2.27 Sergio Carpio's Downfall

1734 Words

Senior Merit closed the door as soon as the car was parked and the engine turned off. He closed the door a little loudly that made Waren winced in pain as he held his ear. He hastily went out of the car and trailed behind the fuming senior. His face was dimmed, head patched with a small white, clean gauze, his steps were heavy that Warren could imagine his shoes getting buried in his every step on the cracking pavement. His hands were firmly formed into balls, jaw clenching tight, and glaring as he opened the station's glass door with full force that made the people inside whipped their heads on him. Warren, however, was the complete opposite. He was still composed as he walked with his hands inside his dark jean's side pockets, void of emotion, his black back clinging loosely on one sid

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