2.15 Traitors

1701 Words

"Let me go out of this cell for a while and revenge my son!" A man cried out, shaking the cell with all his might as his tears were trickling down his cheeks, his mind clouded with anguish, his heart was filled with hatred. The other inmates were telling him to shut up, and his cellmates were trying to calm him down but to no avail, his heart was full of mourning, revenge, and anger. "Officer Gil! Officer Merit! Let me be a real criminal this time! My son... Earl... He died at the hands of those people I trusted to take care of him." He sobbed, falling on his knees. "I shouldn't have made him enter that school. I'm the worst father." "Man, you just gave your son what you think is best for him. You didn't know that school to be that worst." One man across their cell said, and the others

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