Who knows why he is this brutal

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All the high ranking officials of the Severian Empire appeared before the throne, Both the executive commanders, Council lords and cabinets members and other high ranking Personel in the empire. The door opened, Warlord Lionel walked in with his face covered with frown... He is the reason why they are all gathered, He summoned them all because of the coronation of Derek, He knows what Derek is capable of doing to him. He knows that Derek is sent to Kurugaya, He was the only one who had followed Prime Minister Pedro to hand over Derek to the Great Master's, of the demon world, The remaining warriors were killed instantly to avoid it been leaked. " Greetings warlord lionel " Everyone present greeted with humility, Warlord Lionel smiled at them all and they reciprocated the smiles, They all stood on their feet, Waiting for the important message the warlord has to say. " I summoned you all here in preparation of the coronation, You know the rightful heir and he demands that he is crowned the new emperor by sunrise " Warlord Lionel stated, There was murmuring and whispering among themselves. " But warlord lionel, Isn't Derek the one who sent the assassins to assassinate the warlords, including you? " One of the kings asked and the murmuring increased to its highest level, The smiles on warlord lionel face never fade. " Of course I know about that my friends, you all are forgetting the emperor reign right? How Prime Minister Pedro brought all the clans and kingdoms together to form an empire, The rightful heir is Derek and there is no two ways about that " Warlord Lionel answered. " While are you supporting that treacherous bastard, Derek is going around butchering nations upon nations, forcing them to join his empire, He is already unleashing his father's dark side, I am sure his reign will be more horrific " Another spoke out, This time one of the council lord. " I am not here to condemn anyone, Neither are you all here to do so... I won't hesitate to cut of your tongues, Derek is the son of the late Prime Minister Pedro which I served, Don't provoke me..." " We have come to an end of this discussion " Warlord Lionel added, He folded his arms behind his back and the high ranking officials walked out of the throne room, Leaving him the only person present in the throne room. Five minutes after everyone had left the throne room, Queen Cassie opened the door and emerged into the throne room after she had seen warlord lionel, Warlord Lionel turned back to see Empress Cassie after hearing strange footsteps behind him. " Why are you doing this? You are going to crown a teenager who sent assassins to assassinate you, Are you dumb or what? " Empress Cassie asked in rage, She is having the this feelings that Derek returned not as the boy she knew. His return, Character and auras showed that he is a different being entirely, It is just like he went to steal powers to become the overall being, The news she heard about Derek wickedness got her shaken. " I am doing what I must my empress, regardless of his personality and his character... A true heir must be crowned and we must obey, That's what I have been trained to do from the start, You obey the orders of the authorities, Including the will of a dead emperor... " " Even though your son showed us his real character, Evil! Rude and a psychopath...i still went ahead to coronate him before this incident happened, He sent those assassins to assassinate all the warlords for a reason, I was at the brink of been killed but he spared my life, This is my thank you to him for sparing my life " Warlord Lionel answered briskly. " I agree to finn's character, Bossy, Rude and a psychopath, But nobody is as evil as the person who conquered and slayed twenty clans within a minimum of ten days, Many of his troops are still going to conquer many kingdoms and clans....That boy is a devil! " Empress Cassie stated with so much hatred in her voice. " He may be evil, He may be a devil... But that isn't stopping me from crowning him the emperor, Even though I will be killed after that, After all he is the rightful heir " Warlord Lionel said, He walked up to the door, opened it and walked out quickly. " I need to get my son outta that b*****e called dungeon " Empress Cassie muttered, panting and sweating... Even though her son is evil, The motherly bound won't just let her to watch the execution of her son. Derek plans to execute finn After been crowned the emperor! . . . Telphon Empire Derek is spotted sitting down comfortably on his throne, He is seen gulping down the content inside his golden cup, All alone in the quiet throne room... He hates it when the guards are guarding him.....He is a powerful being and doesn't need guards! The door opened up, Lord Nicklaus walked in with the three commanders by his side, They slowly approach their emperor sitting on the throne, Derek's face beamed with smiles after sighting Nicklaus and the three commanders. " Welcome my humble allies... It's time we gist as friends not commanders to general, General to Emperor, Let's behave like friends for now... So how's everything going? " Derek asked dropping his cup of wine. " Derek, You see life has been very good to us all... But don't you think the m*********r and invasion is too much? At least let's spare some a*s to be our slaves, You always wipe out half of the population of every clan if we conquer it... Isn't that pathetic? " Lord Nicklaus asked. " Of course not nicklaus, You see what I am doing is for the greater good, Balancing nature and placing everyone under the command of one man... Me! Many worthless piece of s**t have been hovering all this world with no value " " I did a great job by showing them the way to the underworld, They need to be grateful for that... I have shone mercy upon them and washed away the worthlessness, They are now useful after they were killed by my armies, Any questions? " Derek asked calmly. " No master Derek! " The three commanders answered in unison. " Good! Now I need all the data, information and weapons of this southern region, I need to know how many Empires, Kingdoms and Clans are still out there waiting to be disolated by my armies " Derek demanded. " Of course your grace, Your warriors conquered twenty clans, Thirteen are ultimately destroyed while eight bowed and they are merged with our empire, What we need now is to conquer the twenty Empires of the southern region, Severian Empire will only make it twenty one " Commander Thompson answered. " Hmmm, Twenty Empires to go! We still have alot to do.. But first send a letter of invitation to each and every of those empires out there, Give them a chance to join my empire or they will face defeat, You know what comes after defeat? Brutality " " And also bring me some cheese cake, Least I forget... Make Finn suffer in the dungeon, He will be executed the day after I am the new emperor of the Severian Empire " Derek said and the commanders bowed before him. " Damn it feels good to be a villain... A villain with honor and prestige " . . . Scorpion Clan Lord Brandon is spotted sitting down comfortably on his throne, Just like Derek... His throne room is as quiet as a graveyard, Dark smokes emerged out of a tiny hole in the throne room, The dark smokes merged together forming a being in hood! " Why are you here? " Lord Brandon asked without even looking at the being in hood, He felt irritated at the presence of the being, He had to stop what he is doing to listen to listen to what the being has to say. " Is that way you welcome your old friend Brandon? " The being asked. " You are not my friend and you were never my friend, Just a cunning piece of s**t who has been working for my brother from the beginning, I still remember when you leaked out my plans to Pedro... He nearly killed me because of that " Lord Brandon said with venom etched in his voice. " I am only here because of the prophecy, The prophecy of two beings... One of light and the other of darkness, One a god and the other an immortal with ultra powers, The prophecy is manifesting already " The Being in hood spoke up. " Then why are you telling me all this s**t? " Lord Brandon asked with disdain. " Your son is the fox and your nephew is the Tiger, What will happen when a tiger faces off against a fox? Do you think the fox will win? " The being asked and that made Lord Brandon confused. " What are you saying? You are confusing me " Lord Brandon asked. " Your son must let go of the one that is the precious diamond, He is digging a grave for himself, The fox will surely go down when he faces off against the Tiger... The Tiger is prophesied to conquer and rule over all " " In other words.. You must warn your son not to interfere in the business of his Cousin, He is prophesied to die in the hands of the dreaded Derek... This is my warning " The Figure in hood uttered and he varnished immediately.
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