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A strong force threw lady shiva sending her crashing hard on the wall, Every supreme beings of darkness were all together before the Dark one who has been trapped and sealed for years until someone break the seal but he is still trapped. " I sent you on a mission shiva, Only one mission to kill your brother in law and you failed, You did not just fail, You made him know that you are after his damn life.. You fool " The Dark one roared In anger and he auras lifted lady shiva and crashed her brutally on the hard ground. " If I attacked him myself, He would have known that I am still alive and I am the killer who killed my husband, He still loves his brother " Lady Shiva said weakly, She slowly stood up on her feet and she cleaned the bloods on her lips. " I believe he knows the scent of the Tarokie poison because I hypnotized a maid in his palace to poison him but he killed her in a brutal manner, He is still as powerful as he was two centuries ago " Lady Shiva added in pains. " I see.. What about the remaining immortals your world, Have you traced them down and killed them? " The Dark one asked with his voice carrying authority, Lady Shiva picked up her sword which fell down when the Dark one strucked her. " Not yet my lord, this is not two centuries ago when immortals show off their immortality, Kill people without pity and rule nations, They believe that a killer of immortals are after them and they all are hiding in the Shadows Like Brandon " Lady Shiva answered. " What about the plans grogomodo? " The Dark one asked, Grogomodo the seer of enio bowed before him, Grogomodo is among the first set of half immortals that are existing in the world, Half immortals and Half mortals.. They can't die a natural death, They must be killed by a special blade that is considered a myth. Grogomodo faked his death when the Dark one rose after his destruction, He is the only one responsible for summoning all the dark lords and beings together before the Dark One the emperor of all evil. " The plans are in perfect place your lordship but what we need is the dark blade of light, Only one person wields the sword two millenniums ago but they say it's all a myth, That blade is destined to kill you your grace " Grogomodo said with humility. " Of course the dark blade of light exist, That was what the leader of the warriors of darkness used to defeat me... I have touched the sword with my bare hands and I know it's powers, But what I don't understand is that the blade got destroyed immediately it pierced my heart " The Dark One said. " Then how should get the dark blade of light? " Grogomodo asked. " It's not about how are we going to get it Grogomodo, It is who now possess the Dark blade of light " . . . ???Telphon City ??? The news of nicklaus return is all over kingdoms and cities, They say he have his best friend killed in other to take his kingdom, No one knows the real truth on how Nicklaus returned, It is all a mystery that no one understands. The Commanders walked into the throne room of the castle to see nicklaus standing before the throne, The three commanders that govern the telphon city which belongs to Derek approached Nicklaus with no fear. The commanders maybe older than Derek but they are very respectful, Derek trained them because they were among the warriors gifted to him by his father, It took Derek six months to train them to be a bitter swordsmen. " Greetings lord klaus " Commander Thompson was the first to speak, Nicklaus cleared his throat and he turned to face the commanders standing before him, He smiled at them because they are the only good trusted friends of Derek. The three commanders are the only ones who can sit and dine with Derek on the same table, They can interrupt Derek's meditation and go Scot free, They never failed Derek for once and do you know the secret? " Greetings to you too Thompson, I am glad you put my title to my name Thompson, If I may ask.. Why are you all here? " Nicklaus asked still smiling, He crossed his hands at his back like a master training his apprentice. " We are all impatient about our master lord Derek, Do you know anything about the whereabouts of our master? " Commander Benard asked and Lord Nicklaus nodded, His smiles shone that he knows. " Of course the master is alive and healthy, But he decided to stay back while he sent me here to see how the city is fairing, He is returning soon and you all need not to worry about him " Nicklaus answered still smiling. " Is it true? What you said in the throne room of the emperor, Is it true? " Commander Alonso asked. " Yes it is true, Like I said earlier on.. You need not to worry about the master, He is returning back very soon.. His plans are unknown to everyone, Be patient and await his lordship returns " Nicklaus said and the commanders heaved in relief. " Anymore questions? " " No your lordship but we came to tell you that after you and the Master's departure from the city and the empire, Prince Finn and many more including bandits tried attacking this city but they all failed without we even attacking " Commanders Thompson uttered. " Of course I know what the foolish prince finn is capable of doing, It's so sad that he will die by the blades of the all mighty Derek, It's just a matter of time before he returns... And when he returns, It will be b****y " Nicklaus answered. " Least I forget, I need one of you to journey into the woods of Lebanon and present a letter to the lord of the scorpion clan, The master wants to tell him something " Nicklaus said and with that, He dismissed the commanders. " It's only a matter of time Derek, The Empire will be yours " Scorpion Clan Lord Brandon and Prince Kyle are spotted with their different blades on the training ground, Kyle swinged his sword skillfully and he charged at his father who stood still, Lord Brandon blocked the sword attack of Kyle and he kicked Kyle down. Kyle did a kick-up, He twisted in sword, Raised his legs to kick his father when a strong force blasted him away, Lord Brandon snapped his fingers causing prince Kyle to freeze like a statue, Prince Kyle tried to free himself but it didn't work. " Don't force yourself son, My powers will only make you weak if you try to free yourself, Be a good boy and.. " Lord Brandon couldn't complete his statement when a strong force blasted him away, Kyle broke free with glowing eyes. " Really, Seems you are already becoming so powerful son... But anyways, You are not my match " Lord Brandon uttered with smiles, He evaded all the sword strike of Kyle like he was some speedsters. Kyle made to do a back hand s***h when his father stop his sword without moving, Lord Brandon smiled, He directed a bone breaking punch to the chin of Kyle causing Kyle to stagger back in pains. Kyle fell on the ground in pains, Screaming like he was about to die and that got his father worried, Lord Brandon rushed to where Kyle fell with weary face but he was welcomed by Kyle pierced in his abdomen. " What..wha.. What did you do? " Lord Brandon asked in pains, Kyle pierced his sword deeper into the stomach of his father who spilled out bloods from his lips, Kyle used his techniques of pains to make his father to fall for his deceit. " Father I used your love for me as the weapon of destruction, Sometimes If you can't defeat someone so powerful, You will use his weakness to trick the person " Kyle said with smiles and Lord Brandon frowned, Kyle thrust out his sword causing lord brandon to groan, Lord Brandon stood up without a single scratch...He healed up instantly. " Next time don't pull that stunt son, I won't hesitate to punish you Kyle, But anyways nice trick there son " Lord Brandon said with smiles, He thrusted his sword into his shealth, While Kyle chuckled softly. " I will leaving for the Severian Empire father " Kyle said and Lord Brandon turned to face him. " Why? " Lord Brandon asked sternly. " I need to pay my dear cousin a visit, I need to at least leave the clan for the first time father, I need to see the world out there and know what it is all about, I need to test my skills on the knights... I need to know who my cousin is " Kyle answered and Lord Brandon sighed. " Very well then, I won't force you not to go but there is something you need to know about the city of Telphon and The Severian Empire... The Mysteries that is kept hidden from them, The Dark mysteries of my brother " " The Tales of blood warrior "
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