Who Is She ?

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Nabo has a cute family. Mom-Dad and a cat "Meo".But within a few days of keeping the cat he realised he has alergy. ?Sad!! But anyway, Let's continue. Nabo is like those boys who never stands out. ?Again,sad? He is thin, no sing of beard, a bunch of mostly uncombed black hair. ?Very unimpressive? I know, right? Neither he is like our prince charming nor wealthy. Uncle Dhiman is a teacher of a school and his mother,Dipa, is a home maker. But he also wants to be a prince or a hero of maybe atleast a sidekick. But there is a problem. The great mom.As strict as a line.They don't want Nabo to be like his own father. Nabo thinks it was better if he would have been in jail. Have you ever felt that? ✨ It was a morning time,just before the rush hour. Everyone was getting ready for their work or school. Sitting at the dining table she asked.... Mom -What are you going to do in summer vacation? Nabo-why mom?? Mom- Do not ask me question.Let's get extra Math classes.( Aloud)? Nabo-mom, summer vacation is supposed to be a vacation.? Mom-Then why the hell did you not get good score? You know. your father got...(trying to explain his father's excellency for the unetempth time) Nabo- Not again..Mom. Dad.... I am going......( He rolls his eyes) Dad-Uf! Not again. Let him do, let him be . Mom- You do not know. anything. I am his mother. So, it's better to shut up. Well it's nothing new. It's an universal picture of most families. Boy wants freedom but no way! Actually it's a sense of right, whether 14 or 64, does not really matter. He is not open even in school. But the best thing for him is his two friends.They have been together since class 4. Subho means Subhojoti Bose. He is the topper of the class.He stays with his father. Dip means Dipayon Poddar. A typical Nonsence but definitely a good friend.Nabo is their missing link. They are always seen together. Whether getting scolded or getting cold. Everyday they pick each other up on the way to school.Share their Tiffin. Oh!not only tiffin but mostly everything,but their favourite thing to do is to go to the last point of sanski river,which is also at the very last point of the city. The best time is the sunset. It is where they met for the first time. Though many things were different then.Subho's mother was with him at that verytime. So moral is that they are not only just friends but same soul with different bodies,just like some twin brothers. ✨✨✨ (After reaching school) Dip- Whats up boss? what's today ?Mommy issues? 3rd world War or cold wars? Nabo- Usual.....?‍? Subho-Just agree with.... Dip- Nope. What's fun in that bro?Let's just bunk (with a smirk)? Subho-It's not good Dip.(as always with a straight face) Dip- Well, we are not class toppers. He will not notice us.? Subho- Yes he will.(with more serious face) ( The conversation was going on...) .........Excuse me, hello, hello. Umm... hi... The sight they saw was something like this..... A girl standing near door with a voice as sweet as sugar in school uniform. ?Pretty simple, right? But when Nabo took a little glance...,something was horribly wrong. Why is the face unclear? It's like thousands and thousands of stars have gathered. His heart beat is too fast. He is feeling like he is empty. What happened?? ------Where is the principle's office? Subho - take left... 3rd room. ----thanks (replied with a sweet smile) Dip- But sir is not here today. You can tell me, your name? ---Do not pretend like you know everything ? and an angry and annoyed faced girl went on. But nothing was bothering Nabo. ?? No..no..don't do that dear reader .... Don't think anything about that.I know that you are probably thinking it is a love at first sight...well maybe it's not!!!who knows ...only the people know..... Everything was happening very fast like all our sweetest dreams, which never gets completed.The only thing he could think was...Who is she??
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