2.29 Letter

1711 Words

"If you are brought here by the white paper I left in the late officer's house, the superior officer, and the one who knew where the key was, then this letter is also for you. I am currently hiding from a certain man who had been following me these past few weeks, he is bulky, muscly and I assume strong, though I haven't seen his face which is hindered with a face mask, he looked handsome and respectable by his well-combed hair and manly perfume which seemed like from what I have reported before, the very famous Creed Aventus, that I could smell even from afar that is why I know he was following me. The weight of what these two dead people whose souls were still not at peace, had passed to me is indeed burdensome that it overwhelmed me and had to go away from my family so they wouldn't p

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