2.27 Sergio Carpio's Downfall

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Senior Merit closed the door as soon as the car was parked and the engine turned off. He closed the door a little loudly that made Waren winced in pain as he held his ear. He hastily went out of the car and trailed behind the fuming senior. His face was dimmed, head patched with a small white, clean gauze, his steps were heavy that Warren could imagine his shoes getting buried in his every step on the cracking pavement. His hands were firmly formed into balls, jaw clenching tight, and glaring as he opened the station's glass door with full force that made the people inside whipped their heads on him. Warren, however, was the complete opposite. He was still composed as he walked with his hands inside his dark jean's side pockets, void of emotion, his black back clinging loosely on one side of his shoulder, as he followed closely behind the old man. They barely slept last night, probably because of madness, no matter how many hours had passed after knowing that the two officers Warren thought were the less suspicious officers had actually failed him and didn't follow their instructions, it was still infuriating them. Though they didn't want to conclude that they were really part of the police traitors, but by what they did, they couldn't help it. Senior Merit roamed his eyes around, spotting the other officers who instantly stood up and saluted to the superior who just came back after three days of being absent but his look already was killing them in intimidation. He spotted everyone except the two they were looking for. "Where are Gil and Kleo?" His voice roared like thunder, his brows furrowed, and looking at every officer's eyes, inflicting fear in the process. No one answered, too intimidated by how his eyes fired up that they couldn't open their mouths that only made the senior got mad even more. "Where are those two idiots!?" "W-we don't know, sir. They are not arriving yet, sir." One officer answered stuttering. "Two of you go contact and find them. Bring them here at the station and lock them up in the interview room, do you understand?" Senior Merit asked loudly, the officers flinching on his voice. "Yes, sir!" They answered, simultaneously taking out their phones to call the said officers. "Call me when they're here. We'll just be in the Central Station." He said before walking out again and did not bother waiting for their answer. Warren saw the officers stiffly saluted and exhaled in relief and slumped on their chairs after the senior completely got out of the door. Warren walked out of the door as well and ran to catch up with the senior. "They were still here yesterday. Now that I realized it, they were avoiding any interaction with me so I wouldn't ask about them that night." Warren told him. slipping the key as he went inside the car to open the doors and ignite the car. "Why didn't you ask them? We could've known sooner." He asked, buckling his belt. "I thought they've done it perfectly and I just needed to wait for the detective's calls, I didn't expect this to happen." "You already know that they are not trustworthy, You should've thought of that beforehand." "Why do you sound like it was my fault?" Warren asked, his brows were deeply furrowed as he glanced at the senior. "No, I mean we could've done better. Everyone who we capture is considered an information holder, and we just let go of two just like that." Senior Merit explained, obviously disappointed at what happened. "We don't know now who to trust in the police and who is not. We should settle the matter all just by ourselves." Warren nodded, looking around his surrounding as his eyes darted on this one certain huge billboard on the side. "Oh?" "Why? You found something?" The senior curiously asked, leaning to his side to see what he was looking at, and upon realizing it, he sighed in disappointment and looked at Warren in disgust. "Here I thought you're a good guy." Warren cackled, "No, sir, that girl is definitely not my type." It was Agent Gold, who was modeling for a certain clothing line wearing a white top, black suede jacket, and ripped jeans, she was looking away from the camera, capturing her side profile but as expected from their Agency's muse, Reign looked dazzling especially with her new brown hair color that was made a little stylishly messy, her light make-up accentuated more of her beauty, and Warren wasn't even sure if it was really Reign if she did not only saw a glimpse of her name in a cursive tattoo on her wrist. "Focus on the road, Warren." Senior Merit said, "I remembered you used a girlfriend as an excuse so they wouldn't peek on the letter back when we were in the hospital. How about as truth?" Warren shrugged, his boyish smile teasing the old man that he hit his head with a magazine that again he didn't know where he got. "Aw, sir!" He chuckled while groaning, stopping in the fleeting traffic jam. "I don't have anyone, though a lot of women- Aw! I'm not kidding!" "That's not something to be brag about. Brag someone you will be with for the rest of your life, not these women who like you just because of your look." He nagged again. Of course, it was something that he would say. After almost two months of being with him, he had seen how faithful and family-oriented he was despite his work. He was indeed admirable, and Warren wished everyone was like him, however, that was impossible especially that greedy people who listened to their own selfishness existed, as such the man whom they were going to meet now. They reached the Central Station after a few minutes, they got out of the car and enter the station, welcomed by police officers in black polo shirts doing their own job as some were conversing. Senior Merit went straight to the place where the interview room was. There they saw three officers standing outside the closed door of the interview room with signage that said, 'No one is allowed to go in.' One person standing there was Officer Hilton, tightly guarding the door and not letting anyone enter the interview room in fear that what happened to the biggest criminals this year would repeat. They were reported on every news platform last time for their neglectful actions, everyone who had watched the gruesome videos and got furious, wished the two commanders of forever detained, was very mad at the police that they cursed the justice system. "Hilton." Senior Merit called, walking towards the officer, "Have you already interviewed him?" Officer Hilton looked at him and then at Warren who saluted to him. Then he loudly exhaled, looking so distressed upon the raised question. "That evil man has no plan on opening his mouth! On all of my questions, the only one he answered was, if he'll answer my questions or not, which he answered with no and he stands by it. I don't know what to do with that man." He ranted. The two were looking at him with fascination, just staring at him until he finished his rant. When he realized it, he moved aside and opened the door. "Yeah, go in. See if he'll talk with you." Senior Merit walked in, nodding at Warren, and motioned him to go to the other room where they will hear their conversation. Senior Merit went inside, locked the door, and stood there. Sergio Carpio had his arms are under the table and cuffed, just bowing his head and his eyes were closed, even when he came in, he didn't move. "Are you wishing to be dead instead of being the source of information?" Senior Merit finally spoke after a good minute of observing him. The Deputy Commissioner of the night shift lifted his head up upon hearing the familiar voice of the person he hated. He smirked, "As if you'll get something from me." "I figured so." He answered, sitting on the chair across him. "I know you are not an easy man, that's why I'm not expecting anything from you." The night shift's director raised his brow, "Then what are you doing here? Wasting your strength?" "Ah, I'm just visiting you. Consider this as the first visit you get as a criminal. Ain't it special?" The man's jaw tightened at the senior's mocking tone and sarcastic smile. His eyes flickered in irritation but he tried his best to compose himself. "Just go. If I have a g*n here with me, I must have killed you right now so my criminality would at least be pleasurable, but it isn't my job." "Your job is to save, not to kill. But look at you, look at what the person controlling you and the others had mold you into, Sergio." This had piqued Sergio's attention. He squinted his eyes at him and studied his face, then one end of his lips curled up into a smirk, "I see that you know something." "Actually, no, but thank you for confirming. You might at least add something about that information to make the most out of it?" The senior suggested, leaning his arms on the table. "You can't be jailed without him who put you here, don't you think?" In his confusion, he watched as the man laughed loudly like a lunatic, he was even teary when he stopped. "I take it back, you don't know anything, not even on the surface of it." "That's what you think. I know about your secret hideouts." He bragged, and again Sergio cackled, now his time to mock him. When after a time and he was still laughing, he lost his patience and stop up, "Seems like I have nothing to get from you. But I hope you can still laugh like that once you're imprisoned." Sergio Carpio stopped laughing, wiping his tears of joy as he watched the man walked to the door. He cleared his throat. "You are against an enemy like a phantom, bigger, smarter than you could imagine, and he's all over the place. You should be careful, Merit. It's his job to eradicate anyone obstructing his plans."
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