Unexpected training

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Joseph knocks on Leo's door. Joseph: Yooo!! Leo!! You lazy!! Heyyy!! Joseph didn't hear any response from Leo. Joseph: I didn't want to do this but… Joseph has put his finger in the direction of the keyhole, then he launched a long filament of water toward Leo's room, after some minutes, Leo has destroyed the door!!! Leo: There's a water in the room!!! Leo sees Joseph laughing next to him... Leo: You did this!!! You… ... Leo and Joseph are putting some bandages on their heads while having breakfast with ruler Edward... The ruler Edward: Joseph! Are you stupid or what? You covered all the room with water!! And you Leo, I didn't expect you to react like that. Leo and Joseph (at the time): So-sorry. Joseph: By the way, we want to train for a little bit… Me, Leo, and Maria, what do you say? Dad? The ruler Edward: All right, but for stopping you from destroying the whole palace, someone has to watch you… Right, Sebastian. The guy who’s called Sebastian is coming with both of his hands behind him… Sebastian: Of course, ruler Edward. The ruler Edward: Leo, if you didn’t know, Sebastian is one of my elite guards and he's the commander of the royal guards. Leo: I see. ’So, this is one of the king’s elite guards, I wonder if they’re strong enough as I hear.’ - Leo Sebastian: So, this is the new kid, I can’t wait to see your magic power. Leo: Aah, right…! The ruler Edward: Anyway, I have some work to do, so, enjoy your time. … At the main gate of the palace, we see Maria who has just arrived. After that, Joseph has told the gate guard to let her in. Joseph: Yooo!! How are you? Maria: Good, thanks! Joseph: Haha, ready for the training. Maria: Of course! I’ll beat you as always. Joseph: Hmm… I wonder about that. The three have walked to the training spot. When they arrived, they found Sebastian leaning on the wall. Sebastian: Finally, you came!! Well, shall we begin?! Attack me, all of you!! Joseph, Leo, and Maria didn't care for what he's saying… Joseph: Hey, Leo let's see who will do one thousand pushups. Sebastian seems upset. Sebastian: You little..!! You dare to ignore me… Haah!!!? Sebastian takes out of his pocket a comb and starts combing his hair with closed eyes while he takes a deep breath… Sebastian: All right then… 《Elemental Magic》! Everyone has turned toward Sebastian!! Sebastian: Now I got your attention, Great! Leo: What a pressure!!! Maria: elemental magic…? Joseph: Yeah, he can use the five elements, water, fire, wind, earth, and light. Leo: What!? All that!? Maria: …!! Joseph: And he can also copy any attack if he touches it. Sebastian: Haha! You know a lot about me, Joseph, so, what are you going to do? Heh? Leo walks forward. Leo: We’ll fight. Sebastian: Hoo! So you’re not afraid of me? Leo: Nothing will make me afraid anymore. Joseph: Leo, due to your magic nature, I have a plan. It may sound risky for you, but do you want to hear it? Leo: Just tell me. Joseph: You must face him directly, and while you’re doing that, I and Maria will cover you from both sides and attack him at any possible chance. Leo: Got it, let’s do it. At this moment, Leo closed his eyes, after some seconds, a purple glow showed up from his right arm. While he looks at his purple arm ’So, that’s my magic nature, I feel like my hand is heavier but I think I can control it!!’ - Leo ’Hmmm, purple glow, interesting…’ - Sebastian Leo has gone speedily towards Sebastian!! Leo now is trying to hit him with both hands, but Sebastian dodges him easily. Sebastian: Is that all you’ve got? kid. Leo (smiles): I don’t think so. Joseph: Leo, now!! Leo jumps to the right side. Sebastian: Hah? Joseph launches water balls through his hand while Maria uses her magic of forest spirit; which can make tree branches grow up and attack!! Joseph and Maria have made their combined attack on Sebastian who was just standing… Joseph: I think we got him. Maria: Yeah, I didn’t see him moving. Leo has felt something, so, he tried to look for him in different directions while a big wave of dust was blocking the view. Leo (screams): He's behind you!!! Before Joseph and Maria had the chance to see what was behind them, Sebastian took their heads and hit them with each other. Leo didn't expect that, then he ran fastly toward him while Leo’s black glow is spreading little by little in his body. Joseph: It is just training. Don't lose control!! Leo: Haaaaaaaah!!! Sebastian (smiles): Show me what you've got, kid! Leo has started to hit him again but Sebastian dodged his attacks easily, but at a certain moment, Sebastian gave Leo one single punch which made him confront the nearest wall. At that moment Maria took the chance to hold Sebastian with her Magic. Joseph (jumps): Nice one, Maria, then here I am… 《Water Magic》- Water Ball After Joseph' attack, a huge amount of water has covered the place. Joseph: I really think that we made it this time. Maria: It has been a direct attack. But some seconds later… From all the dust amount, something has made both Joseph and Maria takes one step back. It is Sebastian who has received no damage!!! Maria: What… A monster! Joseph: Not a scratch at all!! Sebastian: Hahahahahahaha!!!! Yes, yes, that's the spirit!! It was a brutal attack, but shall we get a little more serious, Haa? 《elemental Magic》- Fire element At that moment, a ball of fire was forming on Sebastian's hand while Leo has got his consciousness back. Leo: What… The hell!! The ball of fire is getting bigger and bigger… Sebastian: Here it is, let’s see if you can survive this… Suddenly! The king intervenes to stop Sebastian’s attack. Joseph: Dad!? Ruler Edward holds Sebastian's hand… The ruler Edward: I think that I told you to watch them, not kill them, right? And you as always do just what you like. Ruler Edward squeezes his hand! Sebastian: Aaaaagh!!! Okay, my bad, my bad, just let my hand!! I just got excited with these kids, they're really strong… Sebastian remembers Leo's punches… Sebastian: Especially the new one. The ruler Edward: I think you have work to do, right? Sebastian: Yeah, sure, so, prince Joseph, Maria, and the new boy, Leo, it was my pleasure fighting all of you, see you later. Then Sebastian has disappeared. Joseph: Haha, I hope not. … We're now at Joseph' room, all of them are looking from the balcony towards the view of the fountain and herb squares. Maria: What a pretty view. Joseph: Yeah, it is. Leo: So, tomorrow is the first day of the academy of magic. Joseph: Yeah, That’s right. Joseph: So, guys, what are your goals? Leo takes his right hand toward the air, then he gathers it like a fist. Leo: Controlling this power and taking my revenge, that’s all my life now is about. Joseph: … Maria: … Joseph: Aa-ah, I see, for me, my only goal is to get stronger to become a king just like dad. And what about you? Maria. Maria: The goal that I want to achieve is becoming a healer in order to help anyone in need, so, that… I don't lose anyone that I care about by any sickness... Maria remembers a quick flashback… ‘’Mom, mom, don't leave me alone!’’ ‘’You people!! Get the doctor now!!’’ ‘’Mom stay with me!!’’ ‘’It's too late Maria…’’ ‘’She’s… Gone.’’ ‘’Mom… Mom…!! No!!!!'' … Joseph has noticed sad expressions on Maria's face... Joseph: Absolutely, you'll make it happen, don't you think? Leo. Leo: Yeah, that’s right. The words of Joseph made Maria get out of her sad memories. Maria shows a light smile. Maria: Thanks. The camera goes towards the sky…
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