after the massive force attack, Screaming ensured as the soldiers of the city were been slaughtered. Soldiers of the Severian trooped in with their defense and offences, They spared no Single Guard that came up against them, Soldiers were been slaughtered, Stabbed mercilessly and ruthlessly, Fiercely and all that. Fire balls were been thrown into the city without mercy, Unlucky villagers were been burnt by the fires while some were been killed by the arrows coming down from the sky, Horsemen trooped into the gigantic city without mercy. It took the Severian armies two hours to bring down the city to their knees, Soldiers laid on the ground lifeless in their own pool of bloods, While some surrendered soldiers were been held captives. The Lord of the city is been dragged out of his palace to the center of the city, All the Severian soldiers were everywhere, Gathered all the villagers together, Children kept aside from their parents... Men from women! The Lord of the city eyes popped out after seeing Derek riding his horse into the city, Fear gripped him after realizing what he said to Derek two years ago when Prime Minister Pedro protected him. Back then, When he was still a servant to the Prime Minister Pedro, He used to bully Derek back then before Derek left, He remembered when he pushed Derek into the sea to die out of wickedness, He knew karma is back! Derek came down from his horse with smiles on his face, Both Nicklaus and the three commanders were all present, General Orlois is also presently standing in his General Outfit, He is hell bound to serve Derek. " Hello lord gripho... It's been long " Emperor Derek stated with that lopsided smile on his face, His fresh smiles made Lord gripho more scared, Prime Minister Pedro do smile like that, Especially when he is happy to see his offenders on their knees. " Emperor Derek, Please don't hurt me " Lord Gripho begged for his life, The soldiers dragged him to where derek is, Nicklaus made to bring out his sword but Derek stopped him on his track, He wanted to have it his way. " I guess you haven't forgotten about your evil deeds all this while gripho, You do know that I am here to exact my revenge right? " Derek asked, His eyes glowed and a powerful force blasted gripho hard. " I decided to give you a second chance gripho, I decided to send a letter to you for your city to merge with my empire, What did you do? You sent my messengers back to me... Headless " Derek said with gnashed teeths. " Now you are here, Begging for mercy... I will make your death the most crazy one ever, I will not be the one to kill you, Bring his sons " Derek ordered, Five soldiers dragged the four sons of lord gripho into the show. " No! Please don't kill them, They are innocent " Lord gripho pleaded, He made his soldiers to let the sons go but they were surrounded, Derek alone could burn them to ashes without even doing anything. " You, Kill your father and subject this city to me, that I may give you a beffiting title " Derek said pointing to the first son, Lord gripho stare at his son with teary eyes, He realized his pride led him into this problem. " No, I will not kill my dad and hand this city over to you, I am the first son...This city belongs to me " The son said with courage, Derek smirked at the boy's bravery, He will just have to do away with this fool. " Slit his throat " Derek ordered, Lord gripho screamed in pains as he watched his son's throat been slitted by the soldier, It happened to two other sons who stood by their father, Now it remains the second son. " You are the last one, Kill your father and subject this city to me, And I will let you live, After all you were not the Lord, You will be giving a beffiting title as the district commander " Derek said with smiles beaming from his face. " Give me a sword " The boy said and Derek signalled his soldier to hand over his sword to the boy, The boy received the sword wholeheartedly, He went straight to his father, Stabbed his father in the abdomen. " Why.. Why.. Why.. Why did you do this? " Lord Gripho asked in pains. " I was the bad boy here father, You disdained me like I was some piece of trash, Made me weak and non respected to the public, And you expect me to risk my life for you...I hope you burn in hell " The boy whispered back. Lord Gripho screamed out in pains, His son pulled out his sword and stabbed lord gripho in the skull, The scream became unbearable, Lord gripho fell down on his son's sword, Derek clapped his hands in excitement. " Good job lad, You will be the district commander of the Sunset sect, But as for your people, I see no good use for them all, Split them in half, Bring half to me as slaves.. Kill the remaining half, and let the lad decide who to die " Derek ordered. A blue portal appeared, Derek walked into the blue portal before he closed up, Prime Minister Pedro and General Lionel carried out the orders before returning back to the Empire with the slaves they took. . . . . Derek walked out of the blue portal, The candles lit up immediately Derek appeared from the blue portal, He advanced into the room to see three beings all chained up to the wall, The three beings frowmed at Derek. " Must you come here after defeating or causing commotion? " The first figure asked with gritted teeths, Three powerful Demi gods with wizards powers, Derek can't afford to lose or kill them. " I am here to tell you that your children are in my palace, I am treating them well and telling them stories about their dads, I ain't evil.. But if you try to trick a trickster, Your children will pay for your sins " Derek warned. " We aren't planning on betraying you Derek, As long as my daughter is safe and healthy... I will forever tell you what you want " The second figure stated, They were all putting on rags, dirty rags and we're feasting on drench foods. " I would have loved to set you free but you will plan on attacking me, You three still has the grudge and urge to kill me, You three will remain here for the meantime " Derek said trying to make his face look pitiful. " You are a two faced person Derek, You are a murderous killer and a kind man, How I wish I had the power to kill you, I would have ripped out your head by now " The third being stated with venom etched in his voice, Derek smirked because he knows that he is a noble weakness man, It makes him more powerful. " I am not a bad man, This is nothing but mercy, I am showering you all mercy, I showed your wizards mercy back then, I didn't kill them but showed them mercy, For mercy is righteousness " Derek chipped in " This is no fvcking mercy but wickedness, You are wicked and evil... You deserve no life, I will show that mercy upon you Derek, If that's the last thing I do " The third figure cursed with so much bitterness in his voice. " OK I will let that slide, How's he... Is he alive? " Derek asked. " Yes he is, He is alive and awake... He has deliver the lies and is spreading the rumors to manually clans, You are very clever Derek " The first figure said and Derek nodded with happiness, He wants them to be busy scheming unnecessary plots that will soon fail. He wants to focus on his gems plot! ' It's all about strategy, When going to battle against an opponent, Let them believe that you are the opposite, Let them focus on that opposite side, Then you will be victorious! '
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