Death Fist Technique

1835 Words
Sunrise, Lord Nicklaus rode his horse out of the city gates with commander benard and Alonso by his side, He took over the position of been the new head till Derek returns, Commander Thompson is the one in charge now. They rode their horses through the wilderness and villages, Nicklaus, Benard and Alonso were not the only ones traveling to the Peruvian City, Lord Nicklaus appointed fifty strong and skillful warriors and they got to the gates of the Peruvian City. After an hour of riding the horses, The horses became tired and weak to even move a muscles, The understanding nicklaus got down from his horse and he approached the gates of the city in other to make the watchers calm. " Sir Nicklaus is that you? " One of the guards asked, Nicklaus got to the gates and with fury he passed through the gates unhurt, This startled everyone as They stared at Nicklaus in disbelief, Nicklaus passed through the silver locked enormous gates without breaking through... He just passed through it. " Now let them in before I will have your heads on my feet " Nicklaus threatened, The guards rushed and opened the gates in fear, Commander benard and Alonso walked in together with the filthy mighty trained swordsmen. Nicklaus walked up to the guard before him and landed him an heavy slap which caused the guard to cry out in pains as his entire teeths fell of, All the guards standing before Nicklaus ran back in fear. " Next time you see me, You call me lord... I have renounce the knighthood " Nicklaus said, He mounted on his horse and rode towards the direction leading to the Great castle of the emperor, Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at Nicklaus like he is some god but he didn't mind. It took them ten minutes before they arrived at their destination... The Castle of the Severian Empire, The empire which controls all kingdoms, cities and villages in the empire.. An empire of honor and powers. . . . All the high authorities are seen standing before the great throne, Above them all is prince finn who is spotted standing before the great throne, The elders of the empire are present including the council members and the cabinet members. " We have been standing for hours prince finn, Who the hell are you waiting for? " One of the cabinet members asked in anger, Empress Cassie and prince balor were also present in the throne room together with the higher personell. " Be quiet... He is coming " Prince Finn answered with a rude manner, It seems not to be a shock to the high officials because that has been Finn manner, So rude and mannerless.. Disrespectful and ignorant. After two minutes of waiting, The door finally opened up by itself... Everyone gasped in shock of seeing the Severian General who has been missing for a year and some months, Everyone moved back in shock. " General Orlando, Is that you? " King of Esterio kingdom asked in shock, General Orlando the General of the Severian Empire who has fought side by side with the Emperor and Prime Minister Pedro Orlois. " Yes of course, This is me... I am the one you are seeing and don't mind asking what happened out there, I will tell you some but not all.. I don't have that time " General Orlando answered with smiles beaming from his face.. " Welcome Orlando, I have been waiting for you all this while... It's time to commence the meeting " Prince Finn said with smiles, He meant to sit on the throne when a powerful force blasted him away. " What the hell just happened? " Prince Finn asked in anger, He rushed to sit on the throne once again and he got blasted by an unknown force, The furious prince finn directed dark smokes to a cabinet member and the cabinet members member burnt into ashes. " Why am I getting repelled by this throne? " Prince Finn asked in anger, His gaze totally fixed on the smiling elders, He knows what he can do and what he can't do... Killing the elders will make him weak and powerless. " The throne is enchanted with unearthly powers by the emperor that whoever isn't officially crowned as the king will never sit on the throne... Don't waste your precious time trying to sit on that throne, It will never work " A feminine voice was heard. The Door opened revealing warlady pearl with her dazzling beauty, What shocked everyone is what she brought before the elders, The head of the village chief who his son was killed by pearl, Pearl executed him in her own way. " I have completed the task, I brought the fool before you " Warlady pearl spoke out, Her gaze fixed on the elders whose expression were still written with shock, Not in shock of sighting a head because they have killed many people in their 20's They were shock of seeing a girl with a human head on her hands without freaking out, Warlady pearl tossed the head to the direction of the elders and the head landed on the ground, Prince Finn stared at pearl lustfully and pearl who noticed it snapped finn out of it. " Quit the stare dumbass, I ain't your lover so stop staring at me... Or do you want me to remove those filthy eyes of yours? " Pearl asked in disgust, Prince Finn smirked and he walked down to the direction of Pearl. " You know my sweet devil, I sent message to your father that I will be your lover and I am very sure he already told you, I have everything rights to stare at you, grab your body because I will be your master " Prince Finn said seductively. He made to grab pearl by the waste when an heavy slap landed on Prints Finn face, Everyone gasped as prince finn held his flaming red cheeks caressing the cheeks with his hands, The fearless pearl who had landed the slap smirked. " Do you think I am that your little sluts you fvck and dumb, I am too beautiful to be with someone so foolish like you, I am not your lover and I will never be, Let's begin the meeting or else I am leaving " Pearl said with no atom of fear. " The nerves, You know sometimes I respect you because if your fearless nature... But remember this, what you did is punishable by death.. You will never go unpunished, Trust me on that " Prince Finn said with gritted teeths. " You kids need to stop the fights and threats for now.. Let's start the meeting " General Orlando said and Prince Finn smirked, He Teleported himself before the throne which startled everyone present in the throne room. " Now that my coronation is in a month time, I have made up my mind to journey into the jungle of darkness and face the three headed dragons to cement my throne " Prince Finn announced and Pearl frowned. " That's a good news prince finn, once you bring the three heads of the dragon, You will be worthy to rule over us and then your coronation shall begun " The first elder said with smiles plastered on his face. ' This fools don't even know that once I become the emperor of this Empire, They will all be histories and I will r**e the day out of pearl for slapping and embarrassing me ' Prince Finn said in his mind. " Of course, In two days time.. I will journey to the jungle of darkness and I will triumph over that monster inhabitating in it " Prince Finn said with pride, Clanging swords is heard from the door which shows that someone is fighting. The swords sounds lasted up to a minute before it died down, After five minutes of anticipating who is coming... The Door broke and a strong force blasted the door away, An unknown force threw five heads into the throne hall causing everyone to gasp in shock. " Well well well, Isn't this the throne room of the emperor? " A calm voice was heard, Nicklaus walked into the throne room with his sword hung on his back, Commander Benard and Alonso were standing behind him with their swords covered in bloods. " Sir Nicklaus!!!!! " Everyone present in the throne room screamed out in shock... Well except for prince finn and pearl who doesn't know nicklaus, Finn knows nicklaus but he doesn't fear nicklaus one bit. " Yes it's me Nicklaus, I am back.. Are you all shocked to see me alive and healthy? " Nicklaus asked smiling deviously, It made such dramatical entrance that will make him much more feared for his brutal ways. " And Cassie, Sorry for the door... It's fun when I broke it with my bare hands " Nicklaus said with pride, Empress Cassie frowned by the way nicklaus called her by her name without adding empress to it. " You fool, You will not be a knight anymore " Empress Cassie said in anger, Nicklaus turned his head to her direction with smiles, His countenance changed to frown but he later smiled, He made to approach finn but he stopped. " Yes of course I am not a knight anymore, I renounced my position... I am now a Lord and you all will address me by my new title " Nicklaus said with pride, Laughter erupted from the midst of ranking officials. " Don't be pathetic Klaus, You will never be addressed as a Lord, Not when I am alive " Prince Finn said with pride, Nicklaus with a dark grin.. He stomped the ground causing everyone to fall except for nicklaus and pearl. " Then stop me " Nicklaus said. " Kill him " Prince Finn ordered, Two knights walked out with their swords ready to strike... They charged at Nicklaus who stood without a single fear, Everybody watched closely as the knights attacked nicklaus. " Pathetic losers " Nicklaus grinned, He whooshed off with insane speed, No one saw Klaus except for pearl who widened her eyes in shock, Klaus snapped his fingers and the Two knights dropped down lifeless with their lips covered with bloods. " How is that possible? Did he just use the death fist technique? " Pearl asked in shock as she stared at Nicklaus who smiled in disbelief, Everyone stared at the knights who laid lifeless in shock and their gaze returned back to Nicklaus who smiled. " From now on I am to be called a Lord, Least I forget Finn... The master will be returning soon to claim his rights, Be prepared for his arrival " Nicklaus said, And with that he walked out of the throne room with the commanders following from behind.
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