The Last Wife

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After Ruby's honeymoon goes south, her life takes a whole different turn. She finds herself tangled in a murder case. A murder that she didn't even commit. She thought being Harvey's last wife would be a dream come true but that quickly turns into a nightmare. A nightmare filled with dark secrets, deceit, illicit affairs and betrayal. She's at the risk of being exposed and going to jail for a lifetime.

What's even worse is that the company she worked so hard to posess is taken away from her. And the man she once loved so dearly is on a quest to destroy her. Completely. But he has his reasons...

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• honeymoon in hell • Ruby The rain pours heavily when we get to the hotel. It's a five-star hotel. This is our first destination before we leave for a beach house in New Zealand tomorrow evening. Harvey went above and beyond to make the honeymoon special for me. For us... He opens the door for me. The room is filled with candles on the floor and a bed spread with rose petals. I know this s**t looks romantic in the movies but it's terrifying. What if the candles burn this magnificent building to the ground and we are turned to fine ashes? There I go again. Thinking about the worst thing possible that could happen. I should be happy! I got here! I made Harvey marry me! The plan went great but... Harvey wraps his arms around my waist, bringing me back to reality. "You are shivering, Precious." He pecks my neck. "Must be the cold..." He's right. Even though I'm covered in a warm fur coat, I'm still shivering. Maybe it's because of the cold. Or maybe it's because of the decision I'm about to make. A decision that scares the s**t out of me... "Yeah," I sigh. "Must be the bloody cold..." He makes me turn around to face him. His blue eyes bore into mine as his fingers trail down my face to my neck. "Let me make you warm." I pull away instantly and take off the coat. "It's been a long day, Harvey. I need to rest." He yawns and I throw him a smile. "Looks like you need a rest just as much," I add. He stifles another yawn as he nods. His eyes are drowsy and tired. It's so clear that he's in desperate need of sleep, especially after dancing his ass off at our wedding and talking endlessly on the plane. He heaves a sigh. "Fine! I'll get some sleep JUST because you forced me to. But promise me something first." "What?" "Please don't tell your friends that your husband shamelessly went to sleep instead of f*****g you to sleep on the first night of our honeymoon." I chuckle. "You're lucky I don't have friends." "Can't deny that." He nods sternly. "I'm so lucky to be your husband, Precious." "I feel luckier to be your wife." I lie. A couple of minutes later, he's dead asleep. I strip off my clothes and step into the shower. I need to refresh after such an exhausting day. My wedding day. Harvey had the best time of his life. He kept dancing and laughing with his friends and family. His third wedding was clearly his best. I was bored to death the entire time. None of my friends or family were there. Not even Alex. So I just kept forcing smiles and striking conversations with strangers. Then the strangest thing happened when it was time for the bridal bouquet toss. Some cute, short girl caught the flowers when I threw them at the single girls. Instead of screaming in joy and feeling lucky to catch the bridal bouquet, she ran away crying after throwing them back at me. Angrily. Can you believe it? Apart from that crazy little incident, the day was a big bore. Until he happened... And now I'm about to make a terrible decision because of him... Guess that's the price I have to pay for my happily ever after... Deep in sleep, Harvey turns on the other side of the bed. Quickly, I finish dressing up and start packing. That's when I hear him mumble something in his sleep. "Isabel..." My heart drops. "I love you, Isabel." He sounds more clear now. "I didn't do it... I didn't do it..." I watch in horror as he turns again to the other side of the bed. This time, he doesn't say a single word. Instead, he snores. But I'm not disturbed by his loud snore. What I find disturbing is that he just uttered my real name. Is it me or is it some other woman? "No! I didn't kill your mother!" He cries out suddenly. "I would never kill Olivia!" My heart stops. The room falls silent, just the loud pounding of my heart. I stop packing and stare at the devil lying on the bed. Even in his sleep, he's still a cunning liar. He killed my mom! He was behind that f*****g accident! He's the reason my dad is stuck in a f*****g wheelchair! Watching him sleeping so soundly on the bed makes me want to strangle the life out of him... Maybe this is the perfect time to kill him. Perfect time to put an end to all this. But I can't do that. As much as I wish to kill him with my own bare hands, that will ruin everything. That will send me to jail. Jail means I won't get my 'happily ever ... The happily ever after that he promised... I dash out of the room and take a lift down to the bar. I need a glass of whisky or tequila or champagne, whatever will help. I need to think. Think of my next plan now that Harvey knows who I am... Shit! How did he find out? So, all this time he knew who I was? And he went ahead and married me? Is he planning to kill me too? Just like he killed my mom? The bartender smiles at me before pouring some whisky into the glass in front of me. I gulp down the drink in a blink and request another one. The second one, I take a bit slowly, drowning in the ocean of thoughts. What should I do now? Should I stay and confront him? Or should I run and never see his pathetic face ever again! Running sounds like a great solution. Running will keep me safe from that devil of a man. Running will take me to my 'happy ever after'. What about Alex? How will I explain this to him? Explain that I'm tired of being Ruby Rey. That I just want to be Isabel, his annoying big sister that used mangoes to get over her first heartbreak? If I tell Alex, he will be so disappointed in me. He will hate me. Maybe he will never talk to me again. So, should I tell him or just run off? What will make him angrier? Me not telling him or me running off without telling him anything? Both. Maybe I shouldn't tell him... But he's my brother. He's my best friend. I have to tell him. Maybe he will understand... I stop taking shots when the liquor kicks in. I should go back to the room and steal Harvey's credit cards and take my bags and run away! He's waiting for me... The elevator dings open and I strut to the room, feeling a little tipsy and dizzy. I fish for the keys in the pockets of my coat when I notice the door is slightly ajar... I thought I locked it when I left... Drops of blood on the floor send a chill down my spine. What the f**k is going on? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is it the liquor that's making me hallucinate? I kick the door open and stare in horror at my dead husband. Sheets soaked in blood. Lying naked in bed. Stabbed to death. Two knives stuck in his bleeding eyes. In complete shock, I freeze to the ground and stare at the corpse. Hand shaking, I pull out my phone from my pockets and dial his number. He picks on the first ring. "I need you." ****

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