3.23 Down to Two

1772 Words

"Guess you are not really joking when you said you have a loooong list of suspects,  are you?" Martin asked while the paper crumpled paper that Reign had been using as her reference to the case were on his hand, the paper was in the lengthwise paper and he had three lengthwise paper in his hand which lies, note very organized, the possible mafia and murderer of the Mafia Fiasco Case which was what written on the very top. "Who said I am? That is what I am seeing in the movies, they analyze, collect information, organized, and writes them in one paper so the process of identifying who the suspect is will be easy." She explained, sitting on the single couch across him with a glass of apple cider in her hand as she crossed her leg and elegantly sipped on it, with a pinky finger raised. "Are

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