Falling into my trap

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Whistling sounds ensured from the dark area in Telphon Empire, A gigantic metallic gated opened up immediately, Derek walked into the room wearing that dark smiles on his face, Candles lightened up one after the other. The Gates closed up leaving Derek locked, Derek advanced towards the center of the room.. Clanging sounds of metals could be heard, Derek walked out of the darkness to the lights to see three men bounded with chains. Their bodies looked like they haven't eaten for years, They were putting on rags with their legs chained up to the ground and the hands chained up to the wall where they were kept, The three beings gnashed their teeths in anger after seeing Derek. " It's good to see you three once again great warlocks...You know all this things makes me feel like a god, An immortal who will soon become a god, Becoming a god is one of my main aims for now " Derek uttered. " You possesses your father's obsession for powers and bloods, We didn't know that it will result in this way, You were supposed to be butchered by your mother " The first figure spoke out in anger. " Oh yes, Vent your anger on me but ain't stopping me from getting what I want, Lifting the world from its curse and bringing all nations before me, Merging them into one specific empire which will only be mine to control " Derek said with dark smiles on his face. " How I wished we had known your plots... We would have defeated you and your viper warriors, You took us on awares and slaughtered our people " The second figure gritted his teeths in anger, He tried standing up but a powerful force pulled him back. " The warlocks keep is nothing but a waste, I am not the evil man as you all think I am... I gave the warlocks and invitation to create alliance with me and my warriors, but the warlocks refused... Killed my messengers and insulted me " " What did you expect me to do Huh? Fold my hands and set your people free, I did the needful by showing them the way to the underworld, They will be grateful for the good I did for them, I showed them the underworld " Derek spat out in anger. " So why are we alive? Execute us like you executed my family members " The first figure shouted in anger, Derek laughed out loud... His hands burned with fire but never got burnt, His eyes sparked with lightning and a mystical mirror appeared on the air. " The three most powerful prophets of the old, You three are the most useful instruments... I would have executed you three like I did to you family, But I knew that behind the eagerness to die with your family, You three still had the urge to live... " " That's why you are still alive, I haven't come all the way from my palace to speak nonsense, I came here for something serious, You will tell me what I need to know...Or else, I will burn your skin but you will never die " Derek threatened and the three figures kept mute. " To my first question.... Am I going to be victorious, Will I be the conquerer of everything? " Derek asked sternly, He relaxed his back on the wall with his gaze fixed on the three figures, He waited for their response. " You will be victorious, You will conquer everything in this region and make them one, Many innocent bloods will be on your hands, Your reign will be short lived for you shall have an opposition... An enemy who will take the throne from you " The Third figure said after all this while of been silent. " And who is this opposition? " Derek asked sternly. " Your cousin shall be your doom if you don't act fast to end his life, When two immortals clash against each other, Who do you think is going to lose? " The third figure asked Derek, Derek placed his hands on his chin... Caressing it. " I guess you are talking about Kyle... I will have his head but not now, At least he is my family... Let him live for sometime before I chop of his head with my blade, Is there anyone thing I must know? " Derek asked sternly. " Don't look down on his Derek, He is the last lightning bender " The first figure warned and Derek smirked. " And I got fire, ice, water, wind and earth... I will whoop his a*s without stress " Derek stated with smiles. " My maids will bring your foods to you, Eat it with happiness because that will be the last till another year " Derek said, With that he left the room... The candles went out and everywhere became dark once again. . . . . " A hundred and three, A hundred and four, A hundred and five...." One of the knights named Rockie is spotted doing a two hundred push up to exercise his muscles, Kyle and his knights settled down on the plains of Warlord lionel. Ten were in charge of securing everyone safety by looking for any intruders, While Kyle and ten knights went into hunting for both small and big animals that could digest them, While some were at the camp enjoying themselves. Meanwhile Warlord Lionel Abode Two neatly dressed soldiers rode their horses into the mansion, They climbed down from the horse In hurry, The guards nearby gave them directions on where to find the warlord who owns the mansion. " You this sly devil... I am going to defeat you " Warlord Lionel said in a joking manner, Pearl bursted into an overwhelming laughter, They were both enjoying themselves with their chess board playing with happiness. The two soldiers rushed into the scene, Warlord Lionel had to suspend the game to hear what the soldiers had to say, If it was a stupid reason... Then he will have the soldiers executed for treason. " There are camps settled at our borders warlord lionel, Our scotts detected strange and skilled warriors, I believe they are bandits who are planning to infiltrate to kill you and your daughter, Shall we kill them? " The first soldier pleaded. " How many did your scotts said they were? " Warlord Lionel asked sternly. " They are thirty one is total, We have been watching them from afar, Our soldiers had them surrounded waiting for your orders to attack " The second soldier answered, Warlord Lionel stood up from his chair, Picked his sword and he made to leave when pearl held his hand. " if yout are going then I am going... After all I am the warlady " Pearl said with smiles, Warlord Lionel nodded and they made their way out of the garden which they were staying, Soldiers followed them from behind. Warlord Lionel and Warlady pearl mounted on their horses and they swiftly rode their horses out of the mansion gates with Soldiers solemnly behind and besides them with their spears out for war, Warlord Lionel sound the alarm and they were all prepared. In no time they arrived at camp site, The knights were already ready for a brutal war with their swords stationed to shed blood, All the soldiers Hidding in the shadows emerged out with their swords ready to strike. Warlord Lionel frowned at the emblem of the knights, It is a scorpion emblem and there is something about that emblem that got him confused, He got down from the horse and so did Pearl. " You all needs to back off.. We are just some good people who are camping for the meantime... We mean no harm " Cody, The knight in charge of the watchers spoke out with authority, He held his sword firmly. " I come in peace, I will ask you all to drop your weapons, surrender to my soldiers and we will take you to our base for interrogation, I don't want bloodshed and I doubt that if you want " Warlord Lionel said in a calm way. " Our master is out there hunting.. We cannot leave without his permission " Another knight named Vridon said, The only people that can stand against the Dark Knights are Warlord Lionel and his daughter. " Very well then... We will have no other choice than to kill you all at this spot, Kill them all " Warlord Lionel ordered, The warriors brought out their swords ready to strike when Kyle and the ten knights ran into the scene panting heavily. " Let them be.. They don't want to kill you and your soldiers because I ordered them not to hurt anyone " Kyle said with authority, He dropped the two dead rabbits on his hand and raised his hands up to surrender. " I am doing this for the sake of your soldiers lives.. Killing them will be waste because they have family, Leave us and let us be... We promised not to disturb you " Kyle assured and he dropped down his hands. " Fine back off... But you are coming with me " Warlord Lionel ordered after pearl is done whispering something into his ears, Two soldiers grabbed Kyle hands and they dragged him as the followed the warlord. The Knights gnashed their teeths in bitterness, They would have killed all the soldiers and escape all this, There is a reason why Kyle doesn't want to he all ruthless, There is something keeping him from going all Beserk! What do you think that is?
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