A Devil Incarnate

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The news of the prince finn returned darkened many peoples, Many villagers wished that a Savior would come to redeem them from the curse placed on them, They all see prince finn as a curse because of his evil deeds. He has killed Alot of people, Converting properties that aren't is in the first place, He orders women to his abode and fvck the day light outta them, Everyone understands That prince finn is wicked but they know someone that is more deadly than their prince. Derek Orlois is the deadly one, He slaughtered a whole kingdom who rebelled against the emperor, He made sure to hang their heads on the kingdom gates.. Both women and children were slaughtered on that fateful day. No one will ever forget that fateful day, When the most loving knight became the most hated and destructive knight, His ways for not keeping slaves for long makes men fear him, Some try to rebel, Their heads are now hung on the village gates or kingdom gates. Most skulls that are on the gates of either villages or kingdoms are caused by Derek, I meant to say all heads hung on the gates are caused by him, Prime Minister Pedro prefer his victims heads are buried while the bodies are been devoured by raven's. And least I forget, The death of the warlords shook the entire empire... Just when they about to witness the coronation of a Bastard, The murders of the fourteen warlords made warriors and villagers moan In pains. Many have grown to like the warlords except for warlord Lionel who they all feared, It isn't a shock to people that warlord lionel survived the attack, What more do they expect from a devious and ruthless warlord like lionel. Emperor's Palace Throne room All the high ranking officials walked into the throne room putting on black robe, The fourteen warlords dead bodies were all laid before the great throne, Even the five elders were also moaning for the great loss. Prince Balor walked in, He is dressed also in black because of the warlords death, After his arrival...Empress Cassie walked in dressed in black silk robe, She had a Black Veil on her face because of the deaths. They were all looking to see prince finn but he never arrived so they decided to overlook him, As the crown prince of the empire... He is supposed to be in the throne room in other to show the elders that he is worthy. " Where is your son empress cassie? " The leader of the elders asked, not smiling a bit.. Empress Cassie sighed because she knew who the leader of the elders is referring to, She has been regretting why she gave birth to Finn. " He is not coming great elders, I have asked him why but he waved me off... He chooses not to participate in the moaning rights and also the burial " Empress Cassie answered with shame written on her face. Not shame that she did something wrong but shame because she gave birth to an evil child like Finn, She has prayed for a son! An heir to her husband's throne but the tyrians granted her an abomination and a curse to her womb. " We all know that your son is an arrogant Fool who is aspiring beyond his limit, He will never be the emperor... He is just dreaming high because I know who the emperor nominated as the next successor " The leader of the elders said in a mocking manner. " Of course he will never be emperor... He is a curse to my womb " Empress Cassie cursed in anger, Deeply she is regretting why her husband had to put Finn into her womb, Now Finn possess dark powers. " Very well then, Shall be begin the wake keep " The second elder said but was interrupted by the door clanging sounds, The door opened and Warlord Lionel walked in with Injuries on his face and body, Pearl walked in minutes after her father's entrance. " Warlord Lionel! Thank the gods you are alive... Your subjects were all murdered in their sleeps " One of the kings said with happiness, Warlord Lionel did nothing but smile as he slowly approach to the dead bodies of the warlords. " I was also attacked by those assassins that killed the remaining warlords, They must have finished off the remaining warlords before they attacked me, I will send their bodies for inspection because I killed them all " Warlord Lionel answered. " Did you kill all of them, I mean did you anihilate them all leaving no one alive, We need one in other to interrogate him, We need to know who the sender is " One of the councils lords asked and warlord Lionel nodded negatively. " If I was chanced to spare one I would have spared at least one, but they were all clever...I killed some while some decided to take their own lives leaving me with nothing but their bodies " Warlord Lionel lied. Of course he just can't and he won't tell them that there is no that is life, How will he tell them that he was beating to the ground by a masked unknown figure and he was at the brink of death, No, that will bring their honor down. " Their bodies will be sent to the knights headquarters for further investigation, What we need now is to give the warlords a proper burial and then we will proceed to the coronation of Prince Finn as the new emperor " The leader of the elders said with so much disgust. " You all hate that young man, Anyways we will let him be until the day of his coronation... If the heir refuses to show his face up, Then we will have no choice than to coronate that bastardization as the new ruler " One of the cabinet members said. " All this aren't my concern, My concern is who the hell is this strange attacker.. First the emperor and the Prime Minister, Now the warlords... Who do you think is the next in his To do list? " Warlord Lionel said with a slight growl. All what he needs is the name of the attacker, If he can get the full identity of his attacker then he will wipe out the attacker and his entire family members, For the fact that his attacker know about his deep secret... He is a member of the Kurugaya world! He needs to be quick because the next time the attacker will attack him, He is sure he will be joining the remaining warlords in the underworld but he isn't afraid to die.. After all he has lived for eight centuries! . . . Telphon City " We have the sparrow clan under us.. The Leopard empire under our command and lastly the vagent warriors wants to join our army " Commander Benard read the scroll before Lord Nicklaus who is sitted on a throne beside the ultimate throne. " I want a summary of them all, Our many clans and Empires have decided to bow before our command? " Lord Nicklaus asked, He isn't smiling one bit, He sent letters to many free kingdoms and clans through their messengers. Some messengers heads were sent back to him while some returned with good news... Does free nations who slaughtered the messengers are already marked for war, Killing a messenger signified they want war and now they are marked for doom! " Many clans wants to sign allegiance with us, Three clans will be merging with our troops by sunrise, And I am very sure many more are still coming " Commander Thompson replied with another scroll which he held tightly. " There are over two thousand free nations out there hiding in the shadows because of the fear, Some are wise to openly join us like free men for we will not take them as captives, Like I said before... I need full data of all free nations that will be joining the league " Lord Nicklaus requested solemnly. " There are twenty five free nations that will be merging with the Telphon warriors, and I am very sure it is because of master derek reign of havoc that makes them wants to bow before us, I wonder when the master is returning " Commander Benard said. " Derek is returning very soon, He just needs to clear out some things and trash.. Besides you three saw him in the woods of darkness, There is no need to doubt his return... His entrance will be one hell of a b****y scene to watch " Lord Nicklaus said with smiles on his face, He slowly stood up on his feet. " It's only a matter of time when the whole world will bow before his mighty auras... This city will be transformed into an empire very soon...." " All you have to do is keep welcoming more free nations in to our league, Create more titles for their heads and then in no time... We will be an Empire " " An Empire of great terror "
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