Who wants us Dead

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CONTINUATION FROM THE LAST EPISODE! When it was sunset, Everyone went into their separate houses and separate rooms in peace. No one knows that it would the end of the warlords, The warriors of Telphon City went into the household of the warlords, slaying them one by one and bit by bit... All their families were slayed by the assassins. All fourteen warlords of Severian Empire are no more, Their heads placed on their separate gates with their families lifeless bodies hanged on the gated also, All this evil act were all done in the shadows of men. Silent as a graveyard, Including maids and menservant, Guards and the inn keepers of the warlords mansion were all slained with their bodies burnt to ashes, The cattles and goats were nowhere to be found. After carrying out the task given to them, They succeeds in wiping out the fourteen warlords except for one house, The Household of the Warlord Lionel and the Warlady pearl, They can't risk attacking the guards because rumors says that the guards are much more skilled that knights themselves. Fifteen cloaked assassins with their swords, Their movements is fast and silent, No one heard them moving, They were as fast as the winds... Sneaking into the grasses and climbs the rooftops until they got to the chambers of the Warlord. One after the other, They rolled themselves into the warlord chamber, Warlord Lionel is spotted fast asleep on his bed, The assassins moved slowly with their swords up ready to strike when they felt a strange force withholding them backwards. " How brave of you to come here, After finishing off the remaining warlords... You had the guts to attack me " Warlord Lionel uttered with his eyes still closed, A strong force slapped the assassins swords of their hands. " You may be powerful, but this is your end " One of the assassin spoke out with venom, They all rushed to take their swords from the ground, Warlord Lionel grabbed his sword, unsheathed it and he s***h two assassins down. Two assassins stretched their swords in an attempt to slay the warlord but warlord Lionel blocked the sword attack with his own sword, He raised his sword up and he pushed the swords down but they assassins raised their swords again to strike. Warlord Lionel dropped many swords attack with his sword and that caused noises in his chamber, He slashed one assassin in the hand with his sword and stabbed the other in the heart, He chopped off another assassin leg and chopped off the head of another one, He kept on deflecting all the assassins brutal swords attack with his sword, Warlord Lionel slashed one in the leg and another in the face before he slit their throats which caused them to collapse lifeless. Warlord Lionel kept on defending himself from the assassins attack and he managed to slay many until they remained five, four were still strong and powerful enough to fight while the last one was already on his knees in pain. Warlord Lionel made to attack the remaining assassins when he felt a strong sword s***h his back, He moved his hands back in other to stab the assassin behind him but the assassin caught of his sword and he destroyed the sword with his fist. Warlord Lionel gasped in shock after seeing his sword broken into pieces by this strange cloaked figure with a glowing sword with runes, the assassins heaved in relief after sighting this strange being. " I am sorry to do this warlord lionel but you will follow the remaining warlords to the underworld " The figure said, He raised his blade up to decapitate the warlord after pulling the warlord to his knees. " Watch out master!!! " The assassin who is on his knees in pain scream in pains, The figure blocked the sword attack with a back hand grip on his sword, Warlord Lionel quickly took a sword from the ground to stab the cloaked figure when he felt a strong force stopped him on his track and he fell down in pains. The figure turned back to see pearl standing before him with her sword, She is still as beautiful as she is even when she is gnashing her teeths, the figure smiled even in the cloak, You will still know that he is smiling. " You made the wrong decision by attacking my father... I will make you pay " Pearl roared, She swinged her sword but the figure stopped it with his sword, The figure grabbed pearl sword and he slashed her hand with his sword. " I am here for the warlord, Nothing else... Do not interfere " The figure said with his grutal voice which sounded as a warning, He pushed pearl down after the s***h, It wasn't that pearl is weak or not that powerful. She is powerful, but the poison in the blade the figure possessed weakened her pulse likewise her father who coughed out bloods from his lips, Warlord Lionel fell on his knees with his mouth covered with bloods. " Looks like the after effects of your powers is now working on you warlord lionel, I would have just killed you now but I will spare you, After all we are all the same... " The figure said in a mocking manner as the warlord groaned. " We are not the same you fool, Thank your stars that you took me unawares, I would have made you feel my wrath " Warlord Lionel said in anger, The figure bent low... Draw the warlord close to him and he pecked the forehead of the warlord. " We are just the same, Both from Kurugaya... Evil, Evil and We are half immortals, You just don't know what it is all about lionel, You are already old " The figure whispered and Warlord Lionel eyes poked out in shock. " You.. You.. You are from Kurugaya? " Warlord Lionel asked In shock, The figure stood up to his feet, Walked up to where the assassins stayed, Stretched forth his sword.. With just a swing of his sword. The weak and injured assassin head rolled on the floor, The figure stared at the remaining four assassins to see if they are Injured and luckily for them, He found no injuries on their bodies that will make them weak. " I will be back Lionel, Send Finn my greetings " The figure said, And with that... He dived out of the window with the four assassins following him from behind, They followed him wherever he go and that led them to their deaths. The figure butchered all the four assassins in a brutal manner and he varnished immediately without a single trace. Meanwhile Pearl who have already recovered from the poison, stood up to her feet and she ran to meet her father, Warlord Lionel slowly stood up to his feet... Healed and alive with no single injuries on his body. " Father are you OK? " Pearl asked worriedly. " Yes I am ok pearl, Let the entire empire know about the attack.. I need everyone prepared, Searching for the cloaked assassins and that strange figure, I need to them brought before me this instance " Warlord Lionel said, Growling in anger. " Father I have a question that I really need to ask you, Permit me to ask " Pearl said. " You are free to ask my darling, What is it that you want to ask me? " Warlord Lionel asked. " Father! What is Kurugaya? " Pearl asked and that caused the warlord to gasp in shock, He knows that his daughter heard when the figure was telling him about Kurugaya, what will happen when he tells his daughter that he is the son of a great master in the home of demons. Telphon City The Castle The guards were already awake, Ready to guard their duty post at all costs... A black smoke passed through all the guards into the throne room and they didn't even move an inch because they know who the black smoke was. Commander Thompson, Commander Benard, Commander Alonso are spotted standing before the great empty throne with their hands crossed behind them, The black smoke entered the throne room from the underneath and the commanders turned back. The black smokes transformed into the masked figure, The three commanders smiled immediately the masked figure unmasked himself, He is recognized to be the one and only Nicklaus Norman! " Have you completed the task lord nicklaus? " Commander Thompson asked, Lord Nicklaus smiled as he slowly approach the three commanders with his sword still on his hand, He stabbed his sword on the ground. " Fourteen warlords are dead... I have their heads hung on their palace gates " Lord Nicklaus answered. " And what about Warlord Lionel my lord? He is the main seal " Commander Benard asked. " He is the main seal which means he is difficult but I had the chance to kill him, I made him see the next sunrise benard, He would be a very useful to the master... He is a fateful servant to Prime Minister Pedro " " So I let him live, But there is something about that pearl of a girl... It was like as if she is restricting a powerful force from coming out, I still don't understand the Dominique family one bit " " But what I do know is that, Warlord Lionel will die by the hands of my master " Lord Nicklaus answered with a dark grin plastered on his face.
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