Emperor Derek

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The time is come....! Today, The empire of Severian shall have his emperor once again, The Telphon soldiers approached the gates of the Severian, The Gates is opened for visitors, Emperors of different empires to witness the coronation. Amidst the troops that approach the Severian gates, Prince Finn could be seen dragged by chains with one eye, His other eye is been displayed to the world and his body is covered with bruises, injuries and all those stuffs. " Halt! " A masculine baritone voice thundered and all the soldiers stopped on their tracks, They gave way for Emperor Derek, Lord Nicklaus, The three commanders to pass before they closed up the space, The five powerful beings rode their horses straight into the gates with some warriors following them from behind. The shrieking sounds of the three headed dragon pierced into the ears of everyone, The three headed dragon hovered above them with its eyes scanning the entire environment, Everyone that had seen Derek all bowed before him. It took the soldiers twenty minutes before they could arrive at the Peruvian City, They all surrounded the City and the Empire as a whole, The Severian Militants can't do anything because they will soon become the soldiers of Derek. Everyone is present at the enormous throne room to witness the coronation, Warlord Lionel is present together with his daughter, Kyle and his dark knights were also present in the multitudes that came to witness the coronation. The Roof broke down and the three headed dragon landed right before them all, It's shrieking sounds caused fear and trembling into the hearts and minds of the commoners and mighty men in valor that are present in the throne room. The Gigantic door opened up, Telphon soldiers flooded the throne room with their spears and Shields ready, They assembled themselves and Gave way for The great emperor to enter, Derek walked in with Nicklaus, Benard, Thompson and Alonso by his side. " All hail emperor Derek, Ruler of the Telphon empire... Grand prince of the Severian Empire, He is the greatest lord that shook fear in the hearts of men, All Hail... Emperor Derek! " The chief instrumentalist announced with so much authority in his voice. The Instrumentalist blew the trumpet so loud and they all bowed before Derek, Derek mounted on the alter which his throne dwelled, Warlord Lionel stood still waiting for Derek with the crown in his hand. Derek's eyes met with that of Pearl but she quickly removed her eyes in annoyance of what he did to her father, Derek knelt before the great alter awaiting the warlord to put the crown on his head, Once he is crowned emperor. All the Severian Soldiers will officially be under his supremacy, They must obey his every orders! " With the power given to me, I crown Derek Orlois... Emperor of the Telphon empire, Heir to the throne of the Severian, To hand over the mantleship and powers over all province under his supremacy, To subject all armies, kingdoms and Cities under his command " " I hereby crown... Derek Orlois is the new emperor of the Severian Empire " Warlord Lionel stated and with that, He placed the crown on the head of Derek who smirked at once, All the guards and soldiers of the Severian bowed before Derek. Derek stood up to his feet, He relaxed his back on the throne while sitting on it... The throne room door opened up which revealed Finn entering with chains binding him to the soldiers, Everyone gasped at the sight of Finn been one eyed. " My son " Empress Cassie called out, She rushed to meet her son and the guards didn't block her path, They simply let Finn to hug his mother while they awaited the new Emperor Derek orders on what to do next. " You removed one of his eyes.. How you can be this evil " Cassie roared in anger, Prince Balor made to leave the throne room but the guards blocked his path with their spears, All eyes were fixed on the new emperor. " I would have let you live with a perfect position in this empire, But you plot against me behind my back, The Elders planned with the knights to bring this fool and convince warlord lionel to crown him in my stead " " Do you think I am stupid? It's a good thing I have the elders executed and their heads hung on the city gates, Your stupid thinking sealed your fate " Emperor Derek spoke up with dark grin plastered on his face, One of the soldiers In charge of Finn's chains brought out a dagger and he stabbed Cassie in the head which made everyone to gasp in shock. " Nooooooooooooooooo... You will pay for this " Finn cursed bitterly, He made to charge at Derek but the same soldier that stabbed his mother in the skull, stabbed finn in the back creating more pains. " Let it be known, There shall not be any knight in this empire, Gather all the knights of this empire and bring them before me at sunrise, If they prove stubborn... Kill them " Derek ordered and the soldiers moved out of the throne room. All the Knights present in the throne room brought out their swords ready for battle as the soldiers charged at them, They fought in other to escape but they ended up losing their lives at the end... They were all butchered. " Take him away, I will have him executed at sunrise " Derek ordered, The soldiers dragged Finn out in pains, They continued to whip him without pity, Emperor Derek stood up from his throne with power. " I am your new emperor, god and law maker... I am the law and I don't intend on hurting anyone else, Choose your side... Stand by my side or I will show you mercy " Derek said with authority, All eyes were fixed on him. " I will be bringing a new law, The Severian and The Telphon shall be merge into one... There shall be no Severian neither there will be Telphon, Just an empire... If you are against my orders, Kindly step out now " Emperor Derek uttered. General Orlando walked out with his hands on his sword, Derek smiled after seeing the general standing before him with his hands ready to removed his sword for war, Derek ordered his soldiers to back down. " Why do you so desire to end your life so soon Orlando... I have no intention of killing you? " Derek asked calmly, General Orlando brought out his sword, Everyone kept mute as they witnessed the showdown. " Right from the very start, I know that you would be this evil... Today you will be crowned emperor and you will die as the emperor, No two ways about it, So bring out your sword and be killed by my blade " General Orlando uttered with all seriousness in his voice. " You are a very funny man Orlando, Since you have decided to seal your fate... I will give you what you desire and that's Death " Derek said, He brought out his sword with glowing runes skillfully. " Ahhhhhhhhhh " General Orlando charged at the waiting Derek, Derek blocked their swords attack, He ducked another attack... He made to stab Orlando but Orlando blocked it with his sword. Orlando directed his sword aiming for the head of Derek after minutes of swords fighting, Derek caught hold of the sword and the sword broke into pieces immediately Derek grabbed it, After seeing this... General Orlando made to run when a powerful force pulled him to Derek. Derek stretched forth his right hand and Orlando flew and Derek caught hold of his neck with his right hand, Derek stabbed the fifth rib of General Orlando with his sword causing the general to scream in pains. General Orlando fell on the ground in pains after Derek let him go, Derek pulled out his sword from the body of Orlando in a brutal way, Blood spilled on the ground as everyone watched a brutal scene. " You sealed your fate with your own hands Orlando, Here is the way to the underworld " Emperor Derek whispered placing his hands on the head of General Orlando, Derek's hands glowed and General Orlando head bursted into pieces, Scattering everywhere. " Here is your dinner " Derek stated calling out his three headed dragon, Everyone shivered in fear at the sight of the three headed dragon, The dragon ripped the bodies of both the knights apart, Eating them bit by bit. " Your grace.. They tried to escape " A guard spoke out, Dragging prince balor and princess joyce before the emperor, Derek sat down on his throne, Relaxing his back on his throne with his gaze fixed on the two formal royals. " Balor and Joyce, I see no use for you two.... Slit their throats " Derek ordered, Prince Balor and Princess Joyce fell down lifeless with their throats opened and blood gushing out of it, With just a snap of Derek's fingers. The Dead bodies varnished immediately... Derek's eyes moved around until stopped at Pearl, He smiled at pearl even though pearl has been staring at him evilly, Gritting her teeths in anger... She just wished she could have just stabbed Derek in the heart. " I will assign my officers after the execution of the famous prince finn "
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