[ Prologue ]

1199 Words
"Get up and greet your Boss!" A huge black smoke covered a giant reptile that was dead and was lying in the large river. The black smoke slowly rose up and took the form of the same reptile. 'Gwwrrr' The reptile was staring at Kai who glared back at it. The reptile then suddenly bowed in front of him as if he was meeting his King. "Good, another fine material in my collection.", Kai grinned. 'Ding' [ You have killed the Sarcosuchus ] [ You have gained 3,00,513 exp ] [ You have leveled up ] [ You have leveled up ] After reading the message from the system, he turned back only to look at a large number of monsters and beasts that were behind him which were completely made up of black smoke. There were hundreds of such large reptile-like monsters and many more other beasts that were bowing at Kai. All he did was smile after he looked at them and just said one thing, "I conquered yet another island, but that beast was nowhere to be found..." It seemed as if he had some particular monster in his mind. Just by thinking about the beast, his gazes were turning fierce. It was as if he wanted to get some revenge or destroy the so-called monster. "While I find that beast, I have to look for that bird too...", he said with a low voice. "Sigh, just you wait, I will have my hands on both of you...", he said immediately after which he walked towards the monsters that were covered with smoke. 'Return' Just by saying that one word, all the monsters just vanished into the thin air as if they spread themselves in the gentle wind that was blowing. Kai then just walked towards the open space that was right in front of him only to find a small tribal settlement. It seemed as if it had very few people and all of them were scared and were hiding. Though they had exceptional abilities to conceal their presence, it was of no use in front of Kai. "How troublesome...", he said to himself. "People of this tribe, hear me out, I've taken care of the monster which was troubling you in the river...", Kai shouted. "Now there is nothing to fear, I too am leaving...", after saying this he started to walk away when suddenly all the people came out from their hidings. They continuously stared at Kai who was leaving when suddenly one of the elders of the tribe stopped him. "Please wait!" Kai heard it and turned back. "Yes...?" "You... why did you help us?", the elder, who seemed around 80-90 years of age, who was walking with the support of a thick stick, asked. "Ah, I didn't help you." "I was just satisfying myself." Kai was telling the truth, all he wanted was the collection of a strong army of monsters and probably that was why he came to hunt the monster which was titled 'The King Of Rivers'. All the people stared at each other when they heard this and thought that Kai was being modest. "But you...", the elder wasn't satisfied with the answer and wanted to know something more but Kai had no intention of telling anything else. He just continued to walk out of the settlement just before going which, the elder asked, "Can you at least tell us your identity?" Kai paused all of a sudden when he was asked this. He turned back, smiled, and said, "I am...." "The God Of Death." "..." Immediately after saying that he vanished. Though he came for a little amount of time and went as if it was nothing, the tribesmen were completely shocked when they heard the name - 'God Of Death'. "Wait... did these old ears of mine hear something wrong?", the elder's eyes bulged to the maximum extent and any more would just lead to the popping of the eyeballs out of the socket. Whoever heard that name, had the same reaction. All they could do now was gulp a large amount of dry saliva and just think of it as a boon. "I still can't believe that one of the Gods personally came to help us... and that too one of the strongest Gods..." MEANWHILE... "Now that I've collected 'The King Of Rivers', it's time for 'The King Of Volcano'!", Kai smiled while saying that. "But really, it's quite interesting as to how I changed..." "Now I am the hunter and they are my preys!" Kai recalled the past a bit as to how he used to be the prey of the monsters. 'It's really strange but it seems like I have to conquer this Prehistoric Era...', he thought. He ran with all his might and reached the volcano which was not that far from the area where he was in. It soon going to erupt too. 'RAWR' Kai heard a loud roaring sound of some beast and he could feel it walking towards him. The ground was shaking as the beast walked and neared Kai. 'Come out...' That was the only thing he said after which many monsters that were covered with black smoke appeared. 'Let's have another feast...' After he said that, all the monsters ran towards the one giant monster which looked no different than a T-rex. Just that the monster was breathing fire like that of a dragon from its mouth. Moreover, it had weird shiny red fire-like marks all over its body which would easily burn any monster if it were to try and bite it. 'Damn, I didn't expect this...', Kai thought. He was now standing on the steep volcano where the magma had slowly started to flow. The T-rex was standing on it and was getting enough supply of energy while the other monsters were just vanishing. 'Ding' [ Regeneration of monsters has been reduced by 30% due to habitat disadvantage ] A system notification popped up just as wen the monsters started to vanish one by one. 'Tsk...' Kai thought about taking things into his own hands. He summoned a sword in his right hand which was long and sharp. All of a sudden he vanished from the place where he was standing. 'Ding' [ You have used the skill Death Steps ] [ Agility has been raised by 10% ] [ Your presence has been concealed ] He then suddenly appeared right in front of the monster with the sword in his hand which he was aiming at the monster. 'A huge lizard-like you should just die!', he thought and aimed at its neck. 'BAM' "Huh...? Wha-" Even before he realized anything, the huge, strong, and flexible tail of the huge T-rex hit him hard and sent him flying towards the volcano's entrance. As Kai was slowly falling towards the volcano, he could remember all the things that he had yet to do. 'I... I have to go back to my era...' 'I... I haven't apologized to her yet...' 'My mom, dad and... sister...' Moreover, he could clearly see his entire life flashing in front of his eyes. 'It all started that day...' To be continued...
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