I am Evil

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Neighing sounds of horses resounded everywhere, Warlady pearl could be seen by the river bank with her two most precious maids, They all dived into the river, smiling and laughing around as they took their baths. The Neighing sounds became louder, Kyle rode his horse into the scene with his thirty dark knights following him from behind, He stopped his horse immediately he heard some voices in the woods were they were. Kyle came down from his horse and his dark knights followed, Kyle followed the voices with his knights by his side, They passed through many corners, Climbed too many trees until they arrived at the river bank. Kyle told his men to return after seeing that they were females bathing in the river, He climbed a tree to have clearer view on the women in the river, One after the other... They emerged out of the river looking happy. Kyle widened his eyes in shock after sighting Pearl in her panties, His eyes weren't fixed on the boob's or the a*s but the face, He couldn't hide the shock of seeing the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. His heart started beating faster that it was beating before.. His cheeks turned red, Kyle fell on love with pearl without even knowing who she is or what she is, He didn't even mind if she is a demon or a goddess. All he knows that he is in love! " Hey beauty! " Kyle called out, He waited for them to finish dressing before he could approach them, The two hot maids blushed after seeing Kyle, Kyle is a handsome prince of the scorpion clan, Even though he is not as handsome as Derek. But he is the second ranking Personel when it comes to been handsome, His huge muscles paid off vividly, He slowly advanced towards the three hotties, putting on his Prince Charming face to attract Pearl to him. Meanwhile the thirty dark knights were busy watching Kyle from the bushes, They were all waiting to see, hear what Kyle will tell the three girls, They were all putting on their funny faces waiting to either hail or mock Kyle when he returns. " I think master Kyle will fail woefully... He doesn't know anything about girls " One of the knights named Kane mocked and they all busted into an overwhelming laughter as they slowly watched the show. " Let's see about that " Another knight named Triko chipped in with smiles. " Hey, Who are you? " Pearl asked sternly. " Well my name is Kyle Harrison, I am a powerful warrior from one of the free nations out there, Just came here to have some fun " Kyle answered, Pearl scoffed after hearing all those things that Kyle just said. " Girls let's go " Pearl said, She made to leave with the maids when Kyle blocked her path with his face filled with smiles, Pearl clenched her fist in anger, She sees Kyle as a commoner who doesn't understand what she really is. " What are you doing? Will you let me and my maids pass or do you want me to kill you? " Pearl asked with gnashed teeths, Even with her angry face... She still looks adorably cute that even Kyle can risk death. " You haven't tell me your name or who you are... I can't let it slide like that beauty? " Kyle answered, Pearl made to bring out her sword but Ziprah held her hand not to strike, They were just underestimating who Kyle is. " Fine, I am pearl dominique.. Daughter of Warlord lionel the greatest, I am the warlady of this empire, That's all you need to know... Now let me pass " Pearl said, She pushed Kyle aside and they walked out without smiling. Minutes after pearl and the maids departure, All the dark knights walked out with their hilarious laughter booming around, Kyle gnashed his teeths as he sighted his men approaching him, laughing at him hilariously. " How did it go master Kyle? " Pascal asked In a mocking manner, Kyle with anger blasted pascal away with a magical forces, That act made them to laugh the more...they knew what they were saying hurt Kyle. " Enough! We need to leave " Kyle thundered with annoyance, His whistling called his horse to him, He mounted his horse... His horse started running with the dark knights solemnly behind him as they continued their laughters. . . . Few minutes later Pearl, Ziprah and Eprah could be seen moving towards the market areas, They were all silent as they entered the multitude in the market places, After seeing who they are... The villagers gave way for pearl to pass freely. " Why did you threatening that handsome man with a sword lady pearl? " Ziprah asked with concern, they were given horses to mount in other to reach their castle in time before the coronation of Derek begins. " Yes Ziprah, Why did you not give that boy chance? " Eprah chipped in, Pearl was just smiling as they entered the woods leading to the mountains were their castle is built, Pearl decided to live in her father's mansion Because of the family bond. " Eprah and Ziprah, You see I am not attracted to him... I am very sure he is one of those losers who are trying to woo me, I would have killed him if you haven't interfered and saved his a*s, He is cute but not really my type " Pearl voiced out after minutes of been silent. " Atleast when next your paths crosses.. Give him a chance to express himself " Ziprah said and Pearl scoffed. " And I will slit his throat after he is done expressing himself, I ain't gonna get my heart broken " Pearl said. " Well let's keep that aside... What's your say about our soon to be emperor, I am talking about Derek Orlois? " Eprah asked with smiles, Pearl gnashed her teeths after hearing the name Derek Orlois from the lips of Eprah. " He is cute but foolish to have attacked my father, My father has told me not to revenge but I ain't gonna listen, After his coronation and the execution of prince finn, I will make sure I stab Derek in the heart " Pearl said with anger. " Be careful what you wish for my lady... I heard that Derek has an empire and he intends on merging the empire with our empire, I even heard that he is going around destroying all free nations out there " Ziprah said and Pearl eyes popped out. " I don't understand what you just said now... Are you telling me he has an empire out there and He is butchering all the free nations, merging them to himself? " Pearl asked in shock, Both Ziprah and Eprah nodded. " Yes he is going around killing free nations, He says he is doing justice to the balancing of this world, Dividing the whole world is a sin against the order... So he does the opposite by bringing all free nations to his command " " He is so brutal and evil, I also heard that young man who you saw is the cousin of Derek, We all don't know what our fate will be when Derek comes into powers... He would probably create a new law that goes contradict to ours " " We are all doom.. " Eprah added but Pearl cuts her shut " This is the main reason why I will go behind his back, Stab him in the heart and make my father the new emperor, All I need is to go close to him and slit his throat " Pearl said with venom etched in her voice. " I don't think your father will be in support of what you are trying to do, You know he has been serving Prime Minister Pedro for over thirty years, Killing his son is just like betraying the dead Prime Minister Pedro " Ziprah said and that made Pearl furious. " He will thank me later after I have completed the task by butchering that murderer " Pearl stated. . . . Telphon Empire The Gigantic door leading to the throne room opened up, Two muscular warrior walked in with prince finn behind them, bounded with chains, Bleeding lips and body covered with bruises and marks of the whips which they used on him. Prince Finn fell on his knees after been whipped again from the back, Tears flowed freely from his eyes, He looked up to see Derek staring at him with smiles on his face, He is bitter to see Derek smirking at him. " Why are you doing this to me? Can't just to kill me once and for all? " Kyle asked with so much bitterness in his voice, He meant to stand up but he is whipped again by a muscular warrior from behind. " You see Finn, You were so eager to kill me after finding out that I am the heir, You wanted to prove that you are a worthy contender right? Na! I will kill you very soon... But for now, Enjoy your stay in my dungeon " " Deal with him " Derek ordered. Derek gulped the content on his glass of wine, He Watched with happiness as they whipped finn a hundred times, Finn fell on the ground screaming in pains, But the only thing Derek felt is happiness of seeing Finn screaming in pains. " I can see that you don't need two eyes Finn... Do the needful " Derek commanded and the warriors nodded, Two muscular guys grabbed finn up from the b****y ground, Nicklaus walked up to Finn, Brought out his pen knife. Right before the eyes of everyone present, Nicklaus thrusted his pen knife into the right eye of Finn and he plugged out the eye without pity, Finn screamed in pains as nicklaus dropped the eye of Finn on the ground and marched it. Nicklaus hits the face of Finn with his back hand causing more pains to Finn, The warriors dragged Finn out as he is still in pains, Derek gigled after witnessing that horrific show down that happened. " Oh yes... I love been all b****y, This is nothing other than Mercy "
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