Chapter 1

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-Andrei P.O.V.-  “Wake yo ass up!” I hear my twin sister yell as she is banging on my door.  “I’M UP!” I yell back as I groan.  Ugh, I hate waking up this early in the morning just for school. I soon drag my a*s out of bed because if I don’t then my sister will bust down my door and drag my a*s out of bed. She has done it before and it was not a fun time. Once my feet touched the ground, my door flew open. I snapped my head to see my sister standing there with her hands on her hips.  “Come on!”  “I just got out of f**king bed, Dola. Goddess would you give me a f**king minute to get dressed?!” I shout back.  She just sighs before rolling her eyes and stomping out of my room. I groan as I walk over to slam my door back shut since she just left it f**king open. I then lock it so I can get dressed in peace. I walk over to my closet and quickly pick out a black satin button up shirt with a pair of tan khaki plaid business suit pants. I threw the outfit on my bed before walking over to my bathroom and taking a piss. Thankfully I had a bathroom connected to my room, kind of like a master bedroom, so that way I didn’t have to share a bathroom with my siblings. Once in my bathroom, I took a piss, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, and then put on some deodorant.  I then looked in the mirror to find my hair all over the place. My hair was below my shoulders but it stopped right above my ni**les. I had long hair that was dirty blonde, but I loved my long hair. I brushed my hair out before putting it in a low bun that rested just at the base of my hairline. Once I had it how I liked it, I quickly put on my jewelry that I wore everyday. It was 3 black beaded bracelets that I wore on my right wrist while I wore a black watch with gold in it as it had black leather straps. I then put on two gold rings with a sawtooth pattern on them. I put one of the rings on my left index finger while the other ring went on my right ring finger. I then put on three gold chains that were layered on my neck. Once I loved how my hair looked and what jewelry I picked out, I walked out of my bathroom to go and get dressed.  I slipped on my pants as the pants leg were skinny around my ankles as they hugged my thighs really well which showed off my thigh muscles. I left the top part of my pants undone as I slipped on my shirt and buttoned it up, but I left the top three buttons undone as I rolled up the sleeves until mid-forearm. I then tucked the bottom of my shirt in my pants before putting the top of my pants together while putting a dark tan belt on. Once that was all done, I paired off the outfit with all black converse and some low rise socks. Once I felt like my whole outfit was complete, I picked up my cell phone, wallet, bookbag, and then headed out to the kitchen.  “MOM!” I soon hear my little two twin brothers yell out as I made it to the bottom of the stairs. I swear those two little sh*ts are always getting into trouble or pissing each other off. Jacob and Lucas are 8 now as Nora and Cora are 10 while Dola and I are 17.  “Finally!” I hear my twin groan as I walk into the kitchen.  I roll my eyes. “Shut up. I am ready so let me grab something to eat before we leave.” This just causes her to groan even louder.  “ANDREI!” My twin sisters yell out as they see me. My poor mom had three sets of twins.  I smile as I bend down with my arms wide open. “My sweeties!” I say just as Nora and Cora jump into my arms. I have an amazing bond with them and with Jacob and Lucas. I soon feel two other little goblins jump on my back as they wrap their little hands around me.  “You all act like you never see your brother.” I hear my mother say with a chuckle. This causes the little hug fest to break up as the little goblins run off to go and finish their breakfast.  I stand up and face my mom. She smiles as she hands me my smoothie. I drink one every morning. I take it from my mom as I place a kiss on her cheek. “Love you, mom.” I say before turning around and heading towards the door with my twin.  My twin and I go to human school as my sister is not like me or our other siblings. She is weak like our Aunt Mia and I do not mean to say that as an insult either. Our Aunt Mia went to human school as it felt right for her and Dola is the same way. Dola wanted to go to a human school as she was more like the humans anyway, but she didn’t want to go without me. So once she asked me if I would go to human school with her, I said yes without hesitation.  “Are you ready for the second semester?” Dola asks me as we both are climbing into my car. I had a deep red chevy impala and a black dodge charger, but today we were taking my Impala.  “So excited.” I say sarcastically. To be honest, I was ready. It was the last semester of senior year. Thank Goddess. “Oh, shut up. I am ready and who knows, we might meet our mates.” Dola says with a smile.  I just smile and nod as I drive off of the pack land. I wouldn't say that I didn’t want a mate, but I was nervous of when I would meet this person. I mean what kind of mate would I be since I was so f**ked up in the head. But whatever, I was excited for my sister. She deserved to have a mate that will worship the ground she walks on. I was also hoping that she would end up being mates with a werewolf, demon, vampire, or a witch. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if she had a human mate but she needs someone who is strong to protect her.  The ride to school was filled with Dola singing her heart out to her favorite songs. I just sat there and smiled as I drank my smoothie. It took us about 20 minutes to get to school and soon I was pulling into the student parking lot as I parked my car as far away from the school as possible. Dola huffed as she hated walking the distance from my car to the school, but I didn’t care. Dola quickly got out of the car making sure that her outfit was smoothed out as I took my time getting out of the car. But as usual there was Dola waiting for me at the back of the car as she hated walking into school without me by her side. I was a sort of security blanket for her and I didn’t mind being that either.  “Alright come on, twin.” I say once I lock my car. My sister just rolls her eyes before chuckling as she wraps her hand around my arm. We walked like this until we reached the doors. Because as soon as walked in, there were her friends standing in the hallway waiting for her.  “Dola! We missed you!” They all semi-screamed as they walked over to where Dola and I were.  I kissed my sister on the top of the head before turning to walk away. “Bye sis!” I said as I was walking away. I did not want to be around her friends as they always tried to flirt with me and they have yet to catch on that I don’t roll that way. Sure they are pretty girls but I liked the other s*x. I sighed as I walked over to the right straight into the cafeteria where all of the school was. I internally sighed as the noise hit my ears. I started to walk through and of course, here came some of the students trying to get my attention so I could sit with them. I just ignored them as they were all fake. Almost everyone in this damn school was fake.  RING RING RING  Saved by the damn bell. Everyone got up as we all started to make our way to class. I had English as my first class which I always slept through. The teacher doesn’t bother me as I have a straight A in the class. Plus I am smarter than my two dads. It is the Demon in me which is why the teachers in this school don't really care what I do. I make them look good with my grades so they don’t push me. I am the last one to walk into the classroom and my seat is empty. Hmm, the students remembered where my seat was...good.
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