The Royal city

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We're now in a training spot behind the palace. The ruler Edward: Joseph! Don't get close, because Leo and I will have a fight… Joseph: Hah!? Leo: What!? The ruler Edward (continues): Here and now! So that we can all know the kind of your magic. Leo: W-what are you talking ab… Before Leo could’ve got the chance to finish his words, ruler Edward’s body has shown a huge wave of a red flame glow!! Ruler Edward floats to the sky slowly… Joseph: Da-d…? Leo: …!!? Speedily, ruler Edward fires a flame attack that has passed near Leo’s eye!! ’Hi-s… His power… His speed… It’s unbelievable…!!’ - Leo Ruler Edward screams!!! The ruler Edward: Leo!!!!! What are you waiting for!!? You must defend yourself!! Do you really want to take revenge for your village while you’re so weak!!? Leo: My… Village… The ruler Edward: Show me your power!! Let your magic go out!!! Let it go!!! Leo!! Ruler Edward launches many flame balls attacks towards Leo!! Leo: Heh… Hah… Aah… That’s… A lot… Leo is trying to dodge ruler Edward’s attacks… Suddenly, ruler Edward has moved quickly till he hit Leo on his stomach, at this moment Leo remembered what happened to his village… After that hit, Alvah pops up in his head. Leo: Aa-h… Aa-h… Alvah!!!!!!! While Leo is screaming a purple glow started to cover his body completely! The ruler Edward: …!! Joseph: …!! Then, the purple glow gathered in Leo’s right arm while he was attacking ruler Edward. Leo: Haaaaa!!!! Ruler Edward is dodging the attacks easily… The ruler Edward: Hmm… I see… All of a sudden, ruler Edward hits Leo on his neck till he lost consciousness. The ruler Edward: Here… Ruler Edward holds him before he falls. Joseph is surprised! Joseph: Wha-what was that? Dad? The ruler Edward: Something so powerful… So dangerous… Joseph! Listen, Leo will absolutely live with us, I hope you’re okay with that. Joseph: Haha! What! I am so okay with it, after all, I always… thought that it’ll be awesome having a brother around. The ruler Edward: Thank you, Joseph. ... The next day. Leo has woken up in his bed. Leo looks around… Leo: I am… In my Room…? I remember… I was with ruler Edward and Joseph in the training spot… Leo sees next to him his breakfast and some new clothes. Leo gets up from his bed. He drank some tea and saw a piece of paper which was written on it ''Yooo!! Leo, it's Joseph, I’ll be waiting for you near the fountain, don’t be late.'' Leo: Heh, that guy… After he changed his clothes, Leo went to see Joseph who was with a girl with brown hair… Joseph: Hey, how are you feeling? Leo: I am good. ’Could it be that he forgot about what happened yesterday, I’m not sure but, anyways…‘ - Joseph Joseph: Aaah Leo, this is my childhood friend her name is the beast-ria. Leo: Aa-ah, nice to meet you. The girl punches Joseph! ''My name is Maria you stupid!!'' Joseph: Haha, S-sorry!! Joseph: All right, Alright…Why don’t we go take a walk in the Royal City? Maria: Wow, that's a nice idea from an empty-headed like you. Joseph: Haha! Maria, you sometimes come up with some words that I have never heard about before, haha, empty-headed, what the hell is that? Joseph is hitting Maria while he laughs. Maria hits Joseph strongly this time. Maria: Stop hitting like that, it hurts as you know!!! You’re too happy unusually. Joseph: Haha…! Leo: But, will we be allowed by your dad to go out, because as you see guards all everywhere. Joseph: Yeah, but he'll do nothing if he didn't know that we’re sneaking out, and for that, there is one person who will help us. Joseph walks towards one of the guards in an angle. Joseph: Yooo!! Mister Will, how are you doing these days? Will: Of course, that's you, do you think that I'm your vehicle or what? Joseph: Please, mister Will… Just this time… Joseph shows a creepy smile. Joseph: Or… Do you want me to tell my dad that you use your magic to go see your wife… Haaaaah!!? Will: You little monster… all right, all right… You win. 《 Gaaaate》 A magical gate has been opened by Will. Leo, Joseph, and Maria have entered, till they found themselves at someplace in the Royal city which contains a lot of people walking here and there, many stores with different goods, some of them present clothes, while others show some food while others present weapons and magical items. ‘’New clothes!! Come!! If you want some new clothes!!’’ Maria: New… Clothes… When Maria saw the clothes, she couldn’t have stopped herself from going to one of the stores. Joseph: Haha! She’s obsessed with clothes, just forget about her for some time, Leo, she’ll come back with many bags of clothes. Leo: Haha…! Joseph: Hmm… What about that store of weapons? Leo: Weapons then… Joseph: I hope it has some magical items. Leo and Joseph went to that store. Then, they met its owner; an old man wearing a black dress which was covering his whole body except the mouth. ‘’Hello, Oahah-oahah… Welcome to my humble store, oahah-oahah… What these two young men want, is it the rings of opposite magic, the necklace of luck, stones of magic magnification or regenerating armors or will it be the recovery potions…what's then!!! Joseph liked the items. Joseph: That's cool, right! Leo!? Leo: To be honest I never used any of those. Joseph: Haha, I always buy some magical items but my dad takes them from me, he says that I should focus on my own magic power, haha, this time we’ll hide them from him. Leo: I see. Joseph: So, what do you think about the rings of opposite magic? Leo: Yeah, no problem. Joseph: What is their function? ‘’Basically, they protect you from the opposite magic.’’ The old man at the same time has brought a glass ball and put it in front of Joseph and Leo... ‘’You can put both your hands on this ball to see if I have the right rings for your nature of magic.’’ After that, the old man was shocked by the nature of Leo's magic. ’Im-possible…!! It’s like his glow!!’ - The old man The old man has opened a shelf and gave them two rings. ‘’These are for you and for free, so don't worry about money.’’ Joseph: What!! Really!? Thank you!! Leo: Aah, thanks. Joseph and Leo go away while they’re still followed by the old man’s looks. 'I have to tell him what I have seen.' - The old man Joseph: It’s a cool item don’t you think? Leo: Rings of opposite magic, interesting… At the same time, they found Maria holding many bags. Maria: Is this how you two treat a weak lady like me, here, take these heavy bags. Joseph: I told you. Maria: Is there any problem, Haaaaah? Joseph: Haha… Here, give me some. Leo: I’ll help you as well. Joseph: Woaah, I can’t believe you bought all this, Maria, you really like new clothes. Maria: Of course I do. … The camera takes us to an unknown place which seems like a path that has many pillars on both sides till that path ends in a hall with low light, and in the middle of it, there is a throne which was occupied by the ruler Mardochaios. The ruler Mardochaios: Killer, where is my wine? Killer: It's right here, let me pour it for you. He drank a little of the cup while he’s leaning on his hand. The ruler Mardochaios: We must end what we started, Killer. Because of that bastard Julius, I had to sign the peace treaty, but I don't care about their money, I just want my ambition to be fulfilled. Killer: Our powers were consumed in the previous war with the green continent, without forgetting that we rushed and lost the other half, the peace treaty was just a time-gaining tool till our next strike, but this time it’ll be different. Your sacred plan shall be executed. Ruler Mardochaios. The ruler Mardochaios: You’re right Killer, you’re totally right.
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