The Broken Black Sparrow

second chance


Dare to be a teen - Meet My hybrid girl

Sarah is blissfully unaware of her past, she lives her life happily, contended with herself and what she has. She goes to a school “Dale Academy” in Melbourne. She has always been living a sheltered life. Not wanting to grab attention she would dress in baggy sweatshirts and loose-fitting jeans with a beanie adorning her head.

Dale Academy is a school for kids of different species like werewolves, hybrids, and humans, as the school is on common grounds, everyone is allowed to join except for witches.

The students here are from different packs and clans so there is a lot of jealousy and rivalry. So, obviously, when the new girl comes in, she becomes the center of attention and it is not just a good kind of attention, but bad too.

Soon she is targeted by Nick’s pack members, especially his girlfriend and her minions.

The many secrets of her life are uncovered, and her simple teenage life takes an unexpected turn to a path of destruction.

Will she be destroyed, or will she be the reason for everyone's destruction?

Flip through her life to find out.

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MAIN CHARACTERS: SARAH ANTONOV: Female lead 17 years old, pale skin, long wavy blond hair, light hazel eyes, 5’2 height, hourglass figure. DALIA ANTONOV: Sarah’s mother who is a witch that practices white magic. MICHAEL BLACK: Sarah’s werewolf father, who was an Alpha of Broken Angels, killed in an attack by Dark Waters pack. NICK BELASARRO: Male lead 18 years old, lightly tanned skin, dark brown short silky hair, blue eyes, 6ft tall well-toned body. JEREMEY BELASARRO: Nick’s brother 20 years old, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, a 6ft tall, lean but strong body. KONSTANTIN BELASARRO: Nick’s father and the owner of BELASARRO CORPORATION and the Alpha of DARK WATERS pack. ROSIE BELASARRO: Nick’s mother and the Luna of the DARK WATERS pack. ROMAN KOSTOF: Nick’s beta and his best friend, 17 years old. DAMIAN AUGUSTUS: Sarah’s best friend since she started at the new school. ANGELA MANESI: Sarah’s best friend since childhood, 18-year-old as she is 4 months elder to Sarah. KEITH DRAUKOF: Son of Went and Mia Draukof, Alpha and Luna of Shadow Riders pack. NEIL ANDREW: Sarah’s gay friend. SEBASTIAN RUBE: Nick’s third in command, who is gay. ELAINE VALENS: Nick’s girlfriend. ELIZABETH: DARK WATERS pack doctor. VALERIE: A supreme witch with dark magic. ROSA: Valerie’s sister, the supreme witch who works with white magic.  ******************* ** SARAH’S POV ** “MOMMMMMM….!!!” My voice echoed throughout the house and hopefully alerting my sweet yet lazy mother that it is time for me to go to school. “MOOOOMMMMMM!!! I can’t believe this!” I sighed throwing my hands in the air as I looked around for my mom “Mom, you know, I am supposed to be the kid in this family, not you!” Her room was empty, and her bed was made up, which was weird as hell coz she never makes her bed. Why? I asked her the same question, and this is what she had to say, “no point in making the bed when I will only end up ruffling them when I go back to bed”. I groaned, yet again knowing well how this morning was going to play out. I walked into the kitchen and found the breakfast on the dining table, with a note on the side “I had to run for a quick errand, my baby. DON’T SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST!” If you ask me what my mom is good at, I would say ‘FOOD!!!’ hands down, there is no doubt about it but somehow, I never inherited that quality from her and doesn’t seem like I ever will. A defeated sigh left my lips as I plopped my ass on the chair and munched on my breakfast. I looked around the house and sighed, again at the loneliness. I hardly ever get to spend time with my mom but for the most part, we spend any time we get, with each other. You see, my dad was killed when I was still a baby, so, it always has been my mom and me against the world, ‘always and forever’ that’s what she always says and I have come to mean it too. Mom got a call saying her aunt is not well and that we need to move to Melbourne, IMMEDIATELY. So, here we are, in our new house, with all the boxes lying around and being late on my first day to school. Lucky for me that my best friend’s family too shifted to Melbourne, so we decided to go to the same school, together, but seems like even she is running late. I rolled my eyes coz I knew I had to get her ass out of bed and go to school “s**t!” Picking up my backpack I dashed across the street to my best friend’s house “Good morning Lucia. Is she up yet?” “Uh… in all the time that you have known her has she ever woken up without getting a kick in her lazy ass from you?” she smiled flipping the omelet in the pan. “Got it!” I made my way up the stairs and knowing what would do the trick, I got a hold of a bucket of water before going into her room and emptying it on her. “SARAH. WHAT THE f**k BRO!! Not cool” she woke up in a jerk gasping for air. I dusted my hands while shrugging my shoulder “You are awake, so I would say it worked!”  “AAAARRRGGGG… remind me why we are friends again!” she hissed stomping her way to the bathroom. “Awww… don’t pout, you know, you love me more than anything in the world” I yelled after her plopping on her bed. She flips the bird before closing the bathroom door in my face, which was more of an amusement for me than anything “Did your car get delivered?” I yelled at the bathroom door. There was no answer “Drama queen” I muttered to myself as I pulled myself off the bed “You know what happens when you try to keep up the silent treatment, right?” I paused for a bit “Ok then, I hope you are ready for what I have in store!” The door to the bathroom opens with such urgency that I almost get a whiplash… just kidding. My best friend narrowed her eyes at me and stalked towards me “I dare you to do it. Last time was different but this time you will get your ass handed to you, don’t doubt that!” “I never doubted you, now please get that fat ass of yours ready, so that we can go to school on time since it’s our first day and all!” I pulled out a chocolate bar from her bedside drawer and took a bite of it “Damn this is goooood!!” She plucked the chocolate from me and chomped it down “Hey… what was that for?” “That was for pouring a bucket full cold water on me!” she huffed and got her bag ready. After 20 minute drive, we were finally near at the school gates and missed the first period “Damn!!” Angela whistled looking at the array of supercars that were parked in the parking lot. “Wow… that’s some cars spread right there!” I said dreamily.

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