I know his weakness

1440 Words
. . . " What are we going to do about him? He is coming for us? " A man voiced out, Six Emperors all sitted together, Trying to scheme out the befitting plot in other to conquer Derek, They rejected Derek's merging offer and they cursed Derek and his throne... They declared war against Derek's empires. " Emperor Duncan... We don't know what to do, That man is literally a god " Emperor Carlos said with annoyance, All six emperors stared at their arch enemies in their midst, All because of Derek... They will have to join forces to pull Derek out of power and if they win. The Empires of Derek would be shared amongst themselves! " Derek is not a god, He is a man with so much powers and authority, He is a mortal with dark powers, We will hunt down and kill him with his weakness " Emperor Jeff chipped in with shrugged shoulders as he watched his fellow emperors. " It's only a matter of time before he will attack our empires, He is targeting clans.. That's going to give us time to strike him and his soldiers down " Emperor Carlos said with annoyance, He tightened his fist in anger. The door to the gigantic room opened up, The emperors tilted their heads to the direction of the door to see Kyle entering into the room with smiles on his face, Triko and Manuel, Kyle's special knights followed him from behind. " Greetings six emperors of the six great empires in this region " Kyle spoke up, His smiles never fade even though the emperors stared at him like a piece of s**t, He could have killed the emperors on that spot but he has more things to do. " And who are you? " Emperor Duncan asked with disdain look on his face. " Well I will let your arrogance slide Duncan, I am Kyle... Son of the great lord brandon and the prince of the scorpion clan " Kyle said with smiles still on his face, Emperor Duncan rose to his feet in anger but Alicia powerful force pulled him back to his sit. " You are in no position to stand or interuppt my speech Duncan, I am just like Derek... But a little bit merciful to my offenders " Kyle said with gnashed teeths, All the six emperors stared at themselves in shock and confusion. " Who is he? " Emperor Orbetto asked in anger. " Good question to ask Orbetto, My name is Kyle Harrison like I said before... I am the son of the great lord brandon the ruler of the Scorpion clan, I am here to help you defeat Derek " Kyle said and this time. His smiles faded away...! " I have heard the tales of the great lord brandon, how can a lowly like you be his son? " Emperor Dylan asked and the other emperors bursted into laughter, Kyle directed a powerful force at emperor Dylan... He lifted emperor into the air. " Next time you say such... I will have your head " Kyle warned, He dropped emperor dylan with a heavy thud, He approached the emperors while they are still sitted... Well Kyle forced them to their chairs with his powers. " Well Dylan is right... How can a lowly like me be the heir to the scorpion throne, Did you expect my father to tell the world he has a son named Kyle? Did you expect him to do such.. Don't force me to kill you Dylan " Kyle said with venom in his voice. " So Mr Kyle, What are we going to do about Derek? " Emperor Carlos asked in a calm way. " I overheard you all telling yourself that Derek is a mere mortal, How did you know that he is a mere mortal with powers? Have you all seen him getting himself injured? I am sorry to break this news to you but Derek is an immortal " Kyle said and the emperors gasped in shock. " I don't believe you, How did you know that he is an immortal? " Emperor Carlos asked sternly, Kyle smirked after seeing the shock on the faces of the Emperors, There are thirteen empires... Three surrendered to Derek making them Ten in total. " Well I am technically Derek's cousin... We are both immortals " Kyle answered with pride, He smirked after seeing the shock and confused emperors, They gathered themselves in a gigantic most powerful Castle ever. " Does that mean Derek will win this war and we will all die? Don't Immortals have weakness? " Emperor Duncan asked with gritted teeths, He is one damn hater of the immortals, Seeing an immortal before him infuriates him big time. " That I don't know, We are from an immortal family so we are created immortals from our mothers wombs, Immortals like the Orlois don't have weakness except we know their powers weakness to trap us... We can't be killed " Kyle answered. " So what you are saying is.. Derek can't be killed but can be trapped? " Emperor Carlos asked and Kyle nodded, The door opened up which caused distractions... A commander walked into the room, And whispered into the ears of Emperor Carlos. " What! bring him in " Emperor Carlos ordered and the commander walked out of the room immediately, Four soldiers walked in lifting a man through a stretcher, All the emperors eyes popped out in shock. " Is that prince finn? " Emperor Dylan asked in shock, Lo and Behold... Prince Finn lying down on a stretcher with an eye pad which covered his right eye that was pulled out by Nicklaus, Kyle walked up to Finn. " No, That's not possible.. He was assassinated by Derek, I heard of his assassination " Emperor Carlos chipped in, While the Emperors argued.. Kyle examined finn to see if he is still alive and healthy. " He is alive, And yes... He is the prince finn " Kyle announced, He placed his hand on the head of Finn, closed his eyes to see more dark stuffs, He knew there is something that finn has that is keeping him alive " Where did you find him? " Kyle asked themselves soldiers that brought Finn in. " We found him by the river this morning, We decided to treat his wounds before we bring him before your grace, We are sorry that we delayed... Please show us mercy " The two soldiers who found finn begged for mercy. " Don't worry yourselves... You can all go " Kyle ordered, He watched the soldiers leave the room and he turned his gaze to the six emperors whose eyes were fixed on the sleeping finn, Kyle snapped them out of their imaginations. " What happened to him? " Emperor Duncan asked Kyle. " It's true Derek killed him but he wasn't really dead, He was stabbed and all that....They believed they have killed him or left him to die but the sea swept him away and brought him to us, I believe there is something he is keeping that I can't access " Kyle answered. " He must have figured out the way to hurt Derek, Please wake him up " Emperor Jeff stated, Kyle sighed in defeat, He placed his hands on the forehead of Finn... Mumbled in ancient tones with his eyes closed. " Awake! " Kyle whispered in the ears of Finn, Finn dived out of the stretcher, Breathing heavily while retrieving back his breath, After regaining consciousness.. He turned around to see the six emperors staring at him. " Where am I? " Finn asked after long silence. " You are in gorgotta... The Castle of the assembled " Emperor Carlos answered with smiles on his face, Finn screamed out in pains.. He held tightly to his head while having the destructive head ache which caused him so much pains. " Do you remember anything? " Kyle asked with a calm voice. " Derek! That so of a b***h, He killed my mother, Killed my sister and brother...He killed the knights that protected me and helped me escape from my execution, I remember how he made Klaus to remove my eyes " " He knew the source of my powers, He made himself immune to my powers, He converted the throne which rightfully belongs to me, He ruined my world by killing my only family, I will surely make him pay for that " " Oh wait a minute... I know his weakness "
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