1.The New boss.

273 Words
INTRODUCTION. EPISODE 1. THE NEW BOSS "Hi my names Sasha Jones. Job title- Personal assistant, and boy do I have a story to tell you. Lets go back to 6 months ago.....The week Before I met The one and only Mr Joshua Heart." "Alright people Listen up and Listen hard," Mr Harper bellowed from his office door. "It is official Harper and Cooper investments has been brought out." I hear Mr Harper announce as I watch on in shock from behind him at my desk that sat in Mr Harper's office. "Now I do not know what that means for any of you, unfortunately I do not have those answers, but I suggest we continue to hold our heads up high and continue to do what we always do. I just hope all of you get to keep your jobs". "Mr Harper, Who brought it out?", I hear Cathy from accounting ask just as Mr Harper was about to turn around and head towards his office. He quickly spun back around and with a disgruntled tone he replied,"Joshua Heart." Instantaneously Whispers and quite chatter begin to circulate the office. It was no secret to anyone that Joshua heart was a rich ruthless arrogant prick. Many stories of his ruthless tactics had been talk on news stations or discussed in shock in the office between high up members of the company. I had never met him before and honestly I had no desire to ever meet him. However it comes to play that not only will I get to meet this Joshua Heart, But I also have the displeasure of being his personal assistant....YAY!.
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