1.7 The Note

1691 Words
"What?" Laura let go of his shirt with a little force that made Blake stumbled a little but still managed to gather his stance, Laura's ears perked up upon hearing what he had said. "You are what?" Blake fixed his wrinkled shirt then picked up his soccer ball that fell earlier, "I am the sender and the one who summoned you here, only because I couldn't solve this obscure side of the school without anyone's help and happened to stumble upon one paper about your agency one day when we were gone for legal clinics." He explained immediately, he was doubting her earlier if she was really the agent he was waiting for all this time, the very reason why he did kick the ball to her side yesterday which she successfully avoided but that was still not enough to prove it, so now that he experienced almost getting hit on the face, he suddenly felt scared and afraid. You will really need to learn the most harshly sometimes. She quirked up her eyebrow and squinted her eyes, "Are you sure you did not call for us because you needed one person to save your club? If yes, I will push you down this building for dragging me back to my most hated place." "Judgmental." He muttered under his breath but he smiled and shook his head when he looked at her. "No? Of course not! I wouldn't risk my safety just to send you a letter for my club, I did it for the school. But since you're already here, you need me and we need my club to have permission to investigate anything we deemed as odd and suspicious." Laura tilted her head in confusion, crossing her arms. "Why do we still need your club? Can't we investigate just on our own?" The tall guy breathed out a full air of irritation, "Is that how much you despise my club? Tsk. Anyway, every club to be built were first going to be interviewed on a research defense like set-up, you have to discuss the problem you see and so led you to the idea of building the club, your goal, the terms, the extent of your clubs could do, simply everything. So, one of my terms there was to inspect everything the club deemed suspicious, that's why I'm here and no one in the school council could push me out of incidents like this." "Everything? How did you manage to have them approved your club with that term? If I join your club and I find the entrance tunnel suspicious then I can investigate it?" Laura queried, thinking of it as a big step to her task, well, their task since she already found the sender which, of all people, had to be this annoying guy. "Ah, that area is excluded along with the principal's and head-faculty rooms." He said in disappointment, seemed like they both perceived these rooms as suspicious, most especially that it was prohibited that beseemed something was being protected. "What a bummer." She breathed out, walking to the side, "and so it's you all along." She propped herself up the ledge, she could see the whole university there, it might look peaceful as the scholars were scattered and busy reading and studying that made Laura wonder if they didn't stop even in their vacation— if ever they were granted with that, but no one knew what's behind this peaceful front of the school. "Yes. Did you follow my guidelines in the letter before you enter the school?" He asked after a while of playing with his soccer ball and just observing the agent. "Of course. I wouldn't live properly knowing that there is a microchip in me." She rolled her eyes, "What I did this morning was very risky, I still feel bad for the guy who lost his phone." She even thought of giving him one modern phone once she accomplished the task. He struck the ball using his head down to his foot and did some tricks with it, "Don't be. He'll get a new one if he asked for it, he just needed to have a lot of explanations to do." Laura shrugged and looked at him, "Tell me about the previous cases, and some of your ideas to accomplish the task you put me into. As much as possible, I want to finish this early without becoming one of the 'Erudites', I've never held a book in my years of schooling and now I'm forced to hold or even read one." She sulked, it's not like it was true, she was just exaggerating and probably still hold grudges against the school she graduated from. The school she came from was the worst before, teachers were abusive, mentally, and emotionally, they downed students through words, they do not care if you get embarrassed or cry in front of them. She was once targeted at that, and she nearly cried when one teacher mentioned about her, being an unwanted child, which she thought at that time was true because she had never met the people who made her and then throw her near the garbage after. So she cursed the school because of their failed education system and process of teaching the students. Blake halted from his exhibition to look at Laura's disgusted face. He toothily smiled, "Does that mean you're going to join my club?" The blonde girl rolled her eyes in irritation, "Do I have a choice? I don't think I have. Am I not doing too many heroic deeds in here? Saving your nonexistent club and saving you from the humiliation of being a self-proclaimed president. I'm too good to be true, you can't find anyone like me." She smirked and even self-applaud herself. He looked at her with amusement, "Are you trying to advertise yourself, Miss Laura? I'm sorry, you are not my type." "Do you want me to kill you? You are so my type when it comes to it." She grimly asked that caused Blake to laugh at it. He's the first outsider who had talked with her casually and perhaps will also be the first noncriminal that she would gladly kill. "I'm just kidding. I included the information in my letter but those are just the surface of it, I will explain everything in the club room, even my view of Earl's death, you also have to fill out the form that I will pass to the council so my club won't officially be demolished, please note that I won't be around all the time because I'm an athlete and needs to attend my practice, but you can freely use the room for--" "Cutting and such?" "For investigating and such." He rephrased, "You can't cut classes, Miss. They will find you through the microchip and if they realized that they cannot find you because your chip has been deactivated, it means you're dead." Laura rolled her eyes, thinking if she didn't deactivate her microchip would she be allowed to cut classes? But then erased it, she will only be stuck there for the shortest time possible, she won't trade being monitored her whole life for just cutting of classes. "Whatever." "The building behind the canteen is our room. Come on Sunday, that's the rest day of all the students, we'll discuss everything there." He said then he turned his back at her, "I have a practice today. About Eloise, try to get some information from her." "I hate it when you sounded like a president bossing me around when the truth was you just beg me for this." Laura professed with a scrunched nose, jumping back down the rooftop's floor. "You go down first, I do not want to beat women in this school, I heard you have several fangirls here, poor blinded scholars." Blake smiled boyishly, even running his finger along his handsome face that wanted Laura to erase that face of him, "Can't blame them. Gotta go, Miss! I could feel the continuous vibration of my phone in my pocket. See you. agent." When he was gone, Laura puffed an air, she took her time to examine the rooftop, nothing unusual at first, but when her gaze landed on the edge of the rooftop, she creased her forehead as she traced the seemingly new white scratch and even have a small taint of blood there, few scenarios formed in her mind that she will surely raise in Blake's face, Earl's case might be another case of foul play. She was about to go down when another thing caught her attention. Right at the side of the door was a pile of hollow blocks that nothing was really wrong with, only if her hawk eyes didn't saw the small part of orange sticky notes hiding messily under the mountain of sand. She pulled it up hesitantly, afraid that there might be a hand that goes with it, luckily there's none but what made her heart almost dropped along with the paper was the note itself. PROTECT ELOISE NORE! SHE'S NEXT! "Oh gosh, not her!" Laura ran out of the rooftop as fast as she could, skipping two steps, or even three, as she cursed the building for not having an elevator despite the building having five floors and tiring seemingly endless stairs. She even had to push a few scholars for obstructing her way that would earn a surly complaint and even got scolded by one teacher for running on the hallway which she didn't care enough. She reached the dorm building in just a few minutes, panting heavily, and now thanked the building for having an elevator. She punched her room floor number, she tapped her shoe on the floor impatiently as she watched the number slowly changed until it tings and she was running again. She input their passcode in a rush, kicking the door as soon as it unlocked. she was welcomed with a chaotic room, papers thrown everywhere, their things were out of place and an unconscious Eloise lying on the floor with her head bleeding.
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