He is Vicious

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3 weeks later In four days to come, The coronation of the next emperor shall begin and The dreaded son of the late emperor will be crowned the emperor, In as much as many people hate to see the face of Finn.. They gat no choice! They must prepare for the party, Dine and wine their lives.. Fvck any women they see Because it's time to celebrate the coronation of the second ever emperor of the Severian Empire, Up till now, No one understands the kind of powers the Prime Minister possesses. . . . Hotel The hotel residing in the Peruvian City is the most famous hotels, Many men and women loves to come here because of their freedom to sleep with anyone they chooses, The owner of the hotel is a council lord. Meanwhile inside the lousy hotel containing drunken men and seductive women dancing around and singing in their dialect, They increased their tempo of their music which resulted into dancing as many men dance to stupor. Prince Kyle Is spotted around the dining area in the hotel, He sat down alone with his table filled with pots of soups, rice and meats.. While his knights were either dancing, drinking or watching...Its not like he cared Because he trained them well. " It's not about the skills but the bravery in that heart of the warrior, A perfectly skilled warrior are liable to fear, Bravery is determination and Determination is strength, Strength is the one vital instrument in war " Kyle said after dropping the hug of wine on the table. He took a meat from the bowl on the table to chew when a hand slapped his meat off his hands, Kyle looked up in his drunken state to see who dares to slap his meat off his hands, Lol and Behold. Three neatly dressed soldiers stood before Kyle with their faces filled with smiles and they laughed at Kyle, Kyle drunkenly stood up to take his meat from the ground when he felt a strong hand grabbed him by his clothes. " Listen to me fool, You better get your foods outta that table because we want that table and we are getting it " The soldier who had grabbed Kyle by his clothes said with so much pride and authority in both his eyes and his voice. " You are in no position to tell me to vacate my table " Kyle whispered, He vomited all what he ate on the soldiers uniform which made them to fume in anger, The soldier holding Kyle tossed him over the table scattering the bowls and pots on the floor. The sounds drawed the attention of everyone present in the hotel including the dark knights, They made to attack but something held them back and that's what made them to know that Kyle told them to back off. " You brat, I wonder what gave you the audacity to challenge a mighty warrior like me...you are nothing but a commoner, And you will die as a commoner " The soldier said, The soldier raised his right hand up with clenched fist ready to punch the day light outta Kyle. The Soldier made to punch Kyle in the skull with his tightened fist when Kyle blocked the attack with his elbow, The drunken Kyle pushed the soldier back, The force was so powerful that it made the soldier fall down and he broke his limbs. " First things first, I am not a commoner, You will not treat me like a commoner you scumbag " Kyle uttered still in his drunken state, The second soldier who saw what just happened to his friend clenched his fists in anger. " I don't care if you are a royal or not, What I do know is that I am taking your head home tonight " The soldier said in anger, Kyle moved his hands signalling the soldier to attack and that's what he did.. He made to punch Kyle but Kyle ducked the punch. Kyle grabbed the soldier's fist, The soldier screamed out in pains as he felt his bone breaking into pieces, Kyle lifted the soldier up with just the hand he used in breaking the soldier punch, Everyone gasped in shock of sighting such massive strength. " It's time to go home b***h " Kyle muttered, Kyle hit the soldier hard on the ground in a brutal manner, The strong ground quaked after the sudden impact, The soldier wasn't left behind... Thirty-three of his bones got broken. " Don't worry, I will make your death! A quick and painless one " Kyle said, He placed his hands on the soldier neck... Before the soldier could even say anything, He snapped the neck of the soldier with no remorse. " Get the horses ready... We are leaving now " Kyle ordered, He crushed the head of the soldier he attacked first with his foot, Everyone stared blankly at Kyle Because of his performance and killing nature. The dark knights walked out of the hotel one after the other, Kyle is the last person to leave the hotel and he made sure he left nothing behind before leaving, He needs to make sure that they have no trace of him. He is not in the mood to play war against the hunters, Back then when he will expose himself to people that will try to kill but he would still kill them, He always love those kinda games because they keep him from been bored. " Where Is our next destination my prince? " One of the dark knights sitting on his asked, Prince Kyle mounted on his horse slowly and calmly, He made sure he never forget anything, Anything like his knights. " We are heading to the Peruvian estate... We need a house, A rich noble building that is suitable for you all and our training section, We are going to buy an expensive mansion right before the very castle of the emperor " Prince Kyle said. " I thought you said you haven't been to this place, How come you know this? " One of the knights asked as they rode their horses out of the hotel gates, They hit the horses to make them run faster they can run " Of a truth I came here for the truth about who I truly am, I am blessed with the ability of knowing things without adapting to his, I have never been to the place at all " Kyle answered with happiness posted on the faces of the knights. " We don't have enough money my majesty " " That I already know about that, I know just what to do in other bring us more money " Kyle answered and he let out an evil grin plastered on his face, He focused on the sandstorms In the desert... We never know what my happen. " Firstly, We will... " . . . Telphon City Heavy footsteps could be heard from afar, Warriors from different angles marched down to the Great city of Telphon, The City Gates of Telphon opened up which made the armies to enter the city without been restricted. Lord Nicklaus is spotted standing on the balcony of the great castle as he focused his attention on the armies that were entering the city, Commander Benard and Alonso were the two commanders standing behind him while Thompson went down to create orderliness. " Seems like the empire the master planned in coming to perfect place, We have about twenty four different free nations bowing before our humble command, They are ready to merge with our armies " Lord Nicklaus said. " Master Derek is really a man of wisdom.. He will be taking what belongs to him but he also needs an empire combined to the Severian, He is trying to build up a nation much more powerful than any other great nations " Commander Benard said. " I guess it's time for you to make your speech lord nicklaus, The Twenty two free nations rulers are now awaiting your presence " Commander Thompson announced, Lord Nicklaus walked into the building which lead to the throne room and the rest followed from behind, Immediately the twenty Two free nations leaders sighted nicklaus, They all bowed before lord nicklaus in other not to get killed. " Great commanders of the twenty two free nations that are ready to merge with our empire... I am Lord Nicklaus, The Great Master's second in command " Lord Nicklaus announced and he sat down on his throne which is close to the Great throne. " Where is Great master Derek? " One of the nations head asked in a disrespectful manner, He overlooked nicklaus immediately he heard second hand, They all thought that nicklaus is the Derek that is the most famous b****y warrior. " Do not be deceive by my look and my title... I am the one responsible for the death of the warlords in the Severian Empire " Lord Nicklaus dropped the bombshell and the free nations leaders stared at themselves in shock. " How? How is that even possible? " Another head asked. " I killed them all in their sleeps, Killing all fourteen warlords is pretty easy for me because they are weak... Warlord Lionel gave me a hard time, That's why I spared his life " Lord Nicklaus added with his back relaxed on his throne. " Why are you telling this to us? What are your plans for letting us know all this things? " " I practically told you all that hidden secrets because you will be merging with our armies, Mind you... You will still have the commander seal to control your armies but they will be under our armies, You twenty two will be awarded with high titles " Lord Nicklaus said with smiles crept on his face. " What if we decide to reject this offer and go home in peace... Will you let us be? " A question is thrown from the crowd of free nations leaders, Lord Nicklaus smirked after hearing the question thrown at him. " Yes of course, You can decide to reject the offer and you will be granted permission to leave... You and your troops will return to the base, You all will be headless and heartless because they now belongs to us " Lord Nicklaus said. " Now choose the side you desires, Leave and die or stay will us and become a winner " " It's only a matter of time when he is awakened, Full power and great armoury....This world will crumble when the dark lord assumes his ultimate throne "
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