2. Meeting The One And Only Joshua Heart

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EPISODE 2. MEETING THE ONE AND ONLY JOSHUA HEART Monday came around quite fast. I had heard Mr Heart does not take kindly to tardiness so I set my alarm for half an hour earlier than I normally would. Making sure I was well and truly early, well that was my plan anyway. I quickly got up, had breakfast had a shower and got ready for work and applied my make-up. I was making great time. I grabbed my keys from the table and grabbed my bag from off the back of the dining room chair. I quickly rushed out the front door and into my car and reversed out my driveway. I felt relieved that I would get to work early well before I was meant too. I could not afford to lose my Job, My life would be screwed if I did. So making an impression was a must even if I could not stand My new boss. That relief suddenly vanished as Soon as I get onto the Pacific Highway Bridge. A traffic jam appeared suddenly before me, Which only meant one thing A bad accident. I turn up the radio as soon as the traffic notice comes on air "4 car accident on The Pacific Highway Bridge ,possibly up to 1 hour delay. Avoid until cleared, Please stand by for update in 30 minutes ". I hear the radio announcer say. "Oh f*****g crap, f**k, s**t! " , I yell out frustrated. "Why today of all days? ". By the time the Accident was cleared and traffic started moving it felt like the longest hour I have ever had to endure. so now I am 30 minutes late, so I sped like a crazy woman to get to work, Only to be pulled over by a cop, got a speeding ticket and now I am 45 minutes late...."FUUUUUUUCK". So I get to work and run inside like a crazy person and head straight for the elevator and somehow manage to trip over thin air and straight into the arms of a very delicious looking man I had never seen before Which just honestly added to my embarrassment even more. "Are you ok ," He asks. His voice was very deep and sexy. "Yes! I am so sorry" , I blurt out trying my best not to show my embarrassment. "What floor?", He asks as he leans towards the buttons on the elevator. "Level 22 please", I reply. I watch as he leans forward and presses 22 but nothing else. I Do not think much of it as I move into the corner of the elevator. It was not unusual to see the occasional corporate investor visit the office from time to time. "Late are we?", He asks as he looks at me placing his hands inside his pockets. "Yeah just a little", I reply. As We reach level 21 he stands in front of the doors and turns his head. "Do you do that often? ". He asks. The Question throws me back a little. "Ugh....No I do not", I reply confused, why he would even ask me that. "Good, I will not tolerate my personal assistant being late ", He responds as The Elevator comes to a stop and the doors slide open. I stand there gobsmacked, Mouth wide open stunned.."Oh My, This must be Joshua Heart ", I think to myself. How the hell did he know who I was. "Close your mouth", he demands and I do as I am told. Weirdly enough When the words came out his mouth I enjoyed it. He hands me the folder he had shoved under his arm. "Hold this and follow me ", he demands and I do exactly that. I keep my mouth silent and follow behind. As Soon as he enters the room every one stands up from their seats. "SIT " he yells to the room and everyone sits down. "What the hell was that " I blurt out, unable to refrain myself as I quickly followed behind him. He Turns, looks at me and glares straight at me With his piercing mesmerising eyes. "Get your ass into my office NOW ", He demanded. "Yes Sir ", I reply trying my best to hide my smile as I walk past him and head straight inside his Office. I was not sure what the hell was wrong with me but I liked his dominance. Any one else and I would of thought he was a complete ass hat. As we enter the office Joshua slams the door behind him making me jump. "Miss Jones, Do you enjoy working here? ". He questions as he walks up really close to me, He was so close I feel his breath flow down my neck. "Um....Yes sir, I do ", I reply intimidated by his close proximity. I feel my heart race as I smell his cologne. "Good, Now I will only say this once, I expect you to be here before I arrive, And you will go wherever I tell you to go, Understood! ",He says sternly. He was so close to my ear His hot breath sent shivers of delight down my spine. "Yes sir, Understood ", I reply in a soft tone. "You can call me Mr Heart, the rest can call me sir, Now sit " He demanded as he pointed to the chair that sat in front of his desk. "Yes si...Mr heart ", I reply as I hastily correct myself and sit down. He smiles and my heart skips a beat. My God he had a breath taking smile. "You are a fast learner I like that" , He says as he sits in his chair. "I think we should get along just fine ". "Thank you Mr Heart" ,I reply as I stare at him. completely mesmerised by his deliciousness. "Ok Miss Jones, Now we have work to do, That folder I gave you, Open it please ", He says in a deep husky voice. "Yes, Mr Heart ", I reply as I open the folder to find every employee's profile with a photo attached to each one. Suddenly realising that is how he knew who I was. "I need you to send each one of those employee's that does not have a red tag on it an Email to go on a work trip in Bali entirely free for them of course For this weekend" He says as he stares at me, watching my every move. "oh okay, ...Um Do you want me to add any specific details? ", I question. I Could not help but wonder what the point of this Trip was. "No, I want to see who is dedicated to their Job and who is not, If they can drop everything they are doing or planned, Then I know they are a keeper". He tells me as he continues to watch my every move. "And the red tags? ", I question. He stands up from his seat and walks over to the windows and looks over the City. "Never mind those, I will deal with those personally ". He puts his hands in his pockets and walks back over towards where I am sitting and stands right next to my chair. "Stand up, Miss Jones ". "Yes, Mr Heart ", I reply and do as he asks. "Tomorrow, Wear a dress, It is not negotiable" , He demands As he is practically breathing down my neck. My whole body tingles with delight from his closeness. It seemed we were both extremely attracted to each other. I turn my head to face him and our faces are nearly touching. "Yes Mr Joshua Heart ", I Reply as a smile emerges from his lips. "You may go sit at your desk now Miss Jones " He responds, And I walk off to go sit at my desk. He tilts his head sideways and watches me as I go back to my desk and sit down. "Good Girl "He responds with a smirk and goes back to his desk. I repeat his words in my mind "good girl " and excitement pulses through me right to my core. I could not understand why he made me feel this way but I liked it. Oh boy it was definitely doing things for me.
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