Vicious freak

1350 Words
" What did you mean by his weakness is the full moon? " Kyle asked with venom etched in his voice, Finn was given a chair to sit while he explained all that transpired in the battle against Derek, Now he is not aiming for the throne anymore... He seeks revenge. Revenge against Derek for the death of his family, Finn is happy that he still has his demon powers in him, Derek only immunized his body against the powers of Finn but he didn't steal or trap Finn's powers. " I am telling you nothing but the truth, His weakness is the full moon, He told me that before he tossed me off the cliff, He expected me to die " Finn said, He kept on eating the rice soup prepared by the chefs while he answer every damn question of the Emperors, All the six emperors stared at Finn in shock. " I am still not satisfied, How did you survive his blade strike? " Kyle asked, He kept on moving around, Thinking about why Derek will tell finn his secret, He knew there is something in to that power revelation. " He might have thought he stabbed me in the heart, He stabbed me in the chest before letting me go of the cliff, That asshole will taste my wrath " Finn growled in anger, He never for once knew that he will be one eyed. " Derek is full of himself but this isn't right, How will a powerful warrior tell out his secret just like that? " Kyle asked himself, He kept on thinking upon thinking... Trying to figure out what Derek might be scheming. " Finn may be right, He must have released his secret to Finn thinking Finn will burn in hell with the secret, It's a good thing that we now know how to defeat him " Emperor Duncan chipped in with happiness. " How many days do we have to get to the full moon? " Kyle asked. " One month, Three weeks and Two days more, " Emperor Carlos answered, He closed his record book down, Kyle massaged his chin still in deep thoughts, He turned to see Finn eating like he hasn't eaten for years. " We don't really have time, We need to assemble more warriors to stand up against Derek's armies, Derek is a conqueror...He is always a step ahead of our plans, He is the dark lord " Kyle muttered. " I have a plan! " . . . " Guess who's back? " Derek voiced out, The Gigantic door closed up immediately Derek advanced into the deep, Scary and Enchanted hall... No one can enter the cave, It's specially made for Derek. " We don't need to guess... We know it's you " One of the three figures spoke out with a scoff, Derek smirked after seeing the three powerful wizards he captured, All healthy and strong... He had them all fed up. " We know what you want, But we won't tell you " The second figure spoke out, Derek smiled... A blue orb appeared before them, Their eyes widened in shock after seeing three different teenage girls moving around happily. " I guess I forgot to tell you three that I have your children location, Just an order and their heads will be given to me, I am not here to ask you for a favor... I order your a*s and you three must obey my commands " Derek uttered venomously. The blue orb disappeared, They were all shocked and confused... They sent their daughters during the attack, They never wanted Derek to know that they had children, Derek will use their daughters as weapons. " Don't harm them.. They are innocent, They haven't done anything wrong " The third figure begged with tears in his eyes, Derek laughed out after seeing the tears on the three figures faces... Those tears made him laugh. " Do you think I care about if your children are innocent or guilty, You three will push me to having your daughters heads and their bodies given to my dragon, When I ask you a question... You must answer " " Is that understood? " Derek asked sternly, The three figures nodded in defeat, A red box appeared before them, The three figure gasped immediately they sighted the red glowing little box which levitated. " The box of the sanctuary! " " Yes, The box of the sanctuary... Weapon that will grant me passage into any realm and dimension, I have gotten the nearl crystal granting me so much powers, I want the two remaining crystals, I need to merge them for the ultimate control " Derek said. " Then why ask us? " " You see, I went through alot to get you three to the place were you are today, I resisted the urge to kill you three but I knew the risk, I have all your friends and people magics in me, I can do alot and I don't need your powers " Derek stated. " Then why keep us alive when you know that we aren't useful? " " Good question, I don't need your powers but your wisdom, The three prophets of Tyrus, You three are the children of the king of tyrus Zord, You are his Demi gods and has lived for millenniums, Your wisdom and knowledge of the past is what I value the most " Derek answered with smiles on his face. " I know that you value your life and your daughter's lives, I promise not to hurt them after I attack and destroy their clan, I will bring them into my castle and treat them like a princess, That will happen... When you are submissive to my commands " " Else, I will have their tongues cut of and their eyes all plugged out, I will make you suffer the pains and feed on their sorrows, You will be alive to witness their deaths " Derek said still smiling, He loves seeing his captives shed tears. " Fine, The second crystal is the druids, We don't know the location of the last one.. And remember, The box of the sanctuary can only be awokened on the full moon, With the souls of a thousand warriors " The first figure said and Derek nodded. " Very well then, Your daughters will be treated as queens " Derek said, He made to leave when the three beings stopped him on his track, He turned to them and glared at them daggers, He smirked after seeing them. " This is not how the prophecy is to manifest, You were supposed to be the warrior of Light and your cousin the warrior of darkness, Someone altered the prophecy and exchanging roles and plots " " What did you mean by that? " Derek asked sternly. " I don't care if the prophecy is been tampered or whatever you just said, The earlier you realize the truth the better, I am the dark lord... The true ruler and the one who is going to bring justice into this world " " I shall show mercy upon my offenders, They shall taste my wrathful mercy and then....The Zenteng's shall rise again, All this is nothing but mercy " Derek said, He snapped his fingers and he varnished immediately. " The Zenteng! I thought the Pregan gods cleared them out of this world? " The second figure asked in confusion, Twenty thousand years ago... There was a clan called the Zenteng clan, A clan of dreaded powers. A Clan of Hybrids! Not any type of Hybrid's, gods and titans hybrids... There leaders, the five arch masters of infinity, The Tyrians waged war against the Zenteng...A war with no cause, A war with no clue on how it started. No one knows where the Zenteng clan dwells, No one knows if they are still alive... It is said that if the Zenteng clan are gone, Half of this universe would be destroyed, A mystery to everyone!
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