Chapter 3

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-Andrei P.O.V.-  30 minutes later… I am currently sitting in a chair that is across from my mate as I wait for him to wake. He has been out cold for about 30 minutes which scares me as I have already healed him, but he just hasn’t woken up yet. I want to go back and kill those 3 guys who were hurting him now that I know this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to him.  The opening of the nurses door breaks me from my thoughts as I look over to see the nurse walking in with a small smile. I just nod before turning my attention to my mate while she goes to sit down.  “How is he?” She asked me and I could hear the worry in her tone.  I don’t look away from my mate when I answer her. “He should be waking up as I have healed him.”  “Good. I am so glad that you were there to stop those three a**holes.” I didn’t miss the venom in her voice when she spoke.  “How often is he in here?”  I hear her sigh. “Maybe 3 to 4 times during the school week.” I snap my gaze to her which causes her to shiver in fear as anger was projecting off of my body. She quickly gulps and then holds up a hand. “I understand why you must be angry but you must understand that he didn’t want us to do anything. He begged me not to say anything to the principal or anyone as his mother cannot find out.” She says defeated as she drops her hand down.  I turn my gaze back to my mate as just me looking at him is causing me to calm down. “Why doesn’t he want his mother to know?”  “I honestly do not know as I didn’t want to push him. He views this place as a safe place and I never want to do anything that will hinder that.”  I nod. “I understand. How did you heal him?”  “I used a potion that I shaped into a pill form so he thought that he was just taking tylenol. The pill would dissolve and heal anything that was wrong with him as he would always come in pretty beaten up.” She says with a sadness in her tone.  “I can hear that you care about my mate.” I add while still keeping my gaze on him.  “Of course, I do. I have been here for him since the start of senior year as he started as a new student. He didn’t have anyone and I was the only one who would listen and keep his secrets.”  “Thank you for being a safe place for my mate when I was not around.”  “You don’t need to thank me as you didn’t know he was your mate until now so don’t be hard on yourself. Oh, and I went ahead and handled what you did out in the hallway.”  I broke my gaze away from my mate to look at the nurse as she just smirked. “How did you do that?”  She chuckled before leaning back in her chair. “I pulled some strings plus the principal is a demon so he understood what happened to those boys once I explained it. So he took care of it.”  I nod before turning my gaze back to my mate, once again. I cannot help it as I want to keep my eyes on him at all times. He brings some type of calmness to me that I have never experienced before. I just want him to wake up so I can ask him his name as I want to hear it from his mouth. I don’t know how long I was staring at him for before I heard him groan a bit. I went to go stand up but before I could walk over to him the nurse stopped me.  “Don’t.” I turned my head to her and she held up her hands in surrender. “You need to take this slow as the only thing boys have done is ab*se him, okay?” She whispers while slowly making her way over to my mate.  I just nod as I slump back into the chair. I understand what she is saying but I just want to hold him. F**k, what is happening to me.  “Hey, how are you feeling?” I hear the nurse ask my mate as he is starting to wake up.  “What happened?” He asked in a raspy voice.  “Well, he saved you, honey.” She then moved out of the way and pointed to me. I watched my mate look to where she was pointed, me, and his eyes widened when they landed on me.  “You saved me?” He asked in a shocked voice. His eyes were huge as he stared at me like I was a ghost or something.  I smiled. “Yes I did.” I stated proudly.  He blushed upon hearing my voice and quickly turned to look away. My insides melted upon seeing this as I just wanted to attack him, but I held myself back.  The nurse cleared her throat. “I am going to go and get something really quick.” She didn’t wait for either one of us to say anything as she just turned around and left.  Once the door was closed, I stood up and walked over to where my mate was laying. I watched as he squirmed the closer I got to him. Hmm, I was already affecting him.  “I am Andrei. What is your name?” I ask once I am standing right beside him. He looks up at me and blushes. I am going to need to make him blush more often.  “I know. My name is Peanut.” He whispers out. Hmm, Peanut...that rolls off my tongue very well.  “You know?” I ask him with a raised eyebrow which causes him to blush even more.  He squirms. “Yes, you are pretty famous among the senior class. Everybody knows who you are.”  “All I care about is if you know who I am. I could care less about everyone else knowing me.” I say to him with a smile. This causes him to look at me like I said something crazy.  “Why would you care if I know who you are?” He asked me bewitterlerd.  I smirk before raising one of my hands and cupping his cheek. He froze but soon leaned into my touch as the mate bond flowed through him. “I care because you caught my eye and now I am never letting you out of my sight again.” I tell him softly.  He snapped his gaze up to me and I just smiled at him. I removed my hand and then moved back to my seat. I sat down while he slowly turned his head to look at me and I just stared at him. He had black curly hair that sat perfectly on top of his head while the sides and back were shaved. He also had these thin framed brown glasses where the lenses were big and round so you could clearly see his brown eyes. His brown eyes also went nicely with his beautiful tan/light brown skin. I looked down at his body to see that he was tall, but I was taller. He was also lanky as it looked like he didn’t have any muscle, but he wasn’t a twig either. I slowly move my gaze back up his body until I reach his eyes.  I smiled brightly when he quickly looked away with his cheeks a deep red. Oh, little does he know that he will not be able to do that around me as I will f**k him until the blush on his cheeks go away.  Later that night, around 6:00 p.m….. “So what was he like?” My grandma, Lilith, asks me as she sits back in her chair. I couldn’t wait to visit my Ma (what I call my grandma) to tell her about my mate and I also needed to speak with her about him being a human, as well.  “I cannot really say at the moment.” I say to her as I twirl one of my rings around in my hand.  “What is it? Why are you acting like this?” Ma asks me.  “He is a human, Ma.”  “So what?”  I snap my head up to look at my Ma like she was crazy, probably a bad idea. “So what??? He knows NOTHING about our life or who I am even am! How am I going to explain all of this to him? How is he going to accept me when he is in so much pain?! He gets ab*sed at school which now that I am in the picture, I will stop. But at his house? I don’t know what is going there!” I shout.  My Ma chuckles which causes me to look at her like she is actually crazy. She soon stops chuckling when she sees my face and sighs. “So what. I mean seriously, did your two fathers give up on your mother when they found out that she has gone through so much ab*se? Huh?! No, they stuck by her and maybe it was a little bit easier for them as she was a werewolf, but they still had to work for it even after they all marked each other. You need to truly understand the mate bond as it is not something that just comes easily. You work with the mate bond to create a bond that goes deeper than the mate bond itself. Do you understand?” She asks me.  I slump back into the chair with a sigh. “I guess.”  “Obviously not since you are sitting there like you just got shot.” She scoffs. I just roll my eyes. “Drei, you need to understand that if you want this mate bond to work then you need to work for it as it isn’t going to just fall into your lap. The Moon Goddess gave you YOUR mate for a reason so stop f**king pouting and go get your f**king mate. If that means that you have to work for it than you f**king work for it. You do whatever is necessary to get your mate, or you can also reject leave.” I snap my gaze up to her. “I mean, you would be leaving your mate behind to come down to hell for a cozy life as your mate endures goddess knows what on earth.”  I jump up from my chair. “Like f**king HEL I WILL!” I end up screaming causing the walls to shake from my rage.  My Ma just smirks. “Then go and EARN your mate.” I nod before snapping my fingers and returning back to my room. I sigh as I walk over to slump down onto my bed. My resting soon ends once there is a knock on my door. I sigh before sitting up. “Come in.” I say with a slightly raised voice so the person can hear me from the other side.  My door opens to reveal my mother as she walks into my room while making sure to shut the door behind her. She walks over and sits next to me on my bed.  “What is it, son?” She asks me softly.  I sigh as I want to tell her but for some reason, I cannot bring myself to talk to my mother about this. What if it brings up bad memories for her? Fine then, I will not tell her.  “Nothing, mom.” I say as I lean over and kiss her cheek. She just smiles before getting up and heading over to my door. She opens up and before she walks out, she turns.  “I will always be here for you. If you do not feel comfortable talking to me then I will wait until you are. Just know that I love you.” Before I could say anything back, she walks out and shuts the door behind her.  I want to tell her about my mate, but I just need to wait it out for a bit. I need to work on earning my mates trust before telling anyone in my family…. F**k, Peanut...what are you doing to me all ready.
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