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At sunrise, Kyle and his dark knights rode their horses out of the Scorpion clan to the Severian Empire, Lord Brandon watched from his castle waving at his son who moved out with his trained warriors with honor. " Are you going to let your son go to that cursed empire your brother created? " A feminine voice asked from the throne room which the balcony is outside of the throne room, Lord Brandon left the balcony to the corridor. " No Erika, Kyle is a grown up man... He will handle the Severian Empire by himself, What is my concern is my nephew, Pedro dedicated his son to the Pregans, You don't understand how powerful he really is " Lord Brandon said walking up to his throne and he sat down comfortably. " I know everything Brandon, I know that Pedro is created that empire and made that fool the emperor, His son is the new heir to the throne of that empire and it is left for the emperor family to give the throne to your nephew " The old woman said and Lord Brandon smiled. " The boy has the blood of Pedro Erika, Pedro converts whatever he desires to have.. He spared this clan for me just because of I am his brother and I am also powerful, No one can dare challenge his son except me and Kyle " Lord Brandon said and the old woman chuckled. " Your son Kyle, He is yet to understand what he truly possess in him, He has the powers of the dreaded lords of the dragons, You don't know what exactly will happen to him when the world understand who he truly is " The old woman said. " That's why I am letting him go, He must unleash the evil in him like I did, He must become the greatest dragon lord that has ever lived, His race has been in extinction for millenniums now, I will make sure he becomes the new lightning bender! " Lord Brandon said with authority. . . . Peruvian City All the elders, Councils and Cabinets members including the warlords all gathered together before the mighty empty throne awaiting the presence of prince finn and Warlord Lionel who are the two important Personel in the quest. Warlord Lionel with his knowledge of the hidden and mystical myths, He is too direct prince finn into the jungle of darkness were he will meet and battle against the three headed dragons, Prince Finn is mandated to bring back the three heads of the dragon. The Throne room door opened revealing Warlord Lionel and Warlady pearl who walked in majestically, Lady pearl has gotten the reputation of the most feared female warrior in the entire world of kingdoms and empires. She is the last warlady or should I say... The new warlady because her plans is not to be the last warlady, She is going to bring back the warlady title and makes sure that title is on for ten millenniums to come. " Welcome warlord Lionel, We have been waiting for you all this while " One of the councils lord spoke out with relief, Warlord Lionel eyes scanned the entire throne room to see if prince finn or the royals are present in the throne room. " Where is the prince? Where is Finn? " Warlord Lionel asked sternly. " I forbid you to say such treasurous words warlord Lionel, I am the next crowned emperor and there is no two ways about it, You must address me with my position as the emperor " Prince Finn voice echoed and the throne room door opened once again. Warlord Lionel frowned on seeing Finn who walked in with his armour on, An armour of darkness, An armour with demons origin in its brass, An armour of the unknown... Warlord Lionel frowned at the auras coming out of the armour. ' What has finn gotten himself into? Isn't that the hell demon vergo auras? ' Warlord Lionel muttered in both shock and confusion, Empress Cassie and Prince Balor walked in with frowns on their faces. " Greetings to you all royal superiors in the empire, Your next emperor is ready to slay that three headed dragon, When I am back.. Then the coronation will begin afterwards " Prince Finn said with smiles on his face. " My Love's father... Are you ready to lead me to my victory? " Prince Finn asked referring to warlord Lionel who fummed in anger, Pearl made to charged at prince finn but the warlord withhold her back. " Be calm pearl, I will handle this " Warlord Lionel whispered. " Of course prince finn but mind you, Pearl is not your love and will never be with someone like you, The warlady has made her final decision and I won't be surprise when she carves your heart out of your stinky body " Warlord Lionel said with smiles. Prince Finn with darky eyes, He targeted a glowing dark smoky ball at warlord Lionel but warlord Lionel caught it with just a thumb and sent it back to Finn who absorbs it without stress, Prince Finn frowned in seeing this. " Don't make me laugh finn, You weren't even alive when Prime Minister Pedro made me the warlord head because of what I am capable of, You haven't heard of my dark tales right, For the fact that I know the source of your powers makes you weak before me " Warlord Lionel boasted. " Kudos to you lionel, Shall we go now? " Prince Finn with dangerous glare fixed on the warlord, The words of the warlord shook him but he just only hide it, Although he knows the powers of the warlord are mysterious. But he doesn't understand how the warlord knows his true powers and how he got his powers... It's all a mystery to him. Kurugaya The Ancients Keep The Gathering of the five Great Masters of the demon world Kurugaya, No one knows or understands how this world came into existence, Some say the demon lords created this world or Lily the dreaded one forged this world out of her father Time's powers. Inside the Ancients keep of the world, The temple whereby the five great masters gather together to restore the balancing of the world, Or sometimes they come here to discuss about the way the world is moving or they gather to pronounce judgement upon the sinners and treasurous beings in the world. Darkness crept into the temple, Runes flickering In the walls of the temple, The Great five Master's were seen meditating with crossed legs on the air, they were meditating with their eyes all closed up. Slow footsteps could be heard and the door opened up, A being of both light auras and dark auras advanced into the temple hall were the great masters were, This strange being with white Hair bowed before the great masters. The Great master consists of Ruan, Asheria, Karos, Banishing and Coria! " Great Master's I am back " The figure uttered with authority, The darkness all cleared up revealing his sparkling gorgeous face, He is recognized as the one and only immortal Derek Orlois! " You are back so soon Derek, We thought you would spend twenty years on the mountain of Arok because of the Genstu Abrac dos... We practically stayed on that mountain for two hundred years before we could master the skills " Great master Ruan spoke out with his eyes still closed and he is still meditating on the air. " I am a fast learner great masters, Mastering that dark elements only took me right months and I am now over all powerful, I am here to tell you that I will be leaving for the Severian Empire tommorow " Derek said and the great masters smiled. " What does the immortal Derek have to do with the humankind who hunt down his species? " Great master Coria asked with smiles, Derek brought out his blade from his shealth, His blade which still had it's dark glowing runes and mighty powers. " It's been long since I have shed a single blood great masters, My blade calls on me to spill out bloods and that is what I have to do, I must satisfy my sword " Derek answered with his fingertips caressing his blade. " Even if you have to kill your mother? " Great master Karos asked. " I have no mother great masters, My mother died immediately I was brought out into this world, Why do you say such great master karos? " Derek asked sternly. " Nothing my fateful apprentice, With time you will understand what I just said.. You will spill the bloods of your family, When the entire truth comes out... You must learn to control your ultimate anger because that is your weakness " Great master Karos answered with smiles. " In as much as I want to find out what you just said, I need to leave for my city.. Sending Nicklaus down here makes it more enticing to watch, He has created Alot of fear and it's time for me to return....." " But first, My Three headed dragon is in trouble "
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