Edward Vs Killos part 1

2233 Words

THE MAIN BORDER CONTROL BASE OF THE GREEN CONTINENT In front of the gate of the main border control base. An old man; who’s driving a vehicle drawn by two horses; has stopped next to a small house like a checkpoint. ‘’What’s your business here?!’’ ‘’I’m just an old man with some goods to deliver to someone in the black continent, so, I’m here to request a ticket in order to pass to the black continent.’’ ‘’And what kind of goods that you want to deliver?’’ ‘’Will you believe me… If I told you that they are some little kids?’’ ‘’…!!?’’ ‘’Ha-Haha-hahaha!!! You; old man; are funny, here, here, here’s your ticket, it costs fifty silver coins and one hundred golden coins. You can now head to the sub-base number two, then you’ll find; in the port; the ship which will take you there, it’s

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