AWC II: Warren Velmont

1796 Words
Warren took his two huge bags of gummy bears at his passenger seat before going out of the car, cheerfully opening the bag and immediately crowding his mouth with various colors of gummies. He couldn't live a day without gummy bears, he would forget his phone and anything related to work but not his pack of gummies which he had stock in the compartment of his car. He liked it since he was a kid, it was what his boss had always given him when he was a kid where he often sold the bracelets he personally made out of shells, synthetic beads, and thick threads after he sold them out anywhere. It was also the bizarre reason how he met Hermes, who was only in the 30s by that time, he was eating one by the street when he bumped into him which caused his precious gummies to spread out of the pavement, with surprise and heart breaking into pieces at it was the last one, he threw tantrums to him and cried more when he left him running off his responsibility, but that was what he thought, he immediately shushed when he bought him three huge bags of it, and since then he got a supplier until they got along and he started to get attached to him which he eventually adopted him. He walked inside the agency with chin held high, his infamous playful grin plastered on his face though he had a full mouth. Other agents graciously greeted him, he was almost friends with everyone, though he didn't know them by name, he knew them by face and still talked to them. He easily got attached to people, a complete extrovert, and people loved and enjoyed his company, perhaps it was his strength. "Knock~ Knock~" He singsonged before opening the door of Dale's room where she would lay out the plan for his task. He was welcomed by the sight of the two women looking his way, Laura was creasing her forehead in confusion while Dale was raising her brow at him. "What are you doing here? Are you hitting on Dale?" Laura directly asked, surprising Dale at the question to which she indignantly denied and explained why he was there. Laura just shrugged it off but Dale made her answer the entrance exam which Warren made fun of. "Let me explain the plan while Purple takes the exam. Have a seat, Black." She instructed, pointing to the chair where Laura was seated earlier. Dale walked towards her drawer, taking out papers there which looked the same as the ones with Laura right now. She put it in front of Warren as she sat on her swivel chair and fiddled in her laptop. Warren counted the pages first, it's four overall, which was good because it meant that their discussion will only be for a short time, and he would have a lot of time to go panic buy more bags of gummies for his stock because he was one-hundred percent sure that he will be busy once he started the task. "Your task is dangerous and maddening, they're for sure armed, abusive of power, and let's say, persuasive." Dale started, crossing her arms and leaning on the backrest. "Persuasive?" "Knowing your attitude of being too much friendly, and getting persuaded easily, and the presence of disguising as an intern in one police station with possibly, or I mean to say definitely, has crooked, problematic policemen, they could ask you to do whatever they want, to be specific, order you to do the same vicious things as they do, and what we fear is that the possibility of you becoming one of them could be high." Warren scowled, shaking his head adamantly as if denying all of those indictments of his friendliness, and turning his gullibility and innocence into negative, and their worry for him was just all for nothing. "I can kill, but not innocent people, Green. You know it." "We know, Black. It's only for security measure." She answered, "So, let me tell you the wrongdoings of some of the police officers." Warren looked at the television, it was showing various articles and news regarding the misbehaviors of the policemen, and it was a lot! The first slide was full of cut headlines, and there were more on the following slide. All of them indicating the word policemen followed by all negative adjectives there could ever have and hideous crimes, some were too innocent people and some were videos of them hitting the criminals. "Judge it yourself," Dale told him with a frown, she's also disgusted by reading the bold-faced headlines flaunting about the truth of the policemen who were supposed to do the exact opposite of what was being posted and reported to them. "Well, they're horrible. Are these policemen already thrown out of the job?" Dale sighed, "That's actually one of the problems. Policemen were thick-faced." She spat with emphasis. "They won't admit they did those things unless there are strong pieces of evidence like a video or witnesses, other than that, they will deny the accusations shamelessly." Warren put one bag of his gummy bears on the table and rested his back on the backrest of the chair. He looked absolutely displeased at the audacity of these law enforcers to break the law. "They don't know we exist, do they?" "Perhaps that's the case." Warren scoffed, settling all his gummies aside, an indication that he was now taking this case seriously. "Well, we should let them know how powerful we are. The president won't name us as 'Justice Servers' for nothing." Dale watched the agent smirked to himself with his hand on his chin and thinking of something she has no idea about. She didn't know if he was really being serious or he's just playing around. "You look like you're the one going to scheme a crime with that face," Dale commented. She looked at the side of the room where Laura was who seemed already done answering by how she stretched and groaned. Laura stood up, facing the two who were looking at her. She rolled her eyes and walked towards them "Don't blame me if it fails. You didn't tell me about this beforehand." "Even if I told you, you'll still not review," Dale said in a matter-of-fact tone. "You can go now. I'll contact you when you're going to start." "'kay." Laura just replied, tapping Warren's shoulder a little forcefully then took the opened bag of gummy bears with her. "Laura! That's mine!" "Not anymore." Warren's frown grew big, couldn't accept the fact that his precious source of strength was just being stolen by undeserving, poor agents who did not know how his gummies worked. He half-heartedly opened his other bag. That's the very reason why they also told him to bring two or more bags of gummies. "Anyway, let's get down in detail of the plan. Firstly, likewise to Laura's task, we do not know who is this OneOfficer that sent us the email, however, he made it clear that whoever will be sent there, don't waste your time on finding him. I don't know why but we should obey that." Dale said after a while of Laura's exit. He swallowed first, his forehead creasing. "Then how do I start my task? Observation, sneaking, eavesdropping? This needs a lot of work than I expected." He remarked, eating another round of his candies while thinking of his future journey. "Those are included, but you are not the only one in this." Warren's brows twitched, looking at Dale expectantly. Dale pressed the neck and a man wearing a police uniform, seemingly in the mid-40s, sharp edgy eyes, bulky body, he was not smiling in the photo, and just by that Warren knew he will be strict. "Who's that old guy?" "He's Senior Deputy Commissioner Theodore Merit, OneOfficer included his name in the letter telling us that the only one we could trust is this man, and even underlines the words 'No more else', he is from the station at Hudson Street so you will be working there as well as intern police." She explained showing the picture of the station. "What's my character, my identity, and attitude? Do I only have to be myself?" "Basically, for the attitude and character, yes. You keep your bubbly, innocent self to at least lessen suspicions, I know you know what to do with that. However, your identity will be Warren Valore, a fresh criminology graduate who follows his superiors well." Warren nodded, it was good that he didn't need to pretend like someone else, the last time he was in disguise was to be like Sean who barely smiles, very strict, and had to be aggressive at all times which the contrary to what he was. "What do I have to do to finish the task?" "Gather evidence." She simply replied. Warren looked at her in confusion, weighing her expression if she's being serious or not because that didn't sound right, it was too easy for Warren, he was expecting something like kill this man, assassinate this officer, abduct them, and make them admit their crimes. "Is that it?" "Yes. Simple, right? But you are against police officers who know how to think like criminals and law enforcers at the same time. Plus, you don't know anything at this point, you have to be careful because they can shoot you and tell the public that it was a criminal who did it, or frame you up that you did a nasty crime that will have them a reason to put you behind bars. I'm telling you, it's not easy at all." He shrugged, too sure of himself that he could do it without breaking a sweat and will surely finish the task within just a week or two and he will receive the Agent of the Year in their yearly gathering and he will have something to brag to the other agents especially to Laura who always taunted him for receiving it only thrice. He looked at Dale, "After I gather the evidence, what should I do?" "I'll take over. You also have to list the names of the men affiliated with this, and for a better bonus, if you can, the person in the government as well." She added, closing her laptop and the television, implying that they were done. "Everything's clear?" Warren threw one gummy bear in the air and caught it using his mouth, his lips hooked up, gracing a playful smile. "Crystal clear. I'll report to you if time permits." Dale stood up, taking the timer and her laptop with her again, "Then you may go."
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