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*blink blink* 'Wh-' "..." 'What the f***!?' Kai opened his eyes only to find himself in a place that was completely unknown to him. He raised his head and his body too and sat while looking here and there. He punched his cheeks and went as far as slapping himself continuously, but no, he understood that it was no dream. "Just where the heck am I?" It was daytime and the sun rays fell on his face. Despite that, he didn't feel annoyed. Instead, he was surprised because of the refreshing feeling. The cool breeze that blew past him made his body rejuvenate. It was an exhilarating feeling which he couldn't possibly describe in mere words. *gulp* He was surprised and freaked out at the same time because this was the first time he felt something like this. He was in a vast grassland from where everything could be seen clearly. The tall trees and the vast forest were numerous Wherever he looked, he could find forests and nothing else. "Did we ever have such big forests?", he asked. "Maybe I should get my gang here to hang out once in a while..." Well, that's what he thought but little did he know even if he wanted to do that, it wasn't possible. "Uh..." "But this is strange..." "Why is my voice...?", indeed he felt that his voice was a bit different. *cough cough* 'Did something get stuck in my throat!?', he asked. He had a deep and dominating voice that could make anyone shut their mouth almost instantly. But right now his voice was quite sweet as if he were a singer or a pop star! 'Just what the heck has happened to me?', Kai was way too confused to even think straight. Moreover, it was a bit scary because he had the thought about this being real. Every adult was once a child thus it is evident that Kai has also had fun when he was a kid. Although his parents neglected him, he still had some reliable friends with whom he used to talk about tons of things and from them, he had definitely heard about the so-called reincarnation. *gulp* He swallowed a large amount of dry saliva while thinking this. 'If that's what has happened then...' He was almost sure that he had Reincarnated somewhere because he could clearly remember the events that led to his death. "Sigh, I guess I'll go crazy..." "Just who the heck believes in reincarnation!?" "..." "Someone might have played pranks with me and might have dropped me in some faraway place...", we wondered. It was a natural thought he got. No one would readily believe in reincarnation and Kai was the same too. Since he was smart, he thought of these possibilities. "Well, just sitting around won't help me anyway..." "Let's explore a way to get back!", right after saying that he stood up and started to look here and there while deciding where to go. "Huh...?", while he was thinking of a place where he would go first, he suddenly found smoke originating from the deeper parts of the forest that was right in front of him. "Smoke...?" "..." "That means there might be someone who would be able to help me!", he said with a smile since he thought that he had found a way to return. "Alright! Now I just need to reach the place!", while saying this, he dashed as fast as he could and entered the forest in no time. This was probably his biggest mistake or probably this was what fate had decided for him. He should have checked beforehand if the forest was safe by carefully observing it or taking precautions. But Kai didn't do that, he was over-excited due to which he didn't even get the time to think about it. Basically his excitement for the best out of him. 'Huff huff' "Just what the heck is wrong with me?" "Why am I breathing so heavily after just running a few hundred meters?" Even now he hasn't realized that he was in someone else's body. He did notice that his voice was different but probably thought that it was because of cold or something else. But he never once thought to take a look at his body until he found a river that was flowing in the great forest. The river was actually situated in the central and the deepest parts of the forest, however, some parts of the river originated from mountains and made their way near the edges of the forest. That was why he was able to find them quickly. "Ah! A river!!!", the moment he spotted the river, he rushed towards it. But the size was too small, regardless of which he started drinking water thoughtlessly. *gulp* *gulp* 'It's a stream...', he concluded after taking a good look at it. His thirst has been subsided which had initially originated from the moment he started running towards the forest. He took a bit of water in his palm and splashed it upon his own face. "Ah! How refreshing..." "..." The water was quite cool and thanks to that his body which had been heated due to running was now cooled. Although he ran for no more than ten minutes before he entered the forest and reached the stream, he was drenched in his own sweat. "The water is so clean here, we would hardly see this in industrial areas...", he smiled while saying this. But... He noticed something. While staring at the clear water mentioned just now, he noticed an unfamiliar face. "This..." "Who...?" He was seeing a boy, who seemed quite young with deep black hair and sharp black eyes, looking back at him. He failed to realize what he was looking at when he noticed that the boy moved the exact same way as he did. For a moment he thought that the boy was provoking him, but then he finally realized that the so-called boy that he was looking at was none other than his own reflection! "No..." "Way..." "Is that me!?" To be continued...

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