My Dark Plans

1616 Words
" Here, Have a drink " Derek said with smiles on his face, He tossed a cup of wine to Kyle who caught it effortlessly, Derek advanced towards the direction of Kyle, He could see the seriousness in the face of Kyle who stood before his throne. " Aren't you gonna ask how I knew you were in the throne room? " Derek asked, He sipped a drink into his mouth with his gaze completely fixed on Kyle, Derek is dressed in a golden royal attire with his warriors emblem on it. " Why would I ask when I know you can sense my presence and auras, It runs in our family blood " Kyle answered, This time he faced Derek, He knew Derek won't attack and try to kill him, They haven't even know themselves well, He doesn't know what powers Derek possesses and neither do Derek know about his powers. " Oh yes, I definitely forget that it runs in our family blood, I wonder how my uncle and the scorpion clan are fairing, I mean it's been long since he created the clan " Derek said, He could see the shock in Kyle face. " How.. How.. How did you know about the Scorpion clan, Is there a mole in our clan? " Kyle asked, He didn't understand how Derek is able to find out his clan identity and his father, Even Pedro Orlois doesn't know about the scorpion clan. " There is no mole in your midst Kyle, I have powers that are beyond mortal understanding, I know everything about this southern region, All the empires, free nations and hidden clans... I know everything and I have planned it all " Derek answered. Derek smirked, He snapped his fingers and a blue orb appeared before them, Kyle moved back amazed by the sight of the glooming blue orb, He could see everything city, Empire and clans, including all the free nations and his clan weren't exceptional. " I was brought up in a brutal way, Trained to be ruthless, Dark and Evil... My father took me away for fifteen years and then I returned, More deadly, brutal and relentless as I was trained to become... " " When I look at all this free nations and empires out there, I see it all as abomination... There should be no such thing as a free nation or empire controlled by a single emperor, That's is why I am back to change everything and put them together " Derek stated and the blue orb vanished. " Your plan is to create more armies, Sabotage and destroy every single free nations, bring them to their knees and force them to merge into your empire, You want all the southern region to be at your Feet " Kyle chipped in and Derek nodded. " It's good that you understands my plan, Once I am crowned the emperor of the Severian Empire, I will merge the Telphon Empire and make it one, Then the real show will begin.. I always love to see my enemies brought before me and I will make the killing... " " And I call that Mercy! " Derek added. " Do you even know what mercy is? You raided the sky clan, You slaughtered the yugto clan... Massarce by m******e, You call all that Mercy... You call all that redemption, You are one crazy dude " Kyle yelled in anger... He tightened his grip and scattered the cup into pieces. " Yes I call it Mercy, Justice to this universe for splitting up every being... No orderliness and I am here to put a stop to it, I don't have the time to target the scorpions..They are family " Derek said with smiles. The Door opened up, Two muscular guards emerged with a wounded man with them, Commander Benard followed from behind as many guards dragged in multitudes of wounded beings both males and females. " And who are this pigs benard? " Derek asked with disdain in his voice. " Great Emperor... We breached and defeated the Oppo clans, They have begged us for their lives while some were slain, This pigs are the survivors we captured, They insulted you " Commander Benard answered. " Bring in the Oppo chiefs to me, And as for this ingrates... Feed them to my dragons, I am busy " Derek ordered, The guards nodded and they dragged the wounded people out of the throne room, wailing and screaming could be heard. " Show them a little bit of mercy Derek, At least make them your slaves " Kyle uttered. " You are speaking the opposite of mercy Kyle, I just showed them the way to the underworld, I redeemed them of their worthless lives on this world, All this is Mercy! " Derek replied, He Teleported himself to his throne. " I am sure your father didn't teach you to be a weakling, You are as brutal as I am.. But you just want to be a hero, Join Allegiance with me and we will rule this world together, We can split the southern region into two " Derek said. " Thanks but I am no supporter of evil " Kyle said, He meant to leave when Derek appeared before him in form of dark smokes, Kyle staggered back in shock of seeing Derek covered in dark smokes. " I wonder why an immortal would choose to be with those pathetic humans, Don't you know that you will be on their target list when I make them to know your true identity, They will hate you for having everlasting life " Derek whispered. " Let me pass " " You can go, I am not stopping you... Just remember this, whosoever that is not on my side automatically becomes my enemy, I show my enemies the way to afterlife " Derek said and appeared back on his throne. " Your clock have started clicking Kyle... You are doomed " Derek muttered as he watched Kyle leave the throne room without looking back or uttering a word, Lord Nicklaus walked in minutes after Kyle had left. " Your grace I am back " Lord Nicklaus announced. " Klaus, Have you completed the task? " Derek asked sternly. " Yes Emperor Derek, I and thirty thousand soldiers attacked all the thirteen free nations that refused to bow before us, As ordered! We slaughtered them all... Sparing no single soul except that of the chiefs " Nicklaus answered. " Very good then, Summon the executioner... I will be there in a minute " Derek answered and Nicklaus bowed, Nicklaus exist the throne room through the door... After nicklaus departure, Derek eyes glowed greenishly. " Esta prerir delvone... I summoned thee " Derek mumbled, Five masked men appeared with staffs in their hands, They all bowed before Derek, The dark auras emitting out of the masked men could really kill a mortal. " I need you five on an assignment, Follow Kyle and bring every useful information back to me, Don't let him sense your presence, He is smart " Derek said and they nodded, with just one finger snap... They vanished into the wall. . . . Twenty minutes later The Castle gigantic metal door opened up, Great Emperor Derek came out of the palace in his royal military attire, His face brightened up after seeing the thirteen chiefs that cursed him when he sent invitation that they should join him. " Set them free " Derek ordered with authority, The warriors in charge of the chains released the chiefs and handed a sword to them, Derek smirked and all the warriors moved back.. Especially the three commanders and Nicklaus. It's time to see blood! " Come on, What are you pigs still doing... Kill me " Derek uttered, The first chief with fury charged at Derek with his sword ready to strike, Derek swiftly blocked the chief sword with his own sword. He evaded another sword attack, Without wasting time he stabbed the chief in the skull, Two chiefs attacked at once, Derek blocked their attacks... Stabbed one in the d**k and another in the heart and they fell down lifeless. Derek ducked another sword attack, He twisted his sword in the chest of a chief, He felt more comfortable as the chief screamed and he pulled out his b****y sword, He stopped another attack, Used his sword to stab the throat of the attacker. He chopped off the hands of another chief which made the chief to scream out in pains, Derek tossed his sword to the heart of a fast approaching chief, He stretched forth his hand and the sword flew back to his hand. Bloods littered the ground, Everyone watched the horrific scene delayed before them, The lucky clan chiefs who stood by Derek were happy that they weren't in this state, Derek plugged out the instentines while the victim is still alive. Some covered their faces while many didn't even blink, They watched the scene to the end... All thirteen chiefs brutally killed by the hands of Derek, Only one remaining chief whose body is covered with marks of Derek sword. Derek kicked the chief to his knees, placed his sword on the chief neck and whispered into the ears of the chief. " Greet Raven when you get there... Be grateful for the mercy I have shone upon thee " Derek whispered, He raised his sword up and he swiftly decapitate the chief head, The head rolled on the ground. " This is only but the beginning " Derek muttered as he licked the blood of the chiefs which he slaughtered.
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