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** SARAH’S POV ** Angela and I ogled the cars for a few seconds before finally going inside the school and to the administrative office to check for our classes. Since we both opted for the same subjects, we had the same schedule. I love chemistry while Angela is a Math geek, a subject that I have come to tolerate, only coz of her “Well, seems like we have your favorite this morning” I added sarcastically as we went in search of our classroom. She bumped her shoulder with me with a grin as big as the grinch’s “Oh, do not be so grumpy… you know that I will always save your ass when it comes to Mathematics, right…” She does not let me finish coz and just grabs my hand and drags us to our lockers passing through the throngs of students, who seem to be parting way for us like we were famous “Oh, wow… we just stepped inside the school, like 5 minutes ago, and we are already famous, huh!” Just as those words left my mouth a group of really hot guys and sexy girls pass by us ‘Oh, it is for them that they cleared the path!’ “Oh. My. God!” Angela whispers drooling after the clique “This school has some really hot guys!!” she fans her face batting her lashes ‘Typical Angela!’ “There were equally hot guys in Italy too and do not forget that it is a world known fact that Italian men are any woman’s wet dream” I winked at her. She laughs at my words “Well, I clearly remember you turning down those said sexy men, repeatedly, every damn time!” “My priorities were not in their best interest so” I shrugged my shoulders since there is nothing much to say, coz, I literally met guys who only had their best interests in mind.  She rolled her eyes at me “You just have too high standards!” she finishes with a shrug just as we reached our first class for the day “I do not mind getting my hands on one of the guys from that sexy six club”. “Sexy six? Really?” I rolled my eyes at her “Enough talk about guys, let us just worry about our studies for now. I googled before we got here, and they say that they have a tough curriculum”. We both step inside the class, earning glances from everyone present, including that of the ‘Sexy six’ best described as the entourage of models that walked by us earlier. It was not just the guys of that group who looked at us like we were a new toy for them to play with but the girls too and that made me put my guard up in an instant. I grabbed a seat that was free close to the window and Angela grabbed the one next to me. Most of the students were stealing glances at us but the ‘sexy six’ which consisted of 3 girls and 3 guys, did not hide their stares and it made me squirm in my seat. Our classes went on fine except for the part where the teacher asked me and Angela to introduce ourselves since we are the only new students to join this year. It is lunchtime now, so I and Angela were on our way to the cafeteria when the sexy six club members stood in our path. “Excuse me, we need to go to cafeteria” I gripped Angela’s hand as I said those words but none of them budged, rather they started laughing and one of the girls, ‘Elaine, I guess’ stepped closer to us raising a brow. “That mouth of yours is going to be your doom one day” Elaine bit out stepping into my space looking over her shoulder at her friends “There is a special table reserved for you and your friend, come on”.   ‘God!! I need to put a filter on my mouth! How can I… when they are jumping the guns from day 1’. ‘If you let them bully you, you might as well be telling them that they can do what they want with you!’ ‘If I just do not give them the satisfaction of seeing me bothered and crying, they will eventually get tired and stop with it!’ ‘I see this idea of yours going wrong in so many different ways!’ “We do not need special treatment, thank you. You all seem like you deserve that special table more than we newbies” I grab Angela’s hand and tried to walk away from them ‘I told them off… in a subtle way, that should do it!’ The group started snickering like it was “What’s so funny? You said you wanted us to have the special table and I am only telling you all that you do not have to go out of your way and give us what belongs to you all!” ‘Do they make word filters, coz my word vomit is going out of control!’ Elaine rolled her eyes and stopped snickering, her look turned serious “We are not asking, now, come on, we do not have all day” she looked down at her watch shrugging her shoulders “20 minutes tops!” “Fine… lead the way” I added mockingly with the whole gesture with the hands and everything ‘I will be so pissed if I were in her place and if someone acts the way I do!’ The sexy six, who I am now going to refer to as the dumb six club, walk us out to the back of the school and my eyes pop out looking at the table. I took deep breaths to calm the fu*k down, the adrenaline pumping through my veins is going to make one of them pop “It defiantly suits your style more” Angela spoke up giving them a once over folding her hands over chest. The dumb six laugh ‘Wow, that name suits them a LOT!’ I could not stop the smile from creeping up and Angela’s statement only made it worse for my situation, so I had to fake a cough as I muttered *bit*h* “Sorry, bad throat!” Elaine narrowed her eyes ‘I guess she did hear me call her a bit*h!’ “Nobody wants to be on our radar, but you, Antonov and Manesi, just grabbed that lucky spot” she gave us a really fake laugh, and her ‘dumber than thou’ friends followed suit.
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