A Wife For Hire

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A no-nonsense, witty young woman is offered something she simply can't refuse, money.

In exchange, five years of her life are sold to a playboy. She is to marry him and act as the perfect trophy wife and if she wants a bonus have a child before the end of their five-year agreement.

Tired of all billionaire romances the same thing over and over? Then look no further because this isn't your typical billionaire-type romance. This one kinda makes sense.

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A Proposal
"What the f**k?" Austin shot up from his seat in utter disbelief. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Sit down and stop all that whining." His father Jack shot him a disgusted look. What else was he to do? His only son was a man whoring philanderer. "But you, I what, dad!" Austin couldn't even form proper sentences in his flustered manner. "Austin sit down and shut up!" the old man sitting on the side sighed as he massaged his aching forehead. "But grandfather," Austin began to protest but Jack slammed his hand down on the table silencing his protest. Austin could only sit in dismay. But he shot his mother and grandmother begrudging looks. Which the women choose to ignore. They were already at their wit's end with their husbands both claiming that the boy ended up this way because of their coddling. "We made our decision, within six months you are to be married or be disinherited!" Jack said with a mocking smile. "However, you will choose from the women we selected or a woman of your choice. If you choose the latter then that woman must not be one of your little gold-digging whores." Austin's grandfather Anges informed him. "Any questions?" Jack nodded in agreement to Anges' words and turned to his son and asked. "You do know the year is 2022 right?" Austin asked, skeptical about the whole thing. "You're pranking me, right? " Does it seem like we are joking? " Anges frowned, unhappy with the boy prattling about pranks and such. "Grandpa, dad, people don't do that anymore the whole arrange marriage shebang. Besides I'm only twenty-seven I'm not ready to get married." Austin sighed and slumped down in his chair in dismay. "Oh, you must be ready for unemployment and homelessness." Jack sarcastically commented from the side. "Dad!" Austin groaned. He knew better than to argue with his father but arranged marriage? Like hell, he would agree to it. "Four beautiful candidates here are willing to marry you. " Anges ignored the protests and pushed four identical files towards Austin who quickly went through them with a disgusted look on his face. "None of them are my type!" Austin protested causing the men's faces to the livid. "Your type is gold-digging whores!" unable to hold himself back again Anges roared in a rage and slammed his hand on the table before being immediately sent into a coughing fit alarming everyone in the room. "Grandpa!" Austin's face paled as he shot to his feet once more but this time to rush over to the old man. "I'm alright, oof, oof." Anges waved as he tried to catch his breath. Everyone sighed in relief. The old man was not in the best of health recently. His heart problems were getting the better of him. "If you don't like them then find a wife on your own. But keep in mind if she's 'your type' I'll have you selling your ass in these streets." Jack looked at his son and declared. "For once do as we say." Anges nodded in agreement with Jack and commented by the side. "Austin just try and do the right thing." Jenna, Austin's mother also spoke up in agreement with Austin's marriage. "This," Austin hesitated and his eyes flicker to his grandmother, who nodded in agreement. "Okay." All the elders beamed and smiled at him. This is exactly what they wanted, for Austin to agree. Once the stubborn boy agreed he would never back down and would bring a wife to them in six months. However, that was four months ago! Austin tiredly runs his hand down his face before picking up his glass and chugging its contents. "So that's what happened, that's wild!" Roger sitting next to Austin laughed at his friend's plight. "It's not f*****g funny!" Austin gritted his teeth and glared at Roger. "It's a little funny." Roger shot back at Austin. You couldn't blame Roger for laughing. The situation was just so ridiculous that it had to be funny. It happened like this, Austin left his grandparent's house and called his other friend Gerald. Together they found Austin's perfect woman, Gerald's cousin, and began coaching her. Four months pass by and yesterday Austin decided to introduce her to his family. That's when everything went wrong. The woman who shall not be named was nervous as anyone would be. She knew what was at stake and how much of this was a golden opportunity to be the wife of the man she had a crush on for years. Walking into the house hand in hand with Austin. She smiled politely as she introduced herself. Everything was perfect, well in Austin's eyes everything was perfectly executed however, it was beyond ridiculous as his family took one look at her and rejected her. To her face! An argument broke out, and somehow a drink was spilled on Austin's grandmother by that said woman. That's when all hell broke loose! A struggle ensued as Austin's mother in a rage shoved the woman who in turn seemed to be apologetic about spilling the drink. Halting the argument slightly. The woman began crying loudly as if she had a world of grievances. Jack wasn't impressed though and commented, "Can't turn a hoe into a housewife all they do is cry!" Once more, everyone was shouting over each other as they argued. Nothing seemed to be going right. Just when Austin was going to ignore his family and pull the woman to leave, that woman tackled his mother to the ground! Why did she tackle his mother to the floor you say? Austin had no clue, the shouting and arguing probably blocked out what his mother had said to the young woman. On the floor, his mother and the young woman began a struggle to gain an upper hand. Austin watched as his mother elbowed the woman in her ribs and then chin knocking her to the side before climbing on top of the woman and proceeding to punch the s**t out of the woman's face. The young woman was overwhelmed but this at first. But this wasn't her first rodeo. She got a few hits in and when they finally pulled his mother and the young woman apart from each other, his mom's top tore exposing her bra. If all hell didn't break loose before it surely did now. And all Austin could do was stand there like a complete i***t. His only thoughts were, 'I'm ruined. Dad's gonna kill me, mom is gonna cry. Grandpa is going to be disappointed and Grandma is mortified.'

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