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It's a small town.Just like a village everybody knows literally everybody. There is love,there is passion,there is desire to fulfill dreams.But what is actually there is yet to be known. It can only be known by looking at the lives of the people, "the mass, the crowd, the inventor!".Some earn just to not let their children stay hungry. Some stay in the big house and on a bed of countless notes. Some struggle between these two and try to live a middle class life. So it's neither a dream city, nor a kingdom. But there is a hope in everyones eyes to be someone significant. Nature here in Susong is something that makes the town so calm, touching yet wild and busy. Four seasons are observed here. The thing that makes this place not real is the Sunski river. It is the sound of the city. It cuts through the city from the middle nurturing some corn fields,gardens and rice fields. But something is there in the air that makes everyone breathless at a certain point of their lives.It's love.? The time when the story began was the winter of 2014. Winter makes people slower, makes people warmer from inside and prepares them for the hot glooming Summer.This is the time when everyone gets to wear their favourite sweaters. Every time the sun goes up in the sky they gather their blankets on the roof.That warm feeling when everything is cold is something called love. Holding hands inside the blanket, sharing a cup of tea from the road side shop is love and it never gets old.That is the greatest characteristics of animal and human beings.That they can love.That is what we are here for.It is strange but an intoxicating feeling. It keeps banging on your door of heart and open all the windows.Spreads through your body and in your blood.❣️ Here mostly everybody's morning starts with a cycle bell, that cap wearing blur face makes everyone awake with the newspaper. That trembling hand welcomes everybody's Day.Then the tea will be prepared. Shops will open. Roads will not be anymore empty. Well, it's a slow morning but just after sometime the busy hour is going to start and the town will show its another picture. Oh no! Is it all a very mature thing to say? Well,maybe it is cause the person who is going to be introduced is only 17 years old. That means just after somedays being an adult he will realise it's nothing but a tag. Nothing really changes except responsibilities and some cards.But people say it is just one side of the Coin. ✨✨ Notes- Only main characters are being described here and it is a very short description. Each character will evolve during the story.Other small Characters will be described in the main story . So, Let's know them.... Name -Subhojoti Bose (Subho) Student of Evergreen Public High School Class - 11 Class rank -Topper Calm ,cold ,strong minded, loving. Name -Nabonil Das (Nabo) Student of Evergreen Public School Class-11 Average student Introvert,Self doubt, Average looking, kind hearted. ?Name -Dipayon Poddar ( Dip) Student of Evergreen Public School Class -11 Back bencher Fun, Naughty, caring, Cheerful, comedian. Name -Sharonya Das(Sharo) Student of Evergreen High School. Ex -Ex student of Jailam National School Class -10 Very Good Student Beautiful,wild, cheerful,fun loving, kind hearted and friendly. Name -Eshak Goel Student of Evergreen Public school Class -12 Perfect Student & topper of the class Swimmer,heart throb,Great body,Good looking, Flirty, confident Name - Sunvi Poddar Student of Evergreen Public High school Class 8 Good student Introvert & Nerd Name - Lalit Das Occupation -Real estate Subho's Father Divorced Determined, Warm, workaholic, expert Name - Chandra Singh Drugs addict,violent, Manipulative Subho's mother Name - Dipa & Dhiman Nabo's parents Loving, strict, love for each other . Disclaimer :- The pic behind the Characters represents their characteristics, it's not random.All the characters are not perfect.It's based on the author's imagination.Not a real life story. The pic of the characters has no connection with real life.
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