He is Back

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It's the coronation of the next emperor, The second emperor to ever rule the Mighty Severian Empire, Maids were already prepared for the big event.. Refreshments are ready to be given to the lords and kings. The great palace been flooded with lords, kings and chiefs..Awaiting the presence of their about to be crowned prince, Many who sided the evil of Finn were happy to see him crowned while many were deeply angry about it. Prince Balor isn't happy at all, Even though he wishes to be the crowned one, He just can't afford to risk his life by attacking his brother, From the look of things... He understands the kind of dark powers his brother wields. He dare not attack his destroyer! Warlord Lionel Abode Everyone in the mansion were all preparing for the coronation, When I say everyone.. I meant only the guards and the Lord which is warlord Lionel and his daughter, Pearl climbed down the stairs in her royal attire as the Warlady. Warlord Lionel face beamed with smiles immediately he sighted his beautiful daughter, Days have passed, Though he still wants to kill his attacker but he needs to crown prince finn as the new emperor. He is the third in command to the Emperor, Because of the Prime Minister been dead, He is the only one ordained to crown the next emperor, His loyalty to the Empire for forty years made everything like this. " Father, I am ready " Warlady pearl said, She took her sword from the couch were she kept it and she placed the sword on the shealth of her trouser, They both walked out majestically of the mansion to the guards waiting for them with their special horses. " Greetings warlord lionel and warlady of pearl " The guards uttered in unison, with their knees on the ground and their heads bowing before the warlord and warlady, Warlord Lionel and Warlady pearl individualy mounted on the horses. " Let's get going then " Warlord Lionel said, The Gates of the mansion opened up and they all rode their horses out of the gates, Warlord Lionel and Warlady pearl were at the front as the masters with their guards following from behind. . . . ???Inside the Castle ??? Here is prince finn, Relaxing himself and dressing up in his coronation outfit, Ready to be crowned the new emperor of the Severian Empire, His mighty dark plans is to be crowned the new emperor then... He will stop all positions of the elderly, Give his friends all the position in the empire, Charged Derek for treason, Take Telphon City and kill his brother to cement his reign as the Emperor of the Severian Empire. " Damn it feels good to have powers... Those freaking old cargos, Respect me because of my dark powers...How wonderful is that " Prince Finn asked himself, Dark smokes emerged out of his body and that made him smirk. " Why haven't I drink the blood of your family members finn? You know the deal? " A dark shrieking Voice asked from the darkness smokes, Prince Finn smirked deviously while trying to fix his bracelet on his hands. " You need to chill demon lord, You are forgetting the real deal here.. You give me powers and I will sell my soul to you, You give me the throne of the Severian Empire and I will offer the blood of my family members to you " " That's the deal, I gave you my soul and you gave me powers... So the next phrase is the throne which I will be crowned the emperor today, I will have my family bloods once I am crowned the emperor of this Empire... So relax " Prince Finn said. " YOU ARE GETTING IT ALL WRONG LITTLE ONE, YOU ARE TO OFFER YOUR FAMILY BLOOD TO ME AND FIVE HUNDRED SOULS TO ATTAIN HALF IMMORTALITY, THAT'S THE DEAL FINN " The dark voice uttered once again. " Very well then, Let's wait until the end of my coronation, You will be the ultimate god of this empire, You will be the god and I will be the emperor, They must worship you while I rule and control the province " Prince Finn said with pride, The dark voice chuckled softly... Two huge blue eyes appeared in the darkness. " And so shall it be " The dark voice said and in no time, He varnished straight into the body of Finn, Finn groaned in pains and it all died down, His dark eyes transformed back to its normal shade and he quickly dressed up. Knock! Knock! Knock! " Prince Finn, Everyone awaits your presence " One of the guards spoke out with fear in his voice, Prince Finn smirked and he adjusted his clothes, Took his crown as a prince and his sword which he enchanted with poison and dark powers. " Let's go " Prince Finn ordered, He opened the door, Walked out of his bedroom with pride and the guards followed him from behind with humility, They created space because prince finn will have them slaughtered if they didn't do so. Twenty minutes later The Throne room All lords, Kings, Councils, Commanders of the armies, Knights and General were all present in the throne room, It is the crowning section so they allowed all the lowly of the empire into the throne room. The throne room is large, Big and Wide enough to contain the entire citizens of the empire but it is f*******n to do so, Everyone were on their feet awaiting the presence of their about to be crowned prince finn. The instrumentalist blew the trumpet and the door opened up revealing Warlord Lionel and Warlady pearl beside him, Everyone bowed before them because of their ranks which surpassed many high ranking officials. " Greetings warlord Lionel and Warlady pearl " Everyone greeted in unison, Warlord Lionel has the power to suspend the coronation of the refuse to give him the honor he deserves as the third in command and the person who will crown the next emperor. After three minutes, The Instrumentalists of the Empire started blowing their trumpets and beating their drums and the door opened up again, Everyone bowed at the first sight of prince finn who walked in with pride. Many stared at Finn with hatred in their eyes, Prince Balor gnashed his teeths in anger while empress Cassie frown at her son who is evil, Prince Finn paid no attention to the haters Because he will deal with them when he is crowned. Prince Finn walked up to the throne, Knelt down before the throne of the empire as he awaits warlord Lionel to crown him, Warlord Lionel mounted on the throne ground with pride, And he faced the crowd. " Today is the day where we will be crowning our next emperor, The second emperor of this empire, He will be in the book of the emperors as the second emperor, He shall guilde you in the way of life and protect you all from darkness " " He will become the emperor and he will defend this empire with his life and will.. I now crown him as the new emperor for peace to reign, I now crown him as the new emperor for he is a vibrant warrior... I now proclaim him as the new em... " Warlord Lionel carried the crown of the emperor and he was about completing his statement when the door bursted open. The chief guard walked in with fear in his eyes, Everyone turned to his direction with relief while prince Finn stared at the chief guard with venom in his eyes, General Orlando approached the chief guard who is panting heavily. " What happened, Why did you disrupt the coronation? " General Orlando asked. " The Telphon Armies, The Telphon Armies are fast approaching the city gates.. They've successfully breached the empire gates, Killed the watchmen and they are at close range to the palace " The chief guard said with fear. " Klaus, He will pay for that " Prince Finn cursed in anger, He brought forth his sword from the shealth, Advanced towards the chief guard and stabbed the chief guard in the heart for disrupting the coronation. " Let me handle klaus myself, Then we shall continue the coronation " Prince Finn said in anger, He made to open the door but he stopped immediately, He keenly recognized the growling sounds and the flapping of wings. Screaming and wailings could be heard from the other side of the closed door, Prince Finn frowned hearing those sounds, Schreening sounds could be heard from the roof top... The roof broke down and the mighty three headed dragon landed into the building. " A dragon! " Kyle muttered in shock, Oh I forgot to announce that Kyle and his dark knights are also present in the coronation in other to see the new emperor or Derek, Kyle eyes widened in shock and so as everyone present. The three headed dragon roared at Finn, Prince Finn couldn't resist it and a mighty force sent him crashing aggressively, Warlord Lionel and pearl stared at themselves in shock, Because they saw the dragon head prince finn brought before them. " Impossible... How are they still alive? " Prince Finn asked himself in shock, The door broke...Lord Nicklaus and the three commanders walked in with their armours on, Their swords stained with the bloods of the guards. " Finn, You remember when I told you the master will return? " Lord Nicklaus asked with devious grin, The dragon bowed before the entrance of the throne room, Likewise the three commanders except for Nicklaus who only bowed his head. " I bring to you all.. The Dark master! " Lord Nicklaus announced, Silent reigned as their eyes were fixed on the entrance, Derek walked in with smiles beaming from his face... Everyone gasped at the sight of Derek who walked in. " Guess Who's back!"
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