Little Demons

1450 Words
It has happened! Emperor Derek is now the ruler of the Severian Empire, Merging the Telphon, Severian and the Two new surrendered empires under his supremacy, Lord Nicklaus returned after four days on a mission. Three hundred wizards captured and bounded with chains, Many clans kept on merging together with the Great empire of Derek, They heard all this disastrous things and they decided to come clean in other not to die. Many clans rejected the invitation, They are all in their various clans preparing for battle, Many are coming together to form alliances in other to defeat Derek, Would you think a conqueror like Derek will be defeated by mere weapons, An immortal with the five elements except the most powerful of them all.... ' Lightning ' Derek attacked the masters of elements, Absorbed their powers and killed them... While his soldiers attacked mortals with spears, swords, bows and arrows... Derek together with Nicklaus attacked and killed supernatural beings. Derek Orlois believes in nature, Order and he is set to correct the universe sins, He believes merging all empires under his supremacy will cleanse the sins on the universe, All he is doing to the world is nothing but ' Mercy ' . . . Derek smiled as he watched the high ranking officials and the low ranking ones troop in the throne room, The constructors are given bricks to build five more empires beside the Severian Empire. " Greetings your grace " Everyone bowed their heads before Derek, The Door opened up again, Warlord Lionel walked into the throne room dressed in his royal military attire, After the death of the general Orlando. Derek handed the mantleship over to warlord lionel making him the general, It's not warlord anymore but general lionel, Lord Nicklaus is given the power as the Prime Minister to the Emperor Derek. " Greetings to you all, As you all can see... I have the elders of the empire executed yesterday because of treason, formal empress cassie and her children, Except for Finn because he will be executed today " " I am the hater of treasons and rebelliousness, Only General Lionel here has proven himself worthy to live, You pigs spake against me... You committed abomination unto my name, That's why I have decided on your fate " " There shall be no councils anymore, I will crown the worthy ones as kingds and Lords, I shall show you the mercy of my world... Kill them all " Emperor Derek ordered, soldiers trooped into the throne room with their swords ready to strike. The Kings brought out their swords to defend themselves, Derek smirked as he watched his soldiers s*******r the kinds, cabinet members and council lords, Heart were been ripped out and so has heads. Two soldiers pulled down a king to the ground, They continuously stabb the king till he dropped dead, Throats were been slitted...Screams and wailing covered the throne room while Derek enjoyed the view. " Why, why did you have to kill them? " Warlord Lionel asked in rage, Tears flowed freely from his eyes but he dare not attack Derek, The auras which emitted from the body of Derek is so frightening. " I did what I had to do... No time for rebellion " Derek answered, The soldiers pinned many high ranking officials down, Stabbing them.. Plugging out their hearts and eyes, many horrific things were done in the throne room. " Feed them to my dragon " Derek ordered, The soldiers dragged the dead bodies out of the throne room, Bloods littered on the ground... Emperor Derek stood up from his throne in a frightening manner. " As you can see general lionel, what happened to them is Mercy... They are on their way to the underworld because of me, I made their worthless lives have worth, All thanks to me " Emperor Derek said with pride. " Stop deceiving yourself Derek, This is no mercy...This is brutality, You are out of your mind, You have gone insane to commit all this atrocities " General Lionel roared in anger, A powerful force blasted him away after he said those words. " You are alive because of your father, He told me to spare your life in my quest for justice to nature, You are alive because of the promise I made to your father, I could have let Nicklaus to behead you that night " " Please Derek, When you are return to the mortal world, Spare the life of my son Lionel, Spare his daughter, They are my only family.... That was the words of your father Lionel, Don't angry me " Derek warned. " What sin have they committed that you ordered for their execution? " General Lionel asked, He dusted himself as he staggered back to his feet, General Lionel is given command over all the soldiers... He is the third in command! " There only sin was to become kings and lords, I am taking this world to the next level... Soon all Empires and free nations will be under my authority, That's when I will know that I balanced the world's equation " Derek replied. " So....You killed this councils, cabinets and kings for nothing? " General Lionel asked calmly. " if that's the way you see it, Then yes... They are worthless anyways, All the knights will be the next, The Kings and lords will be selected and given the worthy ones, You all will thank me for my kind gesture " Emperor Derek said. A blue portal appeared before them, Derek dived into the portal with smiles on his face, The portal closed up immediately his full body is already in the portal, General Lionel turned to see Nicklaus and the three commanders facing him. " Why is he like this? " General Lionel asked nobody in particular, Klaus heaved deeply with his gaze fixed on Lionel, He can't believe that he will be having this conversation with the person he once tried to kill. " Our emperor is fateful to nature and the order, He is the ultimate ruler of this empire and he shall rule the province, I don't know why he made you the general, But if you dare rebel... I will kill you with my blade " Nicklaus warned. . . . Dungeon Blue portal appeared revealing Emperor who walked out of the portal, All the soldiers which guarded the dungeon bowed before Derek, The building door opened up immediately, Derek walked in with pride and the soldiers excorted him. " Where is he? " Derek asked, He glared daggerly at the empty prison which finn was kept, Chains destroyed, His eyes turned pitch black... He could see Finn been carried by the running knights and they were running in the woods. Derek Teleported himself to the throne, Nicklaus and the three commanders knelt down before the great emperor after seeing his mood, Derek's pitch black turned back to its normal shade and he smirked. " Send a thousand soldiers to the Vine woods, Those bastards took Finn with them " Derek cursed, Commander Benard stood up from the ground, He charged out of the throne room with authority. A black orb appeared before them, Two knights carried the weak finn up, While twenty were busy looking out of the soldiers of Derek, They hastened their footsteps when they sighted the incoming soldiers. Fast approaching footsteps resounded everywhere, Soldiers with bows opened fire at the knights, Six knights fell down dead with arrows pierced into their breastplate, They continued running but it already too late. The Armies blocked their paths, They were all surrounded by the soldiers, The knights brought out their swords, Commander Benard while sitting on his horse commanded the soldiers to charge and they did. Two knights dropped down dead, One stomach is stabbed twenty times while the second's head is ripped out, The fighting ensured... Many soldiers fell on the swords of the knights but they were too small compared to the large number of soldiers. Minutes passed by, The soldiers slaughtered all the knights leaving the two knights which carried finn, The two knights shivered in fear, they surrendered their swords while shivering, The soldiers lifted finn up and they dragged the two knights away. Leaving the dead bodies of the knights to decay and the orb vanished immediately, Derek clapped his hands with so much happiness, He is going to have Finn executed the next day, He decided to pay Finn a visit. " I want all the guards present at the dungeon executed... They must be executed by sunrise " Derek ordered. The Beginning is just begun!
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