3.21 Discoveries and Chaos in a Funeral

1812 Words

"No, I mean, yes! Jeremy deserves a high portion of the wealth, you've been with Mr. Koto for a long time, had taken care of him, and had been his hands and feet so you deserve everything. That's what we are talking about." Reign followed her speech, or might as well call, an excuse, with an awkward, nervous laugh. She felt a kick on her leg coming from the manager who was smiling, or frowning, she couldn't tell, at her. "Stop it, hehe, it's not funny." She whispered without opening her mouth further than a smile. The bodyguard raised his brows and stared at them for a while before shrugging it off and proceeding to walk towards the long, brown wooden table and put the brown envelope on it. "If you may excuse us for a moment, Miss Williams, I have to talk to your manager privately reg

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