Chapter 2

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-Andrei P.O.V.-  After about 2 hours of school, it was time for lunch and how it worked at our school was you got a whole period for lunch. So ultimately you got about an hour for lunch before you had to go to the rest of your classes. I moved with the crowd to the cafeteria and once I walked through the doors, I scanned the room to find my sister. Once I laid my eyes on her, I walked straight over to her just as she was sitting down with her friends and pulling out her lunch box. Of course her friends pointed to where I was and when Dola turned to see, I was already standing at the table.  “Hey, twin.” Dola says with a smile, causing me to smile back at her.  “Can I….” I didn’t even get to finish before my dear sister cut me off.  “Leave your bag with me and you can get it in the next class since we have that class together.” Dola says while shaking her head. She knows that I always skip out of eating lunch around everyone as I go out to my car to have a smoke and eat. I like my peace.  “Thank you sis.” I say as I place my bag beside her and lean down to place a kiss on the top of her head. I lean back to catch her smile at me before she turns back to her food and friends.  I then bolt out of there as I know her friends would try to talk to me and I am not in the mood to talk. Something was bugging me and I didn’t know what it was as I made my way down the hall. It was like something was trying to move in another direction so I forced myself to walk out the back doors to the parking lot, but instead of walking to my car I walked over to the right and just leaned my back against the wall.  “What the f**k is going on with me?” I whisper to myself. I close my eyes and lean my head back against the wall as I take a deep breath. I bet if I had a wolf right now then it would be telling me to follow the feeling or whatever, but I don’t have that luxury. I mean I am not sad that I don’t have a wolf as I feel like I was meant to be more of a demon anyways. F**k, I wish I could just portal to hell so I could speak to my grandma.  After trying to calm myself, I just said f**k it as I pushed myself off the wall with my foot and started to make my way to my car. It didn’t take me long to reach my car as I unlocked it and sat in my drivers seat. I quickly cracked my window before reaching my hand to the glovebox. I kept my smokes in there with my lighter as well. I don’t smoke cigarettes which is why I call what I smoke smokes. They are handmade smokes that were rolled with leaves and some other herbs that calmed me down. My mom actually worked with the pack witch to make these for me as I used to have a huge anger problem and I needed something bad. My mother felt my anger through the pack land one day and tried to take it away, but it didn’t really work. My grandma had to come up from hell to calm me down, which is when we found out that my anger would be hard to control until I met my mate. I mean I could live in hell but it wouldn’t solve the problem.  I soon get my mind off of everything as I light one up and take a long drag off of it before holding it for about 5 seconds and then exhaling. I could feel myself start to go back to normal as I smoked and ate at the same time. After about 30 minutes, I was ready to go back inside so I rolled up my window before climbing out of my car and locking it. I walked back through the parking lot rather quickly as I needed to take a piss. I quickly opened up the door and right then I got hit with a scent. I closed my eyes as I breathed in the scent. F**k, it was causing my d**k to throb from just the was like I was standing at the beach during the night as the waves were washing over my feet. F**k...but then I got hit with a scent mixed in with the seaside smell, blood. That is when I heard mates voice crying out for help.  “HELP!” I heard a voice cry out that caused shivers to go down my spine. If I was just a regular human then I wouldn’t have been able to hear the cry for help but with my hearing, I heard it as if he was screaming. I snapped my eyes open and there it was right in front of mate being thrown against some lockers.  I felt my eyes change to blood red as my demon side took over and I rushed over to where my mate was. My mate was laying on the ground with blood coming out of his mouth as three guys stood around his lifeless body just laughing. I didn’t think as I reached out and gripped one of them with my hand going around the back of their neck as I slammed their face against the lockers.  “F**K!” He screamed out as you could hear his nose break from the impact of his face hitting the lockers.  “HEY!” The other two yell out as they try to charge towards me but I catch them off guard. I used my speed to wrap a hand around their necks and then used my strength to slam their faces together. Their noses and cheekbones breaking echoed off of the lockers as well as their screams.  I didn’t think as I bent down and carefully put my arms underneath his upper back and underneath his knees. I ignored the sparks that shot through my fingers as I needed to focus right now, and f**k. I needed to remind myself that this school is filled with humans and I also didn’t miss the fact that my mate is a human. I quickly shook my head to throw away all of my thoughts as I needed to get him help. Once I had a good grip on him, I slowly stood up. I didn’t wait around as I started to walk him to the nurses office where I could better look over his injuries. Thankfully the nurse was a part of our world so she would let me do what I needed to do.  It didn’t take me long to reach the nurse's office and I just burst through the door causing the nurse to jump up from her seat. “Andrei.” She whispers before looking down to my arms and she quickly jumps into action. “Put him down over there in one of the beds.” She instructs.  I walk over and carefully place my mate down on the bed, causing him to groan from pain. I turn to face the nurse just when she has grabbed some things. “What happened this time?” She asked in a worried voice.  This time? “What do you mean ‘this time’?” I ask with anger filling my body once again.  She freezes and snaps her gaze up to me. She looks into my eyes and gasps. “Is he?” The look on my face caused her to shut up.  I took a step towards her. “What do you mean?” I ask with venom in my voice.  She shivers from fear. “This is not the first time that he has been beaten up. He gets verbally ab*sed every day by the other students and he is always coming into my office when some of the other students take it too far.”  “Get. Out.” I spit out. She doesn’t need to be told twice as she nods and quickly places the things in her hands down on her desk before making her way out of the office.  I hear the door close and snap my eyes close as I try to will my body to calm down. I need to turn my attention to my mate since I can help him. I take a few deep breaths before opening my eyes and turning my attention to my mate.  I know what I need to do to help him so I walk over to him without wasting any time. I carefully lift my hands to his face and cup his cheeks while slowly placing my lips to his forehead...
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