2.21 Gunshot

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"Didn't he died of Carbon Monoxide?" Warren asked confusedly, sitting on the chair of the bedside table and see if it goes straight to his head like those of assassinations, but no, it was taller. He knew he was taller than him but the shot was still higher. "Yes, it was sure. though the pictures of his body had a few questionable streaks that were never answered from the autopsy, it was still from the Carbon Monoxide." He answered, now recovered from mourning, though he knew he'll still cry to his wife, or both of them will cry because of how deep this mattered to them, especially that this deceased man grew fond and close to them especially to their son, T. "Then we can say that it was not meant to kill him." Warren stood up, walking to the side of the room, and looked at the hole then traced the possible trajectory of the bullet which it led him to the wall. He walked towards it, took the table that was hindering almost half of the wall, and there he found what he was looking for. "Here's the c***k the bullet made, sir. It means he was not hit by it." Senior Merit crouched down beside him, traced the c***k using his finger. The bullet was not there anymore, and the table was probably placed there to hide that there was a gunshot signal happened. "Then what does this mean?" "Possibly, by the threats that we found through the pictures, and we are sure that Mr. Mury Kramer was only f****d to do the crimes, we can put it in a few scenarios, like for example, he refused still despite the warnings, stood firm in being an upright police officer, however, whoever is behind this was more adamant in taking him to their side. This gunshot might have been a call, a threat with grave gravity, that he should decide now, or else all those threats given to him will happen." Warren explained, standing up and putting both of his hands in his pocket. "Why Mury? There were a lot of officers in this country, of all people, why my assistant?" The senior confusedly asked, his heart aching upon thinking what Mury had to go through. "Do you have anyone who holds grudges against you, sir?" "Except for Sergio Carpio, no one else. That guy had already been on my list, even in the first place of those people who might probably cause Mury's death. I never believed that he died of his negligence, one thing that he possessed was he was always ready." Senior Merit stood up and sat on the chair of the table. "Before his death, two days prior, I have already caught him doing the crimes of delivering and selling drugs to all the stations since he was always away. He repented gravely and promised me that he will surrender, he told me that he will divulge the information he knew to the reporter since he couldn't trust the police anymore. Then the news came out, he always checked his car before driving it, I have raised that to the higher police but they turned it down and told me to just close the case and back off. Then another news came out talking about a journalist found dead in his house. I knew deep inside that something was wrong with that consecutive death, that it was somehow interconnected." Warren looked around again, his eyes landed on the papers attached to the wall beside his bed. Warren took off his shoes and jumped on the bed, it creaked a little but still sturdy to carry him, though the bed was made of wood. "What are you doing?" Senior Merit asked, his brows furrowed as his face told full confusion and surprise. He was always surprised at whatever unexpected things his new assistant did, but upon observing the results, all of those were for the better. "Is he a fan of collecting magazines, newspapers, and such, sir?" Warren asked, looking at one newspaper pasted on the wall along with the other papers which when he counted were seven overall. "Isn't it more beautiful if you hang on your wall a poster of your favorite artist or model instead of this? Wasn't he weird?" Senior Merit tom off his shoes as well and hopped on the bed, standing beside Warren who had his hand under his chin as he keenly observed the papers. "Honestly, the last time I came into his room, there was nothing like this. I don't know when did he start putting it here." "When did the last time you came here, sir?" "I think a week before his fate ended." "I see, and two days before his death, he had decided to concede his crime to a reporter?" Waren asked, Senior Mert nodded meekly, trying. to understand why Warren was asking and clarifying those. "Okay, get down there." "What?" Senior Merit asked, looking to the side where Warren jumped out of the bed. "Are you commanding me?" Warren scratched his head and shook it, " I'm asking you, sir, with all due respect. May you please get down there and help me push this bed to the side?" "For what?" He asked but still get down from the bed. "What is this about again, Valore?" "If this is weird to you that he would put this kind of papers here out of nowhere, aside from the excuse of... probably this was just his leisure to do, which is nonsense at all, then there's something more from this." "Like?" Senior Merit asked, but Warren just motioned him to help him move the bed. He crouched down, hooked his hands under the bed, and pulled it together with Warren. It made a screeching sound that echoed in the whole house, and after revealing enough space, Warren stood up and looked at the side, checking if his thoughts were right about these papers but then it only made him frown and confused. "What is it? What's in there?" Senior Merit asked, shifting to the foot of the bed where Warren was and checked what was his assistant was looking for. His forehead creased, seeing only the empty space there unlike what he had expected to. "There's none? Are you playing around?" Warren shook his head, more confused than the senior. He looked up at the papers again, "There should be something here. Look at these," He pointed to the first paper where a magazine scribbled with a lot of words. "There are a lot of words here, but only this word was highlighted with a yellow-green color." Senior Merit needed to scoot closer to him to see what word he was pointing at because of his already poor eyesight, he saw his finger pointing the word 'DOWN' which was like he said, highlighted with a yellow-green highlighter. "What's with that?" "Down." Warren just reiterated, so Senior Merit glared at him. "I mean, down, all of these papers, sir, if you would look closely, all had the same highlighted word, and all of those were the word 'DOWN' so I assume, there was something under his bed, but there was none." "Maybe it was another down?" Senior Merit suggested, moving around to look down and under everything hoping to find something. Warren sat on the bed, checking the space on it which they made through pulling the bed but there was really no trace of something that was placed there. pure dust. He sighed, standing up to put back the bed to its place but stopped when his hand hit something. "Ouch, my back." Senior Merit exclaimed, holding his back as he sat on the chair in front of the holed window. His gaze darted to Warren who was raising the bed that made the whole room become dusty, he covered his nose and waved his hand. "What are you doing again?" "Can you help me, sir? this mattress is especially heavy." Warren said, pulling the bed cover but it was the only one that was carried. "How is this to be raised?" Senior Merit stood up and checked the edges, there he found a mattress holder firmly buckled on the wooden frame, "Look at the edges, unbuckle that mattress holder so we could raise it." Warren did what he was told, taking out the mattress holder until he was able to raise it. Senior Merit sat back on the chair again because he felt his back ached. He watched every move Warren was doing. Warren's eyes brightened upon seeing something there, snatching the brown envelope he found under Mury Kramer's bed from which he was talking about, down his mattress. "I found it, sir-" He looked at the senior who was curiously looking at his envelope, his hand were punching his back lightly and straightening his back, But that wasn't what made Warren stop, his eyes widen as he followed the red laser moving up to Senior Merit's head, and the next thing that happened was too fast. He jumped over the bed, shouted Senior Merit's name, and pushed them both on the floor, with him on top and Senior Merit grunting as his already aching back fell soundly, and even his head hit the edge of the cabinet. They heard the gunshot, followed by the holed window completely cracked as soon as they landed on the floor with only a matter of seconds if it Warren didn't find it, it'll go straight to Senior Merit's head. Warren sat up, took his g*n, and showed himself and shoot, seeing the man already running down from the rooftop just across from where they were. "Sir, c'mon!" Warren urged, taking the enveloped and ran out, but stopped abruptly upon not hearing steps following him. He ran back inside, only to see a lying Senior Merit. Unconscious, his head was bleeding.
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