No one Understands the truth

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Ninja Empire The forgotten ancient ninja empire, Governed by Lady Shiva... Everyone is busy doing what they were doing, Market women going around doing their businesses while the ninja guards and watchmen guarded the gates and every high ranking centers. The Castle Is spotted at the most destructive mountains ever, A mountain guarded by the magics of dead sorcerers, Enchantors, Wizards and Druids all around the world...It is a simple but quite unbreakable. Inside the great castle, Ninja stood at every door post with their weapons ready for action, Each and Every ninja has this special powers or skills that will help them in all their ways, It was called the gifted empire before Lady Shiva conquered, Transformed the empire into ninjas and made them ultra powerful and skilful. " Greetings lady shiva...Its good to see you once again " A masculine voice spoke out in a calm way, The voice echoed from the throne room, Inside the throne room... Three royal dressed men stood before Lady Shiva with smiles on their faces. " It's good to see you once again Emir Akbano " Lady Shiva replied, As usual.. She had her face covered with a veil, She is dressed in red silk gown and a veil which covered her beautiful face, The Throne room is covered with her comrades. " I don't know if you can remember what transpired between you and lord pedro, The White palekins clan have been marked for destruction by the Emperor of the Telphon empire, We all know who rules the Telphon empire " Emir Akbano spoke out in fear. " Pedro? " Lady Shiva asked sternly. " No your grace, Lord Pedro handed the sit of power to your son who became the new lord of the Telphon City, Your son merged clans and kingdoms together with his city which made it an empire... Now he is going around conquering all free nations like your husband once did " Emir Akbano answered. " So what you are telling me is that the rumors are true? My son is bringing down clans upon clans and kingdoms upon kingdoms, He is destroying all the free nations and yours is the next? " Lady Shiva asked with keen attention. " Yes my lady, That's why I came to seek help, Please lend me your ninjas to battle against the Telphon, I will forever be grateful and indebted to you, Please do this for me and save me the shame of been killed by your son's blade " Emir Akbano pleaded. " Have you forgotten how powerful Pedro was? He is an immortal and I literally am a half immortal, My son has all of Pedro's genes and powers, If I lend you my warriors to fight against him... He will know that and then he will know that I am still alive... " " You don't want to know what that little devil can do to me because I abandoned him to stay with his father, He will surely ripped of my eyes, Put me in a cage and torment me for twenty years like what Pedro did to his mother, I don't want my fate to be that way " Lady Shiva answered. " What you have to do is to surrender when they comes for your clan, He is living a life like Pedro...They won't kill you if you surrender peacefully and didn't say bad words about them, If you choose war... Then they will kill you in the worst way you can never imagine " Lady Shiva added relaxing her back on her throne. " But if I may ask... Why did you abandon the young empire? " Emir Akbano asked and Lady Shiva frowned. " I did what I had to do, I don't feel a regret doing that... He will surely kill me and I surely ready for that " Lady Shiva answered with a smug, . . . Meanwhile Derek giggled at his mother's words, He has been watching his mother all this while listening to her words through a mystical orb he kept in his throne room, He laughed out hard while sitting on his throne. Lord Nicklaus, Commander Thompson, Commander Benard and Commander Alonso were all present in the throne room, Standing beside the emperor who intends to laugh away his sorrow through the words of his mother. " Oh silly old Shiva, I am preserving my revenge plots against you... Your death will be the most talked execution ever, I wonder how her expression will be when I stab her with my sword, She will be the most awful woman in the whole history of execution " Derek laughed out, With just a snap... The orb vanished into thin air. " Now back to business... How many miles are there to get to the ninja empire? " Derek asked sternly, Two black commanders walked out of the multiple commanders, They bowed before Derek in other to live. " We have just ten thousand miles to cover in other to reach the ninja empire, Our warriors will be there for inspection In no time your lordship " The first black commander answered with his head still bowing before Derek. " Very good, What about list of the newly conquered free nations, I need to have all the complete datas about them, I need to know if they surrendered or they choose to wage war, If they waged war... Then bring their chiefs for execution " Derek ordered. " Emperor Derek, Five more clans out of the a hundred and three clans remaining, Their chiefs are still kept in the dungeon waiting for your orders, Two empires decided to merge together with the Telphon empire... Eleven rejected the offer claiming to be more powerful than us " Commander Thompson said with humility in his voice, His response made Derek to chuckled. " Little children challenging a being like me... How pathetic is that? How I wish I could just appear before them and end their lives immediately, Oh wait... I can do that, But where will the fun of bloodsheding be if I just waste them like that " Derek asked himself. " And sir... The Construction is completed, We have new buildings for the Telphon empire together with the Severian Empire, We have everything under control your lordship " Commander Thompson added. " Very well then... Get all the armies ready, Give the two empires that are about to merge with us two days to merge with us and give the emperors a befitting ranks, I need more empires to complete the quest and bring everything to the balancement of this world " " Imagine a world without numerous emperors and rulers creating so much outrageous war, They don't know the kind of mercy I am showering, All this are the mercy and grace brought upon them... All this killing Is righteousness, A world with one ruler makes it all balance and I am here to restore the order " Derek said with a lopsided smile. " Nicklaus, You must take the Viper squad to the old mountain of the wizards, Conquer them and bring as many wizards in chains, It's time I bring together wizards, druids and sorcerers to my empire... It's bow or be killed " " All is mercy! " Derek ordered with authority, If you can remember the hundred bandits Derek captured and spared their lives, He transformed them into killing machines and made them possess dark powers for his own selfish reasons... He made them.......The Viper's squad! " Yes my lord " Lord Nicklaus said and with that he left the throne room, Derek gaze fell on the three commanders, Thompson, Alonso and Bernard. His smiling countenance changed into sternful look. " Now, Any news concerning my father's murderers? " Derek asked with gnashed teeths. . . . Peruvian City The Castle Empress Cassie, Prince Balor and the Elders with General Orlando, All were sitted together before the great throne which would have belonged to Finn if Derek haven't interfered in the coronation and cause destruction. " What are we going to do about this Derek's matter? " Empress Cassie cuts the long silence shut, All eyes were fixed on the furious about to be demoted empress, She understands that once Derek is crowned emperor. She will seize to be called the Empress! " As its stands now... We don't know what to do, Derek is the heir to there is nothing we can do about that, We will just let him to rule and govern us in his own way and style, He is just as ruthless as his father " One of the Elders answered. " My greatest concern is the execution of Finn... Who knows what my poor boy is suffering in that hell of a dungeon? " Empress Cassie asked with so much bitterness in her voice, Here is she.. Condemning her son not knowing that there is a bigger devil than her son. " The knights have all agreed to sneak into Telphon Empire, Grab prince finn out of the dungeon and then we will crown him as the emperor, There is nothing Derek can do when finn is crowned the emperor " " The problem is how do we convince Warlord Lionel to crown finn as the next emperor " The Leader of the Elders asked sternly, They are all in bitterness concerning everything that is going on in this Empire. Once Derek gains control over the magic users, He will be more powerful and extraordinary, It's only a matter of time before the world falls under the command of The dreaded... Derek Orlois!
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