2.15 Traitors

1701 Words
"Let me go out of this cell for a while and revenge my son!" A man cried out, shaking the cell with all his might as his tears were trickling down his cheeks, his mind clouded with anguish, his heart was filled with hatred. The other inmates were telling him to shut up, and his cellmates were trying to calm him down but to no avail, his heart was full of mourning, revenge, and anger. "Officer Gil! Officer Merit! Let me be a real criminal this time! My son... Earl... He died at the hands of those people I trusted to take care of him." He sobbed, falling on his knees. "I shouldn't have made him enter that school. I'm the worst father." "Man, you just gave your son what you think is best for him. You didn't know that school to be that worst." One man across their cell said, and the others couldn't agree more. Ernesto just kept blaming himself, and the men were silent and just letting him be. Giving their sympathy through mourning with him, silently. "Have you seen the posts on all of the social media sites, sir?" Officer Gil, who appeared to be very techy despite his age, asked, running again to Senior Merit who just came in the station. "Hugh! Open the television!" "Why are you yelling at this early morning, Officer Gil?" Senior Merit asked, putting his hands on his waist. "You didn't watch the news last night, did you? Even you, Officer Warren?" He asked, looking behind Senior Merit where Warren had just entered the station with the key in his hand and a gummy bear on the other. "What's up? Another news about Sergio Carpio?" He nonchalantly asked, walking to stand beside Senior Merit. Warren now had Senior Merit's car. His newly repaired car. The senior had trusted him to drive his car in exchange for fetching him to go to work together and sending him home. Warren was reluctant at first because he knew the senior was just lazy at driving but he still accepted it thinking that he wouldn't need to commute every day. The week had been uneventful. The usual reports of catfights, robberies, and traffic problems were the ones they were receiving and there had been not any action, much for Warren's boredom, he couldn't open up about his previous assistant who, according to Mrs. Merit, betrayed him out of nowhere because that might sound weird considering that no one had been talking about the man ever since he came to the station. "No, Warren. This is a lot more important than that man." Officer Hugh said, shifting the channel from the cartoon, to a TV drama series, then to the news reports. "University of Erudites, one of the top schools in the country was facing backlash when a series of pictures and videos were uploaded in all of the social media sites just this midnight from an unknown user." They showed the pictures with people in white who seemingly were operating. A short video of different organs secured in one room, and another video of dead bodies being cremated all at the same time, treating them like they were just some sort of animals. Warren would probably throw up if those pictures and videos were not blurred out. "University of Erudites? Isn't that the school where Ernesto's son was studying and committed suicide?" Senior Merit asked, his brows furrowed. "Yes, sir. I already told him about this and he couldn't stop screaming about letting him go and be a criminal for real." He said sadly, "He wanted to revenge his son." "Justice is not attained through killing." Senior Merit remarked, "Let me talk to that man." He was about to go to the cells when the whole station filled with blue light, followed by a boisterous sound of police alarm. Warren cluelessly looked at Senior Merit when he started pulling him with the other police officers forming a line while saluting. "Good morning, our trustworthy police of Hudson street." "Oh!" Warren exclaimed in fascination. "Shh!" Senior Merit nudged him, telling him to shush and keep quiet. "That's the Themis Agency." Of course, Warren knew. The voice he just heard was the voice of their intercom agent, one of Dale's students. Since he didn't know how the agency connected and called the police, but experiencing it now, it excited him so much. "So this is how it feels like." He muttered to himself but pursed his lips when Senior Merit glared at him and motioned him to listen to the announcement. "Currently, the police we called, and the agents we sent to go to the University of Erudites to tend to the current issue was not enough. Mainly because we found out that some of the officers were being traitors by subtly letting go of the criminals. We want to ask for help to fetch these people at the Clinton Bridge where they are now heading for pretending to catch the criminals. You are the closest so we hope that you could be of great help. Thank you." The station came back to normal, Warren was still in a daze and admiration but Senior Merit already pulled him out while yelling at the other officers. "Two people go to the UE, then the rest come with me at the Clinton Bridge." He commanded, going inside his car while Warren took the driver's seat, because, yeah, he was his driver "I don't know where the Clinton Bridge, sir," Warren admitted, igniting the car. "Do you have GPS or Google map on your phone?" The senior looked at him in disbelief, "Are you seriously asking me that when my phone was the last phone standing of the nineteenth century?" "Oh, I'm sorry." Warren said with a chuckle, "I forgot. Just lead me the way, sir." "Just go straight." He instructed, "If you can, do the way you drive on the first time I let you drove my car." "Oh, like this?" Warren stepped on the gas, speeding up that surprised the police officers who were on the back earlier but now nowhere to be seen because they were already far. On the other hand, Senior Merit had never really been used to that as he was almost pushed back because of the force. "Take this short cut." He looked to the grassy, bumpy road on the side, then creased his forehead. "Are you sure your car can make it to our destination if we take this way, sir?" "My partner can, don't worry. We have been through a lot of this before." He proudly said, tapping the car's air vent as if he was tapping someone's head. "Okay." He carefully took the bumpy way, slowly and surely as he didn't want to pay another repair fee because of his obviously too old car but still strong in his eyes. After a while, they were back at the main road, hearing the helicopters getting far away and the exchange of gunshots turn into a halt. Warren turned to the left as instructed and saw the two helicopters flying away from the bridge, their cool, black chopper with a tobacco pipe design on the side was chasing the other one where the criminals were probably at. They also saw the two police cars at the end of the bridge while an agent car was spitting smoke in the officers' direction that made them cough. "Why are you chuckling?" Senior Merit asked upon seeing Warren chuckling while watching the scene before them. "Ah, that part was just funny, sir." He excused, but he was laughing because he knew it was Laura who was driving the car and the cause of those smoke before driving back. Laura always found a way to get back to people who pissed her of their actions. When the car was in front of them, he pressed the honk, surprising the senior beside him, because no one had honked to the agents' cars before, so it was no surprise that they did not honk back. "Is that the agent's car? Why did you honk them? Do you know them?" Senior Merit asked, his crinkled forehead was crinkling more because of this junior's audacity to honk an agent car. "I don't know them, sir. You know I'm just naturally friendly, and... they're our partner, right?" Warren smiled awkwardly, palms were sweating in nervousness and of thinking of an excuse. He totally forgot that he was not agent Black at the moment and he was carried away from meeting her friends amid his disguise. The man just slowly nodded, though suspicious, letting it go as he saw the six police who were reported by the agency to be traitors. "You shouldn't be like these men, Warren. Abusive of their power, easily blinded by money, and not holding to their oath as a protector of the community. Just continue doing what's right, I know you'll be a good police officer." "Yes, dad." He jokingly answered, which earned a hit on his head using the folded magazine that he again didn't know where he got. He parked sideways, making sure that these police officers have nowhere else to go. Senior Merit came out first, followed by him. The officers were looking at them weirdly. "You're late, what's your sense of being here when the criminals were already gone?" One said, his voice taunting as he looked at the two and the coming police cars with dismay. "The audacity." Senior Merit started, crossing his arms as he looked at them with disgust. "The audacity to come to us when you yourselves were here, how many are you?" He counted them, "Six, that's already enough to take down two delinquents but you still failed to do so.." "Sir, of course, they wouldn't capture their comrades." Warren ride on, his voice was like telling the senior that he was the wrong one. "Anyway, we should make sure they wouldn't go anywhere." He took his g*n and shot each one tire of the two police cars, catching everyone off guard at his shooting skill that these officers lacked. "So, raise your hands and surrender yourselves, people."
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