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It is a three days journey to the jungle of darkness, Warlord Lionel and the Council led the troops into the jungle, Prince Finn could be seen flexing his muscles in other to show that he is prepared for the battle. Able and powerful enough to destroy the three headed dragon, It is said that the famous mythical three headed dragon wrecked havoc on the Severian Empire and the Prime Minister Pedro tamed the three headed dragon and he kept it in the jungle of darkness. There are many stories and myths kept away from the people, Prime Minister Pedro is the rightful owner of the throne because he is the one who captured and dominated many clans and kingdoms, He brought them together and created an Empire. After the death of the Emperor and Prime Minister Pedro, Many of the clans officials attempted to rebel against the empire but for the love shone upon them by the Prime Minister after he dominated them. Though he is ruthless and unpredictable, But that isn't stopping him from treating everyone well and especially, He made them swear an oat that they will serve Severian Empire till their death, Anyone who dares rebel will die immediately and his family will be burnt alive, So they still maintained orderliness. Over 87 clans, 56 Cities and 34 Kingdoms which formed the Severian Empire, An empire of honor and powers, The Empires armies are up to sixty million excluding the knights which are hundred thousand and fifty five. Let's return back to the Jungle of Darkness! " This is the jungle of darkness prince finn, We will leave you and return back to the Empire awaiting your presence, And least I forget Finn... The Three headed dragons are one of the most ruthless dragons that has ever lived " Warlord Lionel said, With that they all left the jungle of darkness. " I got this Finn, Don't forget you have the blood of a demon in you... This so called dragon is no match for my demonic genes, I will make sure I slay that dragon and cement my coronation, Nothing is gonna stop me from becoming the Emperor " Prince Finn said in an assuring manner. Meanwhile Severian Empire Prince Kyle and his mighty thirty dark knights arrived at the huge gates of the Empire, The Gates which is an entrance into the Severian Empire, All the watchmen are active ready to slay any attacker that attacks the Empire. " Who are you and what do you want here? " A masculine voice asked from the watchtower, Mighty guards gathered themselves together at the other side of the Gigantic gates with their weapons. The Appearance of Kyle and the Dark Knights shows that they were strong warriors, Strong and Unknown warriors like Kyle are greatly feared because you don't know what they are capable of doing.. Especially the wicked kyle. " We come in peace warriors, Grant us passage into the empire for we are lost warriors who seeks for shelter in the great Severian Empire " Kyle said with smiles, He said those words in other not to bring war because he is a lover of war. " There is the Apollo Empire in the north, We don't grant warriors like you passage into this Empire, Don't make us kill you and your friends " The voice once again said with authority and that made Kyle frown. " I didn't beg you to grant us passage you insignificant pest, I asked you to grant me passage in a calm way but you bluntly and foolishly refused, Now I am going to order you to open the gates and let me in " Kyle said with gnashed teeths but the voice laughed. " Go on, Destroy the gates and the guards will be waiting to present your heads before the elders of the empire, leave or die... That's your choice " The voice said and that made Kyle very furious to the extent that he mounted down from his horse. " Do you need our help or? " One of the dark knights asked still sitting on his horse, Kyle slowly approached the gates which made the guards station their swords and spears ready to s*******r Kyle. " No, Leave them for me... I got this " Kyle said, He mysteriously passed through the lock gates and that startled the guards but they composed themselves with their weapons ready to attack, Kyle eyes glowed and he charged at the guards with his sword in his hand. Bloods littered on the ground and heads rolled, Kyle butchered guards Like they were meats, He chopped off a guard legs and hands before slicing out the head with his b****y blade, He brutally stabbed two guards before he pierced their hearts with his blade. Five guards rushed him from behind, Kyle noticed it and he used a back hand s***h to remove all the five guards heads without delay, It took him a minute before he was done brutalizing all the guards without mercy. He went and opened the gates after he is done killing, His knights together with his horse made their way into the Empire gates without fear, They have come to enjoy themselves, But that isn't stopping them from killing who angers them. They are one hell b****y warriors! Back to the jungle of darkness . . Prince Finn came out of the darkness in the jungle, He's been walking for an hour in search of the three headed dragon but he found nothing, He scanned the entire jungle with his powers and he didn't even detect one living being except mammals. Heavy whirlwind blew scattering dried leaves everywhere, Prince Finn turned back to see a gigantic green three headed dragon before him, He gasped in shock as he slowly staggered back in shock. He thought the dragon is just like any other dragons but with three heads, What he is seeing is a gigantic green scales three headed dragon with two gigantic wings slicing the air, The flapping wings created clouds of dust. Prince Finn reached were he kept his sword, Placed his hand on his sword and meant to draw it out when he felt a powerful force threw him backwards, It was the strong force of the dragon tales... The Dragon roared in fury and he faced finn, Finn widened his eyes in shock.. He rolled away escaping the fiercy flames directed at him, The dragon tilted his three heads to Finn direction in fury and it roared once again fire at Finn. Finn blocked the fire with dark enormous smiles with glowing eyes, He directed black plasma ball at the dragon and the dragon winced in pain, Finn used this opportunity to bring out his sword from his shealth and he dashed at the dragon. Prince Finn had that dark grin on his face, He leapt high towards the direction of the dragon with his sword up high, Prince Finn was welcomed by the powerful tail of the dragon which sent him crashing down and he groaned in pains. Prince Finn screamed out in pains as the flames of the dragon hits him hard, His skin burnt causing him to scream out the more, Finn directed rocks from the ground while still in pains, The three headed dragon used his tail to destroy the rocks like they were nothing. " Damn this dragon is too powerful, I will have to use my real powers, I have been testing the dragon weight " Prince Finn said and his eyes turned pitch black, The ground which he stood on vibrated vigorously which amazed the dragon. The dragon roared fire on Finn who didn't even move on bit, Finn created multiple dark plasma balls and he launched it at the dragon, Two bat wings sprouted out of his back and he dashed at the dragon with his wings slicing the air. Finn escaped multiple fire attack from the three heads of the dragon, He created one of hundred clones which created confusion to the dragon, Finn appeared on the first head of the dragon with smiles beaming from his face. Finn lifted up his sword, He chopped off the first head of the dragon which caused the dragon to scream in pains, The wailing dragon strucked Finn with his tail which sent Finn crashing brutally, Finn directed a mighty force from his hands which weakened the dragon the more, The first head is the controller of the body. If he chopped the other two heads, They will regrow giving the dragon more powers and he will be toast but he chopped off the first head and that weakened the dragon after it got blasted by the strong dark force of Finn. Finn crashed hard on the ground and that resulted him into vomiting blood from his mouth, Finn not minding his health, He rushed to the weak dragon which collapsed on the floor, Finn picked the first head and he chopped off the remaining heads in happiness. " At last the new emperor is me... I have the heads of the three headed dragon before me, No one will challenge my authority " Prince Finn said with happiness, He placed the three heads in the bag he brought and he left the jungle of darkness. Few minutes later After Finn's departure out of the jungle of darkness, Slight footsteps could be heard.. Derek walked out of the darkness with smiles beaming from his face, He had his hands tugged into his pocket with his sword crossed on his back. Nicklaus and the three commanders also came out of the darkness in happiness, The three commanders were happy to see their master with them, Derek Orlois walked up to the headless dragon before him. " Seems like the plan worked, This is gonna boast the idiots ego to challenge me when I reveal myself to them all " Derek said, The commanders became confused after hearing the word ' The plan worked ' " What do you mean by the plan worked master Derek, We just watched prince finn s*******r your dragon " Commander Thompson asked. " Watch your tongue Thompson, I won't hesitate to have your head right now, Besides this is all planned out... He didn't kill my precious dragon..." " He made him kill him " Derek added, he bent down before the dragon.. Touched the dragon neck which caused the dragon heads to regrow....more powerful than ever and the dragon bounced back to life. " I am keeping Finn alive to witness my ultimate darkness, When I come for the throne of my father....That will be the day I will hang his head on my throne door....Its only a matter of time before I bring the world to its knee " " Nicklaus, Follow as planned.. All the warlords dead before sun rise, Let no warlord live to see another day " Derek ordered, He mounted on his three headed dragon with authority, Nicklaus smirked. " My return will be a blast.. Because heads will roll " And with that the dragon flew away, Leaving Nicklaus and the three commanders to assassinate all the warlords....There is a reason derek wants all the warlords dead!
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