Adventure in the World of Crimes

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Five top agents are assigned each to venture for a certain mission inside the cruel world of various crimes. Each has given a task where they will have to unveil the potential criminals of their assigned task requested by a sender and has to solve the problems and find the missing information to connect the dots.

Each task will not be simple as they will also have to deal with disguises, codes, misery, betrayal, sorrows, and losses.

Stories in order:

Laura Simons/Agent Purple: AWC 1- Bridge (Completed)

Warren Velmont/Agent Black: AWC II - Bridge II (Completed)

Reign Flora Wilson/ Agent Gold: AWC III - Bridge III (Completed)

Daniella Miller/Agent Brown: AWC IV - Bridge IV (Completed)

Sean Jonathan Guillermo/Agent Indigo- AWC V- Bridge V (Completed)

Dahlia Dawson/Agent Green- AWC VI- The End (Completed)

The stories of each agent are related, but you can choose if you want to read only one agent's story or read the whole story.

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Adventure in the Worl of Crimes: The Top Agents- Task #1
The beeping sound of computers, the fast tapping sound of keyboards, the inaudible mixed sound of people busy exchanging conversations, a large screen showing news in every part of the country attached on the wall at the front, people in formal wear walking around the spacious two-story house with computer geeks at the first floor's hall seated in line on their swivel chairs and almost kissing the screen just to finish the tasks given by their leader. On the second floor, people are running here and there, entering and exiting the luxury rooms meant for the great agents of the whole agency, attending to their needs, assigning their next tasks, and explaining each situation. On the other side of the building, a meeting was currently on-going in the biggest room, the top agents including the father of the agents, the founder of the agency, were seated forming a letter U facing the big screen as one of the agency's, might as well say, the world's best IT agent was directly explaining the current biggest crimes that they were about to venture. "An anonymous person submitted the files about the mysterious series of deaths happening inside their school in only four months," she pressed the remote control, shifting to the next slide where three people's deceased body was shown, "They are the victims; Leo Hilton, Blaise Nore, Phil Bert. The reports claimed that they died of suicide, Leo jumped from the balcony of his room on the sixth floor due to his failing grades on a peaceful night in May. Blaise hanged herself because of heartbreak from the death of Leo, found early in the morning of July by her roommate. Phil drank poison in a bathroom stall just earlier this month because apparently, he has been bullied since he entered the school." "How could they waste their lives just like that? How disappointing," a man in his twenties clicked his tongue and shook his head in disappointment, stuffing his mouth with Gummy Bears he always bring with him but then coughed them out in surprise and made some of his gummies fall on the floor when someone threw a pencil at him that hit exactly his forehead, "Laura!? My gummy bears!" The girl named Laura rolled her eyes at his drama, was too done with the man who acted like he was not one. She tutted as she softly eyed the person beside him. "People have different levels of difficulties in life, different problems to face, and different ways to cope up. I've been there like them, Warren. If not for Laura, I'm not here by now," a woman of the same age commented on the previous man's, named Warren, remark. She's a tough woman who has her own story to tell, a perfectly curved body packed with muscles, has an iron fist that could take down a man with only a punch— the very reason why people, even her co-agents, were scared of her. Warren froze, slowly turning his head from picking the gummies on the floor to the woman beside him as he carefully raised both of his hands as if surrendering, "Okay, Dany. I'm not judging them, I was just disappointed. Chill," he awkwardly laughed but then turned into a frown when she glared at him. "My hand is indeed a little chilly, inkling that someone might heat this right now," she hinted, cracking her bones while intently looking at the gummy bear boy. "Yeah? Who's scared?" Warren smirked, "My gummy little bears are my strength whom shall I fear?" "Him?" Dany pointed to his back, fooling him, which Warren bit by turning his head behind. The happenings were so fast that the next thing he knew was the three people across the table were now the ones who were eating his precious gummy bears and what's worst was that he was face to face with Dany's iron fist. "You never learn, Black," Dany remarked, calling Warren on his code name. She put down her fist as Laura threw the bag of gummies to her in which she caught with one hand. "I always tell you to bring two bags of gummies with you." Warren frowned, messing up his hair in frustration as he watched them chew his source of strength. "Enough, my children. Continue, Dale," a man in his fifties intermitted, ending the unsolicited banter with just a word. The two agents hissed at what he called them while the three other agents held back their chuckles. The IT genius cleared her throat and washed the amusement away before she continued, "However, this person believes that there was a foul play that happened. These three victims were friends, it was odd that they all died in the same way consecutively. So this person dug deeper about the case, then later found out that they were involved in something bigger, darker, and more dangerous situation." "And that is?" Dale sighed, "Unfortunately, it was not mentioned," she breathed out again, "But this anonymous sender asked for our help to unveil the bad side of the school, save all the students' lives at risk by now since there was mentioned like something about controlling their lives at the moment, and the sender also included some guidelines. So we need to choose the agent who will enter the school so I could break down the guidelines and the plan. Sir Hermes?" The man named Hermes leaned back on his chair. His hands entwined as his sharp eyes pierced through every top agents' souls. He is the founder of the entire agency, recruited homeless children, and trained them under his own hands until they are fully equipped to enter the hazardous life of being full-time agents. He saw a big opportunity in the lives of the hopeless children so he did what he had to do and he was never wrong. There were five homeless children trained under him: Sean Jonathan Guillermo Laura Simons Warren Velmont Daniella Miller Reign Flora Wilson These five agents were now his top five agents in the agency he built years ago. He couldn't be more proud to look at where they were now and what they had achieved— executing perfectly the things he taught them before and now passing it to the newer generation of agents until they had grown into a bigger family resulting in their innovated agency. "Who do you think is perfect for this, Sean?" he spoke after some time of thinking, angling for the quietest and most observant agent, Sean's opinion. Sean raised one of his perfectly trimmed brows by the sudden call, did not expect his view would be this valued. He leaned back as well, copying the old man's posture. He roamed his eyes around, assessing the situation and the profiles of his colleagues. Warren was a buff man, barrel-chested person, and six feet tall, but acted like a child most of the time, liked to tease other people especially the girls, so if the school was for college students, he didn't seem like one and would just get into trouble. Reign was a leggy statuesque woman, could pass to be a supermodel if she will try. But she was short-tempered, didn't like to party which was a requirement for college students, allergic to crowded places, and sensitive to her skin that she beat up her suitor when he grabbed her arm. She's definitely a no-no. Dany was a strapping woman, strong and muscly, she was scary just by looking at her but by what she had said earlier, she was not strong emotionally. This task needed a holistically strong agent. And that's when Sean's eyes landed on the person sitting next to him, legs crossed while looking at her nails and chewing the gummy bears she got from Warren's bag. Their eyes met. Laura creased her forehead. She looked around her and found all of their eyes darted on her. "What are you all looking at? Don't tell me--" "She's perfect for this task, old man. At least the most suitable than any of us. I know you know why," Sean said nonchalantly, sitting properly as he took a sip of the lemon juice on the table. Hermes smiled and nodded, pleased at his choice of agent though he had not explained why yet, "It will be Agent Purple, Dale." Laura straightened out of her seat abruptly, pointing herself in disbelief as she asked confusedly, "Why me? I hate school! It's even harder than firing a machine g*n! Do you remember when I barely passed the degree I took up in college when in fact you said it was the easiest? No! I'm allergic to school. I hate the people, I hate..." She started rambling and blabbering, expressing how furious and disgusted she was by just the thought of her, wearing a uniform. "Laura, you are the smallest--" "But I'm 5'7!" "Fermer!" Hermes sternly spoke in French, raising his forefinger harshly. Laura closed her mouth, scowl getting bigger on her face as she bratty crossed her arms and legs and leaned back on the chair. "You are perfect for this task, Laura. You look younger than the other four agents. not too muscly but strong. Healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally, you can blend with people easily without forgetting your job. This task seems like not an ordinary crime so we have to be careful. Do you understand, Purple?" The old man asked in an authoritative voice. "But-" Laura rolled her eyes when Reign held her hand and shook her head, she closed her eyes as she answered through her nose, "Yeah." "You are dismissed. Go back tomorrow so Dale will give you the explicit plan. The rest, stay."

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