Divorced from the Alpha (Beasts of Arizona Series #1)

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Beasts of Arizona Series #1

Exiled from her pack for being unable to shift into her werewolf form, Caitlynn had no choice but to run away and be gone. She was trying to escape the rogues when she suddenly bumped into Ambrose Weltzermann, a hot bachelor who is the CEO of the rising advertising agency in the whole country. In a weird turn of events, she suddenly found herself caught up in a contract marriage with him.

Things were surprisingly going well until Caitlynn decided to file a divorce. Ambrose didn’t agree to it at first but Caitlynn was adamant.

Six months later, they meet again. Caitlynn is a successful model and Ambrose’s company is now the leading advertising agency in the whole America. Will they rekindle the love? Or will they realize that the divorce was what they really need?



This story is pure fiction and based on the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to other stories is pure coincidence. Copying and pasting, reposting and printing of copies are strictly prohibited.

Some words and scenes may not be suitable for very young readers.

This story is written in English.

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Dionessa rolled her eyes when she saw me out her door with all of my luggage behind me. She’s brushing her teeth with her hair up in a messy bun, looking like she just woke up. I can’t believe she’s answering her door with this look. She’s going to scare strangers. “It’s already twelve noon. Did you sleep in?” I asked her as I entered her house even without her invitation. “Hey!” she exclaimed but I already threw myself on the couch. She glared at me. “What are you doing here?” she asked. I shrugged. “Do you have some beer?” I ignored her question and got up again to scour her fridge. “I don’t have some beer! I have—” I frowned at her when I saw several bottles of beer in her fridge. This selfish b***h! I grabbed one bottle, opened it and chugged it down in one shot. “What the hell? Is your marriage rocky right now?” she asked me, her mouth still filled with toothpaste. I shrugged and grabbed another bottle before heading back to the sofa. Dionessa ran to the bathroom to finish her business. I leaned on the couch and sighed. “I left his house,” I announced. “Well, it’s obvious, sister. You have five trolleys with you!” she exaggerated. “I only have two,” I corrected. She walked out of the bathroom and sat beside me. “What’s it about this time? Did he cheat on you? Did you cheat on him?” she probed. I scoffed. “I won’t cheat on him.” “So, he cheated on you?” she asked in a suspicious and accusing tone. I sighed and shook my head. “No.” “Then why the f**k did you leave his house? You’ve been married for months and I can see that he takes care of you!” she scolded me. She wouldn’t understand. And I don’t want to tell her the reason. I can’t trust Dionessa’s secret-keeping abilities. She gives out secrets so easily when her back is pushed against the wall. “I just feel bored in our relationship,” I replied vaguely. That could be it. I don’t want to speak more about it. She scoffed at me. “By bored, do you mean, you don’t have an active s*x life?” I looked at her, scandalized by her question. I picked up a round pillow and threw it at her. “What the hell?!” I scowled at her. “What? Inactive s*x life keeps the relationship boring!” she beamed and it’s like a normal thing for her to say. “Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin?!” I glared at her. “Can you shut the f**k up?” I rolled my eyes and drank the beer I’m holding. “Oh. My. God. You are still a virgin!” She rolled on the floor laughing while clapping her hands like a seal. “Ambrose Weltzermann, the hottest member and the alpha of the pack, was celibate for months? I cannot believe this!”  I rubbed my palms on my face in frustration. “Stop it,” I warned her. “I cannot believe this!” she repeated, making me throw another pillow her way but she caught it. She looked at me, amused. “I can’t believe you, b***h! You went on for six months without f*****g?” she asked. “Please tell me you two at least made out.” I made a face and rolled my eyes. “Oh, so you did?” she beamed with a wicked smile. “At least you got kissed.” I shook my head and just gulped the whole bottle of beer down. “Anyway, I’ll stay here first while looking for a place to stay,” I informed her. “What? No!” she refused vehemently. I gave her a look. “Oh, don’t worry. I will lock myself in the room while you play with your boytoys,” I told her with a meaningful smile. Dionessa is known for her charisma. She could charm anyone just by looking at them with her blue eyes. So it’s not a wonder if she has boys coming here just to get inside her pants. She’s flirty, too. And she admits it. She scoffed and threw me back the pillow. “I don’t bring men here,” she denied. “They bring me somewhere else.” I blinked at her for a couple of seconds before we both burst out laughing. We’re best friends, after all. *** I took a deep breath as I stood out the huge door of my husband’s office. The letters CEO are embossed on the door. He left early this morning for a breakfast meeting so, technically, he doesn’t know that I have already moved out. I shut my eyes and calmed my system. I need to ace this. I need to be successful in this attempt. Maybe if I did, it would be a sign for me to pursue my dream to be an actress. I raised my hand and knocked on his door. “Come in,” a faint voice of Ambrose was heard. I opened the door and saw him reading a document with narrowed eyes. He’s wearing a white button-down shirt with a black tie. His black coat is hanging on his swivel chair. His brows are furrowed on the document is reading. So focused. I cleared my throat and he turned to me. He smiled and put his folder down before standing up to give me a hug. He kissed my temple before smiling at me widely. “What made you visit me here?” he asked in an excited tone. “Missed me?” I smiled weakly as my heart clenched in pain. It’s probably the last time I’m going to see him smiling like this to me. Because after this, he’s going to hate me. “I want out,” I told him. I clenched my fists and gave him an apologetic smile. “I don’t want to be your wife anymore.” His expression changed abruptly. His brows furrowed. His jaw clenched hard while throwing me an icy glare. He was silent. He was just staring at me like he’s waiting for me to take back what I just said. But I won’t. I have already made up my mind. “What do you mean you want out?” he asked me, looking so confused. I don’t blame him. My decision may seem to him like it came out of nowhere. “I want a divorce.” I could just leave him. But I don’t want him to still be associated with me. Ambrose leaned on the edge of his office table and crossed his arms against his chest. He c****d his head to the side and smirked. Gone is the Ambrose who welcomed me warmly just seconds ago. “You want a divorce,” he repeated, obviously trying to calm himself too. I gritted my teeth. “Yes,” I replied. “I want a divorce.” Pain attacked my chest. I am doing this for him. I don’t want him hurt because of me. I want him safe. I want him to live the longest life he could and find his rightful mate. Being with me will only complicate things. I want him to be happy because he’s a great man. And I’m not the one for him. He stretched his legs and leaned his hand on the table. “Care to tell me the reason why, Crystal?” he asked in a low baritone. He looked down and watched his fingers tapping the edge of the table. “Because the last time I checked, you were happy with me.” I swallowed hard. His words sent chills down my spine. I am happy with him. But that doesn’t mean he will be happy with me in the future. I want to end everything now before it gets really messy. He’s become an important person to me and I want to protect him in my own way. He’s always looking out for me. I want to do the same. And this is the only way. Divorce. I need to run away…far away from him. “I am sick of all this,” I replied, trying to sound cold. He raised his brow. His jaw ticked. “What’s making you sick? I can change that.” He stood up and stepped closer to me. Stop it. Don’t come near me. I stood my ground even though I want to cry and tell him that it’s all a prank. I wish I could tell him that it’s all a joke. But no. I have to leave him now and save him. “You can’t do anything about it,” I told him. “I have already made my decision. And that’s divorce.” I made sure I had enough conviction on my words so he won’t see that I am wavering. He walked closer until his body was only inches apart from mine. I can hear his heavy breathing while I tried to remain calm. Ambrose is wise. He’s the strongest werewolf in the pack. He has the best sense among all the other werewolves I have met. So, I need to be calm and act better. I can’t give my true emotions right away. “Divorce? What if we could still talk about it?” he asked, this time, in a soft, hypnotizing voice. I hate it when he uses that on me. My knees get all jelly, making me succumb to every single thing he tells me. “I already told you. I want out,” I told him in gritted teeth. Why is he being stubborn right now? I want to leave him because that’s the only way I could protect him. “We have a deal, right? I can opt for divorce after six months.” He narrowed his eyes at me but I looked straight into him. “And I want it. I want a divorce,” I repeated. I can see the ticking of his jaw. “All these months, you didn’t fall for me?” “No.” “Not even when we’re making love?” his voice sounded like he was pleading. “It was just pure f*****g for me, Ambrose. I never thought about it as making love,” I said in a straight face. Pain crossed his face after hearing what I said. His gray eyes trembled like I’ve hit a nerve. He looked away, clenching his jaw tightly. “You’re controlling. You are keeping me from my dreams,” I told him with a straight face. “I want to be free from this marriage. It’s all a lie anyway.” I looked away because I can’t bear to see his face. The sadness in his eyes is making this ten times harder than I thought it would be. I took a deep breath to calm the building turmoil in my system. “I’ll call the lawyer and I will prepare the papers.” I motioned to leave. I don’t want to hear any of his questions anymore because it will make it harder on my part. I have already proven my point. “I will be leaving the house today, too,” I informed him before heading to the door. “Really? That fast?” his voice cracked. “You’ve really planned this out, huh?” he said in a voice filled with bitterness. I stopped, tears already blurring my vision. I can’t turn to him now. He would see my tears. “Yes,” I replied and swallowed the forming lump in my throat. “I have planned this out since the moment I married you. I only need the money you will give me for alimony to be able to start a new life,” I uttered before leaving his office.

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