He is more brutal

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" Guess who is back! " Derek walked into the throne room with pride, Everybody moved back in fear and shock as the Telphon soldiers flooded the throne room with their swords waiting for orders to strike, The three commanders were spotted standing behind their great lord. " Derek Orlois " Warlord Lionel muttered with smiles, Pearl frowned after hearing the name Derek in her father's mouth, She frowned at her imagination because she thought Derek will be the most ugliest person in the world. She didn't know when she started drooling at the magnificent beauty of Derek, Kyle let out a slight scoff after sighting his family permanent mark on Derek body, His father once told him that anyone he sees that mark on is his family member, He came into the palace to see the newly crowned emperor with his dark knights dressed in normal outfits. Kyle gnashed his teeths, Clenched his fist in anger as he slowly stood up to his feet, If eyes could kill, It would have slaughtered Derek right now, Everyone stood still waiting for what Derek is about to do. " Derek you Bastard, What guts do you have to disrupt my coronation? " Prince Kyle asked with venom etched in his voice, Derek did nothing other than to smile at the foolishness of Kyle, He knew the powers of Finn and the source. " Be calm finn, i don't mean to cause any harm but this will not happen, I have returned back from my trip to claim what's rightfully mine Finn, So I will ask you not to piss me off " Derek said still smiling. " Don't make me laugh Derek, What throne are you back to claim? " Prince Finn asked smiling foolishly, Derek snapped his fingers and a scroll appeared on the hands on Commander Thompson who raised it up after spreading the scroll. " This is a royal decree of the first emperor Logan, He has decree that the son of the Prime Minister Pedro shall be the next in line, The heir to the throne of the Severian Empire...Great lord Derek is the proclaimed emperor of the Severian Empire " Commander Thompson said with authority and he brought down the scroll. " Now that you have heard and seen the will of your dearest father, I will advise you to denounce your claim to my throne, I am only given you three days to do so.. I won't be merciful to you kyle, Not at all " Derek said in a calm way. " That's not possible, My dad can never do that to me.. He is the emperor, The creator of this empire and it is my right as the first son to rule in his stead, How dare you lay such false lies and fake that will " Finn said in anger. " Mind your words finn, I won't hesitate to have your head hang on the gates of the empire, You don't speak to your lord in a rude manner " Derek said in a grutal way, He kept his hands on his back still smiling. " And who do you think you are? I am the real deal here, The next big thing... The emperor of this empire, You have no right to talk to me like that, Don't make me execute you " Prince Finn warned and he gnashed his teeths. " A little child with little powers, You are a child to me because of your powers... I know the source of your powers, So don't even think it will hurt me " Derek warned, Finn is beginning to piss him off and he doesn't want to lay his hands on Finn. " As ordered, You will be giving three days to denounce every claim you have towards the throne, The true heir has returned to take the throne... Even your mom knows about this, Your father told her that morning before his death " Lord Nicklaus chipped in, His voice commanded authority. " Thats a lie, You speak treason... Kill them all " Prince Finn ordered, He brought out his sword ready to strike and so did his most trusted warriors who will stand by him at all times, Derek frowned and that made his three headed dragon to growl. " You speak about treason like you are some prophet and priest, Do you even know the true meaning of treason? You are the most treacherous being I have ever known... And I will show you the way that leads to the path of hell... Show them mercy! " Derek commanded, His warriors attacked all Finn minions, killing them one by one and bit by bit. When Derek shows someone mercy, He does the opposite! Finn charged at Derek with his sword facing Derek, The deep hatred in his heart made Derek giggled, Derek stopped nicklaus or the commanders from attacking finn, He brought out his sword with glowing runes. Finn directed his sword fiercely to stab Derek but Derek blocked it with his sword, Derek swinged his sword backwards, Finn swinged his sword at Derek but Derek stopped the sword immediately and stabbed finn in his fourth rib. " I will let you live because of one thing, Because of the friendship my father and your father shared, That friendship and bound made your father the Emperor of this Empire, Do you really think your father owns the empire? " Derek asked, He thrust out his sword from the belly of Finn causing more pains to Finn. " My father brought all the clans, Kingdoms and Cities together, Conquered them all with the armies in his possession, Your father was just a prince of a kingdom then... My father made him the emperor Because of the friendship they shared " " I would have asked my surbodinate over here to present your head in a plate before me, I want you to see me become the new emperor, You shall watch me become the next emperor of this empire and then... I shall show you mercy! " Derek said and his face brightened up. " Take this fool and lock him up, Burn this fools to ashes or feed some to my dragon...They are hungry " Derek ordered, His eyes scanned the entire throne room to see different eyes staring at him, His eyes stopped scanning.. Immediately he sighted Warlord Lionel. " Warlord Lionel, It's good to see you once again... After a year of been absent right? " Derek asked, His armies have surrounded the entire palace with their swords placed on the neck of each guards. Once given orders, All the guards will be no more! " Yes Derek, It's been a year since your sudden departure " Warlord Lionel answered with fear, Derek countenance changed after hearing warlord lionel say his name without putting great lord or emperor. " I forbid you to call the emperor name without.. " Commander Benard was about saying when Derek cuts him shut. " Don't worry benard, I will let him live.. He doesn't understand what will become of him when he calls me by just my name, Let it pass " Derek cuts commander benard shut, The commanded kept mute immediately. " And If I decide not to show you the stupid respect you deserve, What are you going to do to me? " Warlord Lionel asked, Nicklaus slowly removed his sword from its cover but Derek shuned him to keep the sword back. " You are asking me what can I do to you? Do you remember the attack in your chambers? Do you remember your attackers? " Derek asked sternly, Warlord Lionel frowned after hearing those words.. How did he know about his attack. " How do you know about the sudden attack? " Warlord Lionel asked. " Now you are asking me, let me make this all clear to your understanding, I am the one who ordered for the extermination of all the warlords in the empire, I sent all those killers to all you Warlord's abode " " When my Klaus returned back from the assassination to tell me that you survived the attack, I was furious about that... I never wanted him to spare your a*s but I gave it a second thought, You are my father's surbodinate.. You stood by him and even sheltered me when I was little " " I have decided to let you live, That's only if you decide to bow before me and obey my every orders, I don't ask someone to pledge allegiance to me for the second time lionel, I only do that once and if you refuse to do so... I will show you the way to the spirit world " Derek whispered into the ears of Warlord lionel. Warlord Lionel in annoyance brought out his sword and he made to stab Derek, Derek grabbed the sword with his bare hands, He broke the sword into pieces, Scattering the sword on the floor just like what Nicklaus did. " That's the spirit, Try to kill an immortal Huh? Just because of my father... I am letting you live " Derek whispered once again, He advanced towards the throne with all eyes fixed on him, Kyle watched from afar with his eyes filled with surprise. " In five days time, I will be the second emperor of this empire, Merging the Telphon empire with the Severian Empire will only unite the bond and make me only the most powerful beings of all ages " Derek said and that amazed everyone. " I want the builders association to get their a*s ready, You all are building an Empire close to this Empire, I don't care if you have to conquer many free nations, Build a Empire or I will have your heads hung on the gates " Derek ordered. " Kyle I know that you are in this room... I need you to follow me " Derek ordered, Kyle smirked because he noticed that something was sensing his present, It must have been Derek.. He had no choice other than to follow Derek. Derek walked out of the throne room with pride, Nicklaus and the commanders followed from behind, They moved according to their ranks in the Telphon empire, An Empire created by the mighty Derek. Those free nations were wise to have subjected themselves to the authority of Derek, Now they are part of Derek empire with high ranks given to them, Derek doesn't want only two empires bowing before him. He wants to have supremacy over all empires and free nations in the legion, Whatever he wants.. He must get and if he wants all the empires and free nations under his feet, He must surely make them bow before him. He doesn't care if blood must be shed, He will either get what he wants in a peaceful way or in a brutal way, And when I say brutal way... I meant WAR! When his coronation is completed and he is in full command of the Empire, Heads will roll... Bloods will flow and Above all, Many will be enslaved under his supremacy. He is more brutal!
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