Age of magic

magical world

On a land called the green continent, a village got destroyed, leaving one survivor. A boy named Leo whose soul was about to join the other dead villagers if it wasn’t for someone’s intervening.

So, what destiny awaits him after he lost his family and his whole village?

It seems that there’s one answer to that because every time love is harmed, hatred is born, and vengeance becomes inevitable.

Blood for blood, Leo will make his way out at this winner-take-all world.

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Sudden change
A raven with a message arrives at the window of ruler Edward of the green continent. ''Hey my old friend, it’s been a while since my last visit to your beautiful continent… So tomorrow we’ll meet finally and I hope that all my coins are waiting for me. THE RULER MARDOCHAIOS'' … The Mardochaios is sitting with the ruler Edward. The Mardochaios's face seemed unrevealed. The ruler Mardochaios: This continent has changed since my last visit, and my followers have noticed a village near a lake. The ruler Edward: Yeah, right, it’s a new village and its people have passed through a lot in order to build it. The ruler Mardochaios: I do not care about them; I’ll expect money from them or they will be wiped off the face of the earth. The ruler Edward: But as you know they do not have the money yet, so let’s not jump to conclusions, give them one year and you’ll be paid. The Mardochaios stands up from the table with a sarcastic smile on his face. The ruler Mardochaios: It was a delicious meal, and as always, the green continent has the best food ever… The ruler Mardochaios (continues): Now my old friend I’ll leave, so enjoy your time, ruler Edward. The ruler Edward: And what about that village? The ruler Mardochaios: Don’t worry, I’ll deal with it as peacefully as I can. … The ruler Mardochaios has continued his road on a horse-drawn vehicle with his followers, while his elite guard Alvah Drak has stopped by the lake village. Alvah: Okay, everyone, let’s make this as quick as possible, so, please bring as usual the one hundred gold coins for the adults and the other one hundred silver coins for the kids. The people have gathered in front of Alvah with fear on their faces. ‘’But… Sir… We talked to the royal guards to inform ruler Edward himself that we’ll not be able to pay unless ruler Mardochaios gives us some more time.’’ ‘’As you see… we passed through hell to build this village.’’ ‘’Yes, please just give us some time, we don’t have enough money.’’ The people of the village are begging Alvah. ‘’Please, mister…’’ Even the kids are begging him. Alvah remembers what the Mardochaios has told him... "Anyone does not pay, kill him, anyone resists, kill him..." … Alvah sighs. Alvah: Aaah, I always have to do stuff like this, it does not matter now, I am sorry everyone, but there’s no other solution… Alvah jumped to the sky while his body was showing a purple glow till his whole body turned into a red flying Salamander that fires red fire everywhere… … The camera has taken us to some boy who was fishing in the lake… ‘’What!? What is that!?’’ The boy has returned to the village as soon as he heard explosions, but he was shocked by the scene that he saw, a huge red Salamander destroys everything in the village… The tears come out of his eyes… ''Stop, stop it… Stop!!!!'' At that moment Alvah has finished and the Salamander has gone smaller and smaller till Alvah landed with his human form… Once the boy saw him standing in front of him, he attacked with his bare hands with desperate screaming... ''Haaaaaaah, you bastard, what have you done? I’ll kill you…'' Suddenly, Alvah has moved so quickly until he hit him on his stomach which made things for that boy go darker and darker till he lost consciousness… Alvah shows claws from his hand… Alvah: Sorry to end this like that... But I do not have time for you... Alvah tried to kill that boy who was like a body without a soul… But one moment before that, and from nowhere someone intervenes to stop Alvah!! From behind his back, we see a person; with royal clothes; putting his right hand on Alvah’s shoulder. "You've killed enough people, leave this place now, Alvah Drak!!" Alvah’s face shows some fear… Alvah: Ooo-hh, of course, it’s you, ruler Edward, how are you? A white glow shows up slowly from ruler Edward’s body… The ruler Edward: I said leave this place, now!!! Alvah: Don’t get angry with me, all right, all right, I’ll let this kid but the next time make sure that you pay what on you or you’ll lose your other arm… Hhahahahahaha... Then Alvah flies away … Ruler Edward tried to check the boy’s heartbeat but a wave of a purple glow has appeared around the boy's body!! The ruler Edward: This cursed magic power... Can it be...!!? The ruler has taken him with an incredible speed, till they arrived in the Royal city, exactly, to his friend's house, doctor Steve. A day after that, the boy has opened his eyes after he was taken care of by doctor Steve. ''W-Where am I?'' Dr. Steve: Hey kid, you have opened your eyes, good, that’s my house and you're in the Royal city. ''What Royal city, are you kidding me… What The … Aa-ahhhh my head hurts.'' Dr. Steve: Take this potion of medicine, it'll help, but if you want your questions to be answered you should wait… At that moment, ruler Edward has come... The ruler Edward: Hey, how are you!? ''Good, I think…'' Suddenly, the boy felt like his head was going to blow up because of the pain... ''Aaaaagh… What is that… Mom… No… Every one of the village!!!'' His tears started to fall while he holds his head. ''Now I remember, they were killed, they were killed... The whole village was destroyed by that person… It’s not a dream… And why am I alive…? Why me… Why must I suffer like this? Tell me!! Why that happened, weren't we good people with a simple life, what have we done to deserve this!!?'' Ruler Edward tries to calm him… The ruler Edward: It’s okay, it’s okay… You're safe now, but before we continue, you must first tell me your name and your age? ''My name is… Leo… Leo Hawthorne, and I’m 14 years old. '' The ruler Edward: …! The ruler Edward: Good, now I can tell you who I am… I am the ruler Edward of the green continent, you can call me just Kain if you want to, and I’m sorry to meet you in such circumstances… Leo (surprised): T-The ruler… The ruler Edward (keeps on): And about your village… I can't tell you how sorry I am… All those people died because I did not make it on time, I was late but I could have at least saved you. Leo catches the ruler from his clothes! Leo: What… What kind of rulers are you… Haaaah…!? Are you telling me that the mighty ruler of the green continent could not save his people because he didn’t make it on time… What the hell is that…!!? Are you kidding me!!? Should I take that as an excuse or what do you expect me to do!!? Ruler Edward takes off Leo's hands gently… The ruler Edward: I did expect this reaction, and yeah, it is my fault that I did nothing to save your village, but we should now look at what we have and forget the past. Leo: Forget the past? Haah!? Do you want me to forget my village, my family, my friends, just like that, just like nothing happened? The ruler Edward: Ah, it's better for you to forget just like that. Leo: You damn bastard...! The ruler Edward: unleash your wrath on me after your body is healed. When the ruler wanted to get out, he found Dr. Steve waiting there while he's smoking his cigarette. The ruler Edward: Thank you for taking care of him. Dr. Steve: Aaah, no problem, ruler Edward. … The next day, ruler Edward has returned. Leo: I appreciate what you’ve done with me, thank you. Dr. Steve: Haha, it’s just my job, I am grateful that you’re feeling okay now. Take care of him, ruler Edward. The ruler Edward: Of course. … Leo: Then, where are we going? The ruler Edward: To the palace where you'll meet someone. Leo: The pala… Dr. Steve: … Before he could finish his word, ruler Edward has put his hand on Leo and with magnificent speed, he took him to a place that made Leo really surprised, the view which he saw has a beautiful fountain of water in the middle of a short white road and next to it from both sides there are squared spaces with herb and some trees, this view really made Leo feel good. And at the end of that short white road, there was a door which got out of it a boy with green hair and black eyes, and on his right side, there was a servant with a black suit. Leo: Who are they? The ruler Edward: Hahaha, what a way to say ''hey'', but it's okay… This is my son Joseph, he's almost in your age and he'll be a friend and a brother to you from now on, and this is Benjamin who'll help you if you needed anything. Joseph: Yo! Benjamin shows a pose of respect. Benjamin: Hello young master, Leo, it is a great pleasure meeting you. Leo: Haha… Young… Master… A friend and a brother... What are you guys saying...!? The ruler Edward: After what happened to you, I couldn't have turned my back on you, so you'll live here with us, aah… Also, you’ll join along with Joseph in the first year of the academy of magic. Leo: Wait what, that's a lot to take!! … The ruler Edward: But let me tell you first about that academy, the academy of magic is a place that you can find on every continent and it's a destination for young magicians like you, because there you'll be able to learn new things about magic, and if you could pass three years without any failure then you'll have the right to join: Healing teams, magic research teams and there is the army which has many ranks, the top one of them is the elite guards. Leo: But for the academy of magic, I can't go there because I'm not a magic-user. The ruler Edward: When the time is right, you'll use it… It's just a matter of motivation. ... At this moment, ruler Edward, Joseph, and Leo are eating dinner... Benjamin: Will you need anything else, ruler Edward? The ruler Edward: No thank you, we're fine just go and take some rest for yourself. Benjamin: Thank you, and young master Leo, prince Joseph, good night. ... The ruler Edward: Leo, have you thought about the nature of your magic? Leo: Actually no, because I tried to use it several times, but I just can’t. Ruler Edward stands up. The ruler Edward: Leo, Joseph, follow me. …

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