Things are falling apart

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It's time for prince finn's execution! Emperor Derek assembled all the citizens of the empire together to witness the executions of his captives, Emperor Derek relaxed his butt on his throne while watching everything with happiness filled in his heart. They were all outside to witness it, All Elderlys were brought to witness the show while the kids were kept in the homes, Finn could be seen dragged out by soldiers with no clothes on his body, His n***d body covered with bruises. As he is been dragged, He is been whipped by the ruthless soldiers, Knights were also dragged to the open with bruises on their bodies, All were started n***d because that's how Derek prefer executing his offenders, He stark them n***d and chop off their heads, The Executioners are already prepared with their huge swords. " What you all are witnessing is the execution of your nincompoop prince called finn, He is about to witness nothing but mercy, Mercy upon his worthless soul that will journey into the world of the dead " Prime Minister Nicklaus uttered with authority. " The great emperor intends not to kill them but they are rebellious and treacherous, They will be executed today " Nicklaus added with authority, Derek's throne is placed on the mighty rock so that everyone can see him. " I did nothing wrong, All I did was to abolish the knights and make them soldiers, They decided to rebel against me, They will pay the ultimate price for their stupidity, I don't want to kill anyone else... But what must be done, Must be done " " Kill them! " Derek ordered. With that the soldiers pulled the knights to the chopping blocks with the executioners waiting with their swords, Derek smirked as he watched his soldiers forced the knights to their knees, The executioners raised their swords up. " Like I said....Kill them " Derek said, The executioners brought down their swords with a powerful force, Bloods splashed on their faces and the heads of the knights rolled, Some knights were thrown into a gigantic pit of lava without mercy while some were given to the three headed dragon to dine. " It's your turn Finn....Let him go " Derek ordered, The soldiers released the chains on the hands of Finn, They handed a sword over to Finn who swinged in skillfully, Finn looked up in rage to see Derek smirking at him. " It's time to meet your end Finn " Derek stated, He Teleported himself to the ground where Finn stood on, Finn charged at Derek without waiting for a fair fight, A powerful force blasted finn away sending him crashing. " Oh poor soul.. You should have waited for a fair fight " Derek said looking pitiful, He brought out his sword with glowing runes, Finn staggered back to his feet with so much rage In his eyes, He took his sword from the ground. " I know that I am dying today Derek, But you are coming with me to the underworld...We both perish together " Finn spoke out with gnashed teeths, Derek mockingly smiled at Finn as he stationed his sword ready. " I see how unfortunate you are finn, You crossed the line when you attacked my city, This I'd only the beginning of what I intend on doing " Derek said, Finn charged at Derek without hesitation. Finn swinged his sword at Derek but Derek stopped it immediately, Derek grabbed finn... Tossing him away like he is some piece of papers, Finn tossed his sword against Derek but Derek grabbed it and break the sword into pieces. " Now you are doomed " Derek announced with pride, He advanced towards Finn slowly with his glowing sword in his hand, Finn moved back till he got to a point that if he moves, He will fall down and die. " If you get me, You kill me... It's better that I should kill myself than you killing me " Finn said and with that, He jumped off the cliff.. A mighty force blasted finn back to the battle ground and Finn coughed out bloods. " Oh I forgot to tell you that this emperor is spelled, There is nothing that can happen here in this empire without me knowing it, I am the alpha of this world and everyone will crumble at my feet, I am the only one who will rule everything, I call it Mercy " Derek stated and he stretched forth his hands towards Finn. A powerful force pushed Finn towards the direction of Derek, Finn tried stopping the force with his black powers but it proved abortive, Derek grabbed finn by the throat and he lifted finn high with his hand suffocating Finn. " Let me tell you one thing before I kill you Finn, This is my weakness... After all there is nothing to lose, You will be dead " Derek whispered, He increased the mommentum and force he used in choking Finn and blood dripped from the nose of Finn. " My weakness is full moon, I always go weak whenever the full moon is out " Derek whispered and Finn eyes widened in shock, Derek stabbed finn in the chest and he tossed finn off the cliff to die on his own. " Now that finn, Cassie and her dumb family are dead...Its time to celebrate " Derek said with smiles on his face, He disintegrate into blue smokes and he varnished immediately, Everyone returned back to their homes. . . . Blue smokes appeared into the small room where the three ancient beings were locked up, The blue smokes merged transforming into Derek who had a smirk on his face, He looked up to see the three beings sitted on the floor with bowl of water and rice. " You are really a master planner Derek... Spared that boy's life to spread fake information about your weakness when it's visible that you have no weakness " The first being spoke up with frown on his face. " I know that my dearest cousin desires me dead, But I will let him believe I have a weakness, Full moon makes it dumb " Derek stated with his smiley face, The three beings chuckled at Derek's words. " Kyle is your blood Derek, He is your cousin and he has the wisdom the Orlois possesses, He is smart, skillfully and powerful enough to beat you down, And don't forget that he is an immortal also " The second being said trying to send fear down the spine of Derek. " Yeah I know that already, He is immortal but don't forget that the dark blade of light Is an official immortal slayer, Let it believe all the lies... When it's time for war, I will be ready to conquer the scorpions " Derek stated transforming into blue smokes once again. General's Mansion General Lionel walked into his castle to see Kyle and Pearl smiling, He knew something isn't wrong when he sighted the dark knights training themselves in his courtyard, He cleared his throat trying to gain their attention. " Kyle, What are you doing here? I thought we resolved this? " General Lionel asked calmly, Kyle stood up from the couch with his face covered with smiles, Pearl went to meet her father and her expression changed. " Warlord, Sorry General Lionel... Please can you allow my men and I to stay here for a while, We don't have any place because the new emperor locked the hotels and scots and Monitoring the woods " Kyle asked in a calm way. " No, I don't allow commoners into my house " General Lionel answered and that hid statement made Kyle to boil in anger, Fumming in anger... He is trying not to attack Lionel but he can't and won't control his speech. " Pardon, You think I am a commoner just because I don't want to reveal who I truly am, I am the heir to the Scorpion clan and I am the cousin to the emperor Derek " Kyle said in anger, General Lionel opened his mouth in shock. " I knew it, There is something special about you that you and your silly men have been hiding all this while, So where is this scorpion clan? " Pearl asked with smiles on her face, Kyle rubbed his hands on his curly hair. " The scorpion clan's whereabouts is a mystery and I will keep it that way, I want to return back to my clan but Derek's seal is stopping us from leaving " Kyle answered responsibly, He tossed a badge like object and the General caught it. " So you are the son of the great lord brandon and the heir to his clan? " General Lionel asked and Kyle nodded with a surprise look on his face after General Lionel mentioned the name of his father. " Yes, but how did you know my father's name? " Kyle asked and the General giggled. " I have worked for the Prime Minister Pedro for the past thirty years, Do you think I won't know about it Huh? I know and I have seen things that you can't even see, I have fought creatures that will freak you out " " There are three clans that were the most powerful and destructive to the world, Every citizens of these three clans possesses powers making them too powerful, They are the Gifted clan, Scorpion clan and the Zenteng Clan " " The Gifted clan was taken and controlled by the most powerful sorceress that has ever lived, Lady Shiva, She turned the gifted clan to the Ninja Empire making it more dreaded, The scorpion which belongs to your father and the Zenteng... " General Lionel stopped. " What about the Zenteng clan? " Kyle asked curiously. " I better not talk about it, First find who the Warrior of Light is... The Zenteng clan is a mystery to everyone, Including me "
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