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"For killing someone innocent, you are sentenced to death!", a judge who seemed fairly old gave this statement in the court.

"No! Brother...", a young girl who was barely 18 was crying when she heard this.

Even the girl's parents were present there and were shedding tears of agony after hearing this.

Probably it was her brother's crime that was being talked about.

"Boss Kai!", many other delinquents were also present at the place. They had come to pressurize the judge from not giving any serious punishment but seems like Kai himself had denied or asked them to refrain from doing something like that.

It was Kai, who was considered a criminal and it was the same person who was supposed to be the brother of the girl who was crying non-stop.

The cops that were called upon yet again from the outside did a real good job of chasing the delinquents outside.

They were the ones who handcuffed him and took him away as if they were dragging him.

He was thrown in a minivan and was taken to the central jail where he was soon to be hanged in an hour. Yes, that was quite fast and probably the fastest death punishment legally ever.

Even the last wish of the person was denied to be heard and now Kai was about to be hanged in the secret chamber.

It could clearly be told that some strings were pulled behind the shadows for all these to happen.

"Haha, so it was you...", Kai said with a sharp voice.

It was supposed to be a secret chamber, at least for the outside world, but it seemed like there was someone who was sitting in a chair grandly.

Near him, a girl stood wearing a black robe with a tattoo on her right hand. It was the same for the man who was sitting on the chair and smoking a cigar.

He was fat and he was definitely bald, but the gold rings around all of his fingers and the gold chain that was present around his neck were the proof of his wealth.

Even a tooth of his was made from gold which could be clearly seen when he would smile.

"No no, my dear Kai..."

"Don't look at me in such a way..."

"It would end up turning me on!", the man was making a weird face while saying that.

"F***er, I will never forgive you...", Kai seemed angry.

Blood vessels could be clearly seen on his well-built muscular body. The anger on his face was so fierce that even the man who was smiling suddenly got scared for a second.

The cops immediately started to whip him with the lashes which the man had brought.

"Wh-what!? What was that glare? Do you think that you are in your domain!?", the man laughed continuously.

He kept on provoking again and again and Kai kept getting angry. He could hardly refrain from trash-talking or kicking the cops.

Both his hands were tied with chains made of iron that were tied with the ceiling.


'This punk...'

'I don't want him to have a peaceful death...'

'Ah! Yes, that would be the best!', the man thought.


"I forgot..."

"Don't you have a sister?"

The moment the man mentioned that, Kai gave out a fierce glare, fiercer than ever.

"W-what?", the man started to sweat immediately but on seeing him getting whipped and chained to the ceiling, he continued to spout the nonsense.

"Haha, what can you even do? After your death, I will kill your entire gang."

"Then it will be the turn of your parents and finally your beloved sister..."

"But well, before killing her, I will have my entire gang enjoy her in front of everyone in public! Hahaha!"





In just a blink of an eye, Kai closed the gap between the man and himself and punched him using all of his strength.

The punch was so strong that it sent the man flying who ultimately hit the wall. But before that, his skull was cracked due to the strength of the punch.


"Nwo wway... hwe bwoke the chainss...?", the man was barely conscious even now and was barely able to speak anything properly.

His skull had been damaged seriously and his brain too suffered heavy damage but despite that the person was alive.

"Not yet!"

"I won't let you die yet..."

"You have to be alive... you have to suffer a life worse than death!" while saying this he rushed towards him and broke his right arm.


"Ahhhhhh!", the man didn't feel any pain because of his skull, or rather he didn't have any time to feel pain since it happened too fast.

But his hand broke in such a way that no matter how fast it was done, he would suffer from the pain ten times more than normal.

The same was done to his other hand and then both the legs.

The cops were too scared to do anything and even if someone tried to get Kai off of the man, the cop would get hit instead in such a way that he would end up being unconscious.

"Stop right there Kai!", the head officer arrived and warned him.

But Kai didn't stop, he continued to hit the man's face and broke his nose. Then he put his finger inside the man's mouth and plucked his teeth.


The s**t was fired and the bullet pierced through Kai's heart. It was aimed perfectly and in an instant, Kai's heart was punctured.

But even now, he continued to hit the man but his punches were too weak.

'Bang Bang'

Two more bullets were fired which hit his abdomen leading to heavy wounds.

This finally stopped Kai from moving. His hands seemed lifeless and his body too.

He was kneeling in the same position as he was in earlier while hitting the man.


"I suwvivved...", the man said this despite all the damages he had suffered.

And when he thought that everything was over, Kai suddenly lifted both of his hands while trying to choke him by grabbing his neck.

It seemed as if he was gathering enough strength to do so.


The man aimed yet again and this time Kai's head was the target.

The head officer pulled the trigger and the bullet hit, however, everyone was surprised when they saw that the man instead of Kai had become the victim of the bullet.

It hit the other person's head leading to instant death.

All the cops were stunned by looking at this and so was the head officer.

'Kai, even during the last moment...'

'You have such wits to show?', while saying this, the head officer pulled the trigger which hit Kai's chest instead of the head.

Now the officer didn't feel the necessity to aim Kai's head since he would die of his own anyway.


'Ah... looks like my life is over...'


During his death, his entire life flashed before his eyes only to let him have a taste of remorse.

'But... I haven't asked for forgiveness yet!'

And while thinking that, his soul left his body and rendered him dead for now at least!


To be continued...

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